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Retirement Wishes to Co-Workers

Retirement is a touchy subject for some people. If it’s forced due to cutbacks or medical reasons then you’ll want to choose a card that says something heart-felt and that makes the person retiring feel they have made a significant difference in both your life and the overall office atmosphere. Such messages can be found in the inspirational section of this article.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

If, however, the person has decided of their own volition to retire, then you can go one of two routes. You can decide to put the emphasis on a sweet, generic retirement card with the farewell section or you can choose to poke fun and make their last day as memorable as possible by presenting them with a card that emphasized the humor in the situation.

Any of these options are good in the right situation and you are sure to brighten their last day and start them off on the right foot when you give them a card with the right message in it. A lot of these messages can also be personalized to include more personal wording if you know the person really well.

Even if your boss is retiring or a really good mentor of yours is retiring, there are messages on this list that will brighten their day and make them smile for years to come. Maybe you don’t know the person and you just want to be courteous. In this case, the farewell or inspirational message examples are a good way to go. No matter who you are or who they are, you can make them smile and help them get ready for retirement with an amazing card message.


For that light-hearted co-worker who jokes around and made your workspace just as special as they are. Give this card as a reminder of all the jokes and laughs you shared as friends, not just co-workers.

  • I’m going to miss coming into your office and waking you up.
  • (for a retiring boss) No offense, but the second you leave here we’re breaking all of your rules.
  • You’re irreplaceable. Well, that’s a lie. Your replacement is on their way. But we’ll never forget you.
  • Now that we’re no longer co-workers… Wanna go out?
  • I’m going to miss the office troublemaker.
  • As soon as you leave we’re blaming everything we messed up this week on you.
  • Don’t forget to give me back the office supplies you stole from me before you leave.
  • I can’t wait to get all the work assignments that would’ve been assigned to you… Thanks for the workload pal.
  • I’ll be here while you’re on that cruise you always said you’d take when you retired.
  • Now what are you going to do? Move to Florida and golf all day? That’s what old people do, right?
  • One more party before you go. You were the one who threw all the good office parties, so I’m sorry if this one isn’t great.
  • Thank you so much for retiring. Now I can say I can’t do my work because I’m grieving the loss of a teammate and friend.

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A nice little way to say goodbye to a friend. Even though retirement doesn’t always mean goodbye, you still won’t see each other every day at work and these messages are effective ways to tell the person that you will miss that and to let them know the friendship remains.

  • We’re going to miss the office comedian.
  • Goodbye and good luck.
  • Don’t forget to keep in touch.
  • Call me and we’ll go for a weekly lunch to catch up.
  • Call me from the beach every now and again.
  • I sure am going to miss my mentor.
  • I will really miss my office buddy.
  • I’m going to miss working with you.
  • You brought so much to this company.
  • No more working, you earned it, now go get your beach on!
  • Bet you’re glad you don’t have to sit here at a computer all day anymore. We sure will miss you though.
  • Don’t forget to smile when you think of this job and how much fun we all had. I know I’ll always smile when I miss the fun you brought to the team.
  • I know this is a great day for you, but we’re going to miss you like crazy.
  • I don’t want to be selfish, but you were the light in this office. How are we supposed to work in the dark?

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For the co-worker who needs a little reminder that no matter how old they get or whether they go to work every day or not they still have good days ahead and they can be young at heart if they want to be. Let them know you’re thinking of them and you will be their friend for years to come.

  • Look not at what’s behind you, but the great adventures still ahead of you.
  • Congratulations on your new beginning. Retirement is a fresh start to experience new things.
  • You’ve made amazing strides here, now go make even more amazing strides in your life.
  • You changed my life as a co-worker. Don’t stop changing people like you changed me just because you’ve retired.
  • Always remember you have friends here.
  • Sand and sun, your laid-back beach days have just begun.
  • You will never be old, just wise and experienced.
  • You’re not useless like some may say, you’ve always been valuable, and we wish you could stay.
  • Don’t forget to send postcards from all the cool, awesome adventures you’re about to embark on.
  • Sleeping in, lazy days, now it’s time to celebrate. Happy retirement.
  • I hope I made a lasting impression on you just like you did for me. Congrats buddy, we’ll miss you around here.
  • This place just won’t be the same without our greatest smile.
  • Always remember to be you, because you is a special and wonderful person to be. You bring light to people’s lives and smiles to their faces.

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