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Retirement poems for dad: Happy retirement poems for father

Retirement poems for Dad: It is common for fathers to be the main provider for a family. They often will spend their entire adult lives working long work weeks, countless hours, and putting up with enormous stress to provide for their families, put food on the table, and make sure that their family did not have to go without. So when the time finally comes for your father to hand them up and retire from his career, say congratulations with one of these poems and give him a big thank you for all that work over the many years of his career.

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Congrats, you’ve made it! It’s retirement day
You can finally relax, take a break, wouldn’t you say
It might be hard, to finally go,
But now you can relax, and finally let it all go

You’ve worked so hard, you’ve done your best,
But now it’s time, to put it all to rest.
I want you to know how proud I am for you,
Your retirement is really big, it’s true!

Where has the time gone, is it really time?
You’re really done, isn’t that sublime?
Your retirement day is here, it’s really true,
I’m really proud, yes, quite proud for you.

The day is finally here, with lots of good cheer and thoughts that are dear,
We want you to know that we are so proud, we are so proud to call you dad.
Today you retire, and today we learn that no matter what happens we all still matter, we still matter to you.

In world full work, it is exciting to know when all your work has finally paid off.
Congratulations to dad, don’t be sad for you have worked hard this year.
Happiness is here it’s happy as could be. Congratulations.

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Today you retire you’ve been working so hard and it finally paid off.
I love you dear dad, you’ve waited so long for this moment to come and now that it has you should be super proud.

You did it!
You made it through
that job that you stuck with just to put food on the table for us
to put me through school
to give me all the things you couldn’t have
all the hours of overtime
all the sweat shed
all the crazy co-workers and crazier bosses
they’re all gone!
You’re done, you did it!
Congratulations Dad, and thank you so much
for putting up with it for all those years!

I’ve got a boat picked out
I know a great fishing spot
I have the reels and the bait
I even got you a great hat to wear on our trips
You can spend all day out there on the lake if you like
or travel the world
or sleep in very late
do what you like, you hardworking guy!
You did it, you have your pick of the time
the world is yours, you put in your time
thank you for working so hard all these years for us
enjoy this new chapter in your life!

Dad, you are the hardest working man I have ever met
I know you will be greatly missed at work
You are smart and diligent
generous and kind
you’re a helluva guy.
I can’t believe you are done
I am so proud of you
You are the perfect example of what it means to work hard and do well
Congratulations on getting to this point in your life, I wish you all the happiness and joy as you enter this wonderful next chapter of your life!

This job has been your life for a
long time now
Through out the years you have
made many friends,
Worked late to
finish deadlines,
And made brought the best
desert for the office potluck
Now you finally have time to rest
Happy retirement dad

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For working the same job for many
You deserve this happy retirement
Unlike the rest of us, you now have
time to be a man of leisure
Spend this time doing the activities
you did not have time to do before
Happy retiremnt dad

No longer do you have to wake up
at dawn in order to get to work on
No longer will have deadlines that
have to be complete
Because you are now retire
And I hope it is joyful for you father

you worked so hard for your country
dad. It is now time for you to
have your own time to yourself.

As you have impacted into your
childrens lives, you have also
impacted into many lives. The
great lives you have touched will
never forget you

the world will always remember your
great contribution to it. You have
been such a big blessing without
leaving your home out. God bless
you dad

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Your life it is about to change
New ways to fill your time
For now you are retiring
When you’re still in your prime
There will be lots for you to do
Just you wait and see
From caring for the grand-kids
And spending time with family
Happy Retirement Dad

Now the time has come to retire
Think about what you desire
Time with mom and time alone
Time outside and time at home
Time to take a nice vacation
Time to travel to every station
Trains and planes and sights to see
Just don’t forget a ticket for me
Happy Retirement Dad


Retirement is a special time
To reflect on your great life
The work you’ve done so graciously
The day you took a wife
The family that you have raised
The life that you have led
Now’s the time that’s just for you
So plan your time ahead
Have A Great Retirement Dad

For years I have watched you tinker
in the shop with oil stained gloves.
I have watched you wait in earnest to do all that you love.
And now the time has come Dad,
your day is finally here
to hang your suit and pick the fruit
your efforts have to bear!
Happy Retirement Dad!

I am proud of what you’ve accomplished
in you working years.
You’ve made a beautiful life for us
despite your nagging fears.
And it is your time now
to follow your bliss
Time to discover what you want
and follow to where it leads!
Happy Retirement Dad!

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My father taught me what is means
to be a working man.
He has both feet firmly planted
on the solid ground.
His word is his honor,
and his actions lead the way.
Much applause for my brilliant father! He is retiring today!

After years of late nights with us kids
and early mornings off to work
After ten thousand phone calls
and a million cups of coffee
and billions of smiles
and years of tiring work
all to see us happy
you finally get to rest.
Happy retirement!

You’ve put in your hours
you’ve paid all your dues
now it’s time to relax
and do whatever you choose!
Will you fish, will you garden
will you golf, will you sleep?
Whichever you choose, you deserve it –
you’re a dad that can’t be beat!

You have worked so hard
for so many years
to get me wherever I wanted,
and wherever you needed me to go.
You have done so much
to help me achieve my dreams
and I thank you.
Now it’s time for you to take
a well-deserved rest
and let me show you
how well you’ve done.

Daddy, I want to congratulate you
On a lifetime of work
I know you never stopped,
You never shirked
But now you’re done
And you can rest
And never forget
That you were always the best
Happy retirement to a wonderful father!

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Dear Daddy
Can you believe you’re ready to retire?
I bet it feels just like yesterday
You were working so hard you perspired
But now you can take a rest, or maybe not
Do things that give you enjoyment,
Happy retirement!

You’ve worked so hard all your life
Now it’s time to take a break
Enjoy life for now and for always
Maybe sleep in, maybe learn to bake
You can do anything now
Just relax and rest
Or hey, you could learn to milk a cow
Happy Retirement


After all of these years
You’ve put in your work
Never once from responsibility
Did you shirk
So now it’s your time
It’s your time to retire
And after being my dad
This may require
Extra rest and relaxation
So take time for you
It’s time that you finally
Are given your due

Dad, thank you
For all the hard work that you did
To raise and support me
When I was a kid
But now it’s your time
To retire and go
Into your golden chapter
And just take things slow


It’s time for a change
Time for you to retire
To do all the things
That you’ve only aspired
To do when you worked hard
To make your own wage
So now is the time
To begin a new age
Of doing things ’cause you want to
And not ’cause you must
May your retirement find you
Relaxed and robust

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Thank you for everything, your hard work especially
You put bread on the table and clothes on our back
Cars in the garage and bikes on the rack
You’ve put me through school and sent me abroad
Now enjoy your time with an approving nod

Your job was a major part of your life
But you also have children, friends, and a wife
Now there is time that you can give to them
Take for yourself and finally win
So enjoy it now, this brand new chapter
And let me know how it goes, not now,
But after.

You’ve worked so hard all of your life
every single day
Now it’s your time
So spend it your way
With nothing you have to do
And nothing you have to say
Retirement rocks, so get carried away!
Happy retirement Dad

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