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Wedding Poems Asking for Money

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

For our wedding, we do not require
Pots or pans or new car tires
What need is for you to share our day
And if you’d like to help in another way
Sit back, relax, don’t stress
A small cash gift is our request

On this our wedding day we ask for your praise and your endless admiration–and if you like you can supplement this with a generous donation!

Our wedding is coming up
But we are down on luck
And need some help from you
To keep our wedding true
May we borrow money from you

On our wedding day we share it with many
On our wedding day we count our blessings
We have many possessions in which we appreciate
If you wish to share with us, help with our honeymoon and our future will be much appreciated as well!

Starting a new life for two
Can be quite expensive
Care to send us a buck or two?

Everyone is partying here. The great vows have been said. If you want to wish the weds a happy day. Then show them the green bills!

We have thought about this and now it’s clear.
A gift of money is what we ask for this year.
This gift is simple and will save you time,
We appreciate your friendship, it is sublime.

Love is a special bond between two people
With patience and affection and truest words
A special friendship we also share tying the knot together settling our love in our hearts

Today the bride and groom say I do. But they don’t need packages from you. What the couple really needs are the dollar bills, you know, the greens.

Love is many things
Patient, kind, honest and courageous
Importantly it’s a friendship
Becoming tied as one
Can set love free to fly afar

Tradition is the gifts given on a wedding day
However we have all the materials we could ask for
Now we would like to go on a trip
Our wedding was special having you all here
If you would like to offer a gift, a monetary one
Would help us reach the trip of our dreams

We appreciate anything you can give as wedding gift. But money is preferred instead of a gift. You don’t have to think of something we may want or need.

As we stand before God to declare our vows, and we say those words “I do, honey”. We can dream of a future together forever, and we’ll pray that folks give us some money.

The wedding day approaches fast
The bride and groom are ready
A gift of cash appropriate
To help them started steady

We appreciate so much your being here, This big day of us sharing our hearts, Giving what you can to help us on our journey, Would complete a very big part.

We are really excited about the wedding ahead, we hope you’ll be there to share the day. We have furnished our home so no need for a gift, would appreciate it if you would bless us with cash instead. Not a huge amount, anything would be appreciated really, hope to see you there and we mean this truly.

We don’t need a toaster; We don’t need a jug; We don’t need cutlery; We don’t need a rug; Whilst travelling together; We saw a sad sight; We decided to forego wedding gifts; Instead to help another’s plight; We’d really appreciate; If you could comply; Please donate to our charity; No gifts for you to buy.