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Wedding Poems for Friends

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Marriage is a convergence of two roads
That twined through a forest, overgrown and lost
What happiness that these two roads have found each other
And will twine forever into the sunset

A wedding wish for my dear friends, may your life together be as happy and joyous, as you’ve made all of us.

To my dear friend
You are invited to celebrate our wedding with us
Our special day
Will not be the same without your presence
Please let us know if you can make it
We are looking forward to celebrating with you

You are my best friend I have always had you by my side
On your special day I will be there as well
Congrats on Your Special Day!

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
Enjoy your new life you two!
Congrats to two dear friends tying the knot!

You set the bar high dear friends. As far as weddings go. Congratulations to the best pair that I might ever know.

All along I knew you both would end up together.
Your love for each other is so strong.
Together you can make it through whatever.
Congratulations on your marriage.
I hope to soon see babies and a carriage!

Sadness fills me so
As I prepare to say goodbye
We have shared so much happiness together
So many shared jokes
As we part our distance love will never fade

No one could be happier for the bond you share, then I who have watched this relationship bloom. Through all the triumphs and the gloom. You guys have made it. Congratulations.

Emotions fill my mind
As I try to say goodbye
We have shared happiness like no other friends can
The laughter we shared
and secrets never told will remain with us always
As we now part our distance

To our best friends
You now have a lifetime with each other
To our best friends
We know that you will always have love in your lives
To our best friends
Congratulations on your special wedding day

Hope your wedding is all that you dream and filled with wonderful memories of love, friends and family. May your marriage goes happily.

My friends, this special day has come when you’ll declare your love. And the greatest friendship two people can have will be blessed by God above.

Our friends find wedded bliss today
Our hearts are moved with joy
This is the greatest day so far
For this loved girl and boy

What an experience this shall be, Friends creating a life as one, Cheers to your love and commitment, Cheers to what you have done

May God bless your marriage and all that you do, May all your wishes and goals come true. Where there may be disagreement , may you find peace and where there is tension may you find release. It is a tough journey but one that is worth it when you are in a love so true, this is my prayer from me to you two.

To the blushing bride; To the dashing groom; We’re so happy for you both; Your cake we can’t wait to consume.