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Retirement Poems for Teachers

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

An apple a day for my favorite teacher
I’ll now have to mail it for it to reach her
I’m going to miss the best teacher I’ve had
Please don’t retire, we’ll all be sad!

My teacher, my instructor, my friend, my guide–so many vital lessons in life, I learned right by your side. It’s not a reach, to tell you teach, that you’re an inspiration–so may your retirement feel to you like a well-deserved vacation!

We are so proud of you
For all that you’ve done
Over the years
You have changed students life
And now it’s your turn to retire
Have a wonderful and peaceful retirement!

Teachers take care of many children
They help them to reach their potential
Now that you are leaving this school
I hope you know, you have been the greatest teacher of all!

To a top notch teacher
We are sad to see you go
Enjoy your retirement
And your relaxing days to come!

Don’t be late. Raise your hand. Pay attention. It all seemed stupid, but I understand your lessons. Good luck in your future.

Your presence at school will be missed.
You taught with all your heart until class was dismissed.
Congratulations on your retirement, my dear teacher.
You were so special, a legendary creature.

Today you are retiring
Saying goodbye to your students and co workers
Goodbye to your books and classrooms
Goodbye to the long dention supervision
Remember you wont say goodbye
To everything you have taught each student

The lessons we learn are hard to get. As this world is hard to live in. You taught me more than my abc’s You taught kids how to find themselves. We will miss you.

Today you are retiring
Leaving your life as a teacher
You may say goodbye to your classrooms
and those long corridors
But never will you say goodbye
To the lessons taught to each child
That shall stay with them for life

Teaching is like raising a child
You get to see many children grow
You get to help them succeed
And now that you are leaving this school…
We will be sad to see you go

No more students. No more tests. No more papers. No more pens. No more headaches from the naughty ones. We will miss you! Enjoy your retirement!

Your patience and heart have touched so many lives. You’ve spent so many years helping others. And as you retire, you can carry with you, prayers from a million thankful mothers.

You’ve left a lasting legacy
Your students cheer your name
The school will carry on again
But it won’t be the same

After years of service enlightening little minds, It’s time for you to take a little ‘ me ‘ time, Enjoy the years and satisfaction, Of knowing the positivity of your action

You have done a great job through the years, not only teaching others but eradicating their insecurities, their fears. Great job ,we thank you for your commitment and all the best in your retirement.

Although this may seem selfish; We just have to say; We hope you hate retirement; Cause the kids’ll miss you every day.