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Retirement Sayings for Cake

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Congratulations! Best of luck throughout your retirement years. You worked very hard, and now it’s thime to relax and enjoy.

Relax, reflect, retire!

Have a great retirement! Remember to always be as great as you have been to all of us here at the job.

Bannana Republic Bound!

Now that you’re retired you can eat all the cake you want, so have a piece!

Thank you for your [insert amount] years of service. Happy Retirement! Out to lunch…forever!

Gone fishin’

Have a wonderful, relaxing retirement filled with new discoveries. Life begins at retirement. We are so proud of you and grateful for your hard work throughout the years.

And you thought you would never retire. Good Luck Boss!

Words don’t seem fitting for such a departure like this. Good luck to one of the best workers.

Congratulations on this life-long accomplishment! You have worked so hard and we are so proud of you!

Finally Retiring!

Have your cake and eat it, too! Happy Retirement!

A New Adventure!

Happy retirement! It’s been a struggle and a farce, but you’ve finally made it!

To the greatest boss this place has ever known, HAPPY RETIREMENT!

Retirement is good, Cake is good, have both

Enjoy The Fact That You No Longer Have To Set An Alarm For 6:00 In The Morning Anymore.

Retirement makes you think that old saying “You only live once” is wrong.

You worked hard, not it’s time to rest. All the best! Happy retirement.

Time to start living.

Congratulations on reaching the time to cash in on all that hard work.