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Thank You Poems for Baby Shower

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

I could not imagine that on my special day
So many friends would come through this way
Thank you for being there, thanks for the well-wishes
The shower was lovely, the food was delicious!

Thank you so much for sharing with us the beauty and promise that is our child–thank you for your gifts, your good wishes, your hopes for the future of our blessed family. Most of all, thank you for being you.

Thank you for the lovely gift
You gave us at our baby shower
It give us a happy lift
Our new arrival will love it so much
Thank you for the personal touch

You came to spend time with me
Celebrating with me the joy of having a baby
So today, I just want to say to you
Thank you for sharing in my excitement for this baby to come

Your gift means so much
Something awesome that we can really use
Thank you for your thoughtfulness
And your kindness too!
Thank you for the gift

This time together holds a special meaning. As people spoiled this joyous baby. We thank you for the gifts. Both from friends and family.

Our baby shower was special because you were there.
Thank you for attending and showing you care.

We would like to thank you
For being with us to celebrate
Our baby’s soon arrival
Sending our wishes of thanks
We could not have done it alone

We couldn’ t be happier for that day. When so many came to wish us well. We’re glad you came and thank you all. For the best baby shower.

We send our dearest love and thanks
For helping us to celebrate
Our little ones baby shower
With plenty of love to you all
We could not have done it alone

Thank you for the time you spent at my baby shower
Thank you for the words you gave for my miracle inside of me
Thank you for all you gave to me in this life changing event
Thank you for being there for me

It’s one for the books, I still remember the looks. Oh, what fun to have friends laughing under the sun. Memories to share with this child of mine. Thanks for the baby shower!

You’re gifts were so thoughtful. You’re wishes so kind. I thank you for joining this shower of mine.

You made the baby shower great
I can’t thank you enough
The gifts I love but knowing you
Is greater far than “stuff.”

Thank you for being a part of this, Your presence was enjoyed, We are so excited to meet our new girl or boy!

Thankyou for the gifts and all the love, thank you for sharing our gift from the Lord up above, you are appreciated for taking your time, to make welcoming our baby so peaceful and sublime.

For the nappies, the pins and bottles; For the advice, stories and chortles; For the clothes, shoes and socks; For the tubs, mobiles and cot; For the laughs, tears and games; For the suggestions and baby names; For the food, drink and fun; Thanks for being the best friends of anyone.