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Retirement Card Verses

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Retirement is a joy and award- You can now spend life as desired, not like some think of being bored.

Now it is your time. Your time to create. Your time to play. Your time to relax. Your time to rejuvenate. Have a wonderful retirement!

I wish I may, I wish I might, I hope your piggy bank has money, coz your money jar is too tight! LOL! Seriously, Happy Retirement and don’t forget to clean behind the ears every night! 🙂

May you find new worlds to conquer! As the day winds down may you always have a new tomorrow to look forward too!

The glory of young men is their strength and the honor of old men is their gray hair!”” Proverbs 20:29, so wear your silver crown with pride, you’ve earned it.

Congratulations on your retirement. I wish you the best in your future plans and hope that your days will be filled with adventure and thrills.

The end of an era is the start of something new, now it’s time for all your retirement dreams to come true!

Sit back, relax and do the things you’ve always wanted to do, but never go the chance to. Life begins at retirement!

The time has come to settle down after punching the time card for so many years. Happy retirement to one of the hard working ones.

Thank you for preparing me for all I need to know. You have a great talent as I know I wasn’t the easiest student.

The next chapter of your life is sure to be great now that you are retired. Congratulations on this accomplishment!

Some people get bored with nothing to do, Here’s hoping that retirement goes better for you. Lazy days are now here to stay, So take your time to enjoy them every day. Happy Retirement!

Retirement is having enough money and time to do the things you want but not enough energy to do them all at once.

You’ve punched the clock. You’ve walked the walk. Now it’s time to head on to that fishing lake dock!

It said that making money takes time, and making time takes money. I hope you make the most of your time.

You’ve worked so hard you’ve lost your hair. You’ve borne the load through wear and tear. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Our love for you is oh so high. Happy Retirement, Boss. You’re the best!

Put down your work gloves and tie up your boots, retirement time – time to find new things to do, remember be happy maybe pick up a new hobby, or just stand on your porch and yell at everybody

Its Time To Sit Back, Pick Your Feet Up, And For Goodness Sake…RELAX!!! Welcome To The Life Of Retirement.

We’ll miss you just bunches, You’re going to retire, Remember that you are, Someone we admire!

The beauty about retirement is that you get to do all that you wanted do but never had the time. More family time, nothing can beat that.

As this chapter of your life ends. New opportunities can begin. More time to live. More joy to give. Wish you all the best. Now you can relax and rest.

Thank you for exercising my brain!