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Wedding Poems Short

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Two names written on one lock
That lock closed on the edge of a dock
Our names will forever look out on the sea
Forever and always, my loved one and me

On this lovely day, two become one, on this very day, one becomes love. Happy wedding day!

Stacked delicate cake
An elegant white dress
And a special moment walking down the aisle

Weddings are full of love
Weddings are full of smiles
Weddings are full of memories
Congrats on Your Wedding Day!

On this beautiful day
We will watch you start a new life together
Through thick and thin, whatever may come
The best to you both!

Remember this day well. It’s the start of a new life. As joined together as one; husband and wife.

Today two people come together.
You are getting married to one another.
You both are filling each other’s lives with love.
You fit in each other’s hearts like the perfect glove.
I wish that happiness fills your lives,
And that your love for each other survives.

Two special people created a special love
Kisses and best wishes we send
As today becomes the day of your journey as one
Husband and wife hearts joined together
Best luck for the future

No such couple could be better. Than this bride and groom ad wonderful weather. Congratulations to you!

Love has found its way to two lovely people
I send love and best wishes to you both
Today you begin your journey
Together, joined as husband and wife
Each others hearts are joined now together
Enjoy the moments you shall have from now on

Weddings are beautiful
Weddings are true
Weddings are full of love
And so on your wedding day
Congrats to you

White dress. Black ties. Pretty flowers. A walk down the aisle. Friends and family. Food and wine. Congratulations, it’s your wedding day!

As you embark on this road full of love, be thankful, remember that love is enough.

Joy grown
Love found
Full hearts

This, Your biggest day has arrived, Make it amazing

Marriage is a union where two become one, where compromise is key. To be open and honest and as loving as one can be. A beautiful thing when two people are in love, blessed in front of family, friends and the Lord up above.

Darling; My heart you’ll have; Forever and always; Til death we part, just in spirit; Not heart.