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Retirement Best Wishes

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Very best wishes to an amazing person- you will all the time to explore and even enjoy your beautiful grandchildren.

Now every day is destined to be your day off; have a wonderful retirement.

Wishing you a lot of peace and happiness…..oh….and a lot of REST! Don’t hesitate to call and rub it in that you are somewhere in Hawaii having a blast…just remember, we shan’t pick up your call!…hahaha….Happy Retirement!

Make Hemmingway Jealous!

you’re retired you’re not dead so please don’t be a stranger, congratulations and happy retirement to an old friend

We wish you the best on your retirement! Thank you for your service and commitment to our organization.

The end of a chapter is just the beginning of a new one. Good luck in all your future adventures!

Best wishes to somebody who is hard working and deserves a restful retirement. Retirement is only the beginning. The best is yet to come!

It’s sad to see you go, but sure glad you get the things you deserve for all your hard work. May this retirement be everything you have saved up for.

Best wishes to a person who has worked so hard. We wish you all the luck and hope you get to do some amazing things!

As you start a new chapter in your life, I want to remind you of how much you are cared about. You have taught me so much and I am grateful for all your help. Congratulations on your retirement.

You have earned this time all to yourself. So have a great retirement!

You now have enough time to do the things you have been wanting to do. Make the most of your retirement!

All those years of hard work have brought you to a beautiful place in time….the time to do what YOU would like to do for a change. Enjoy every bit of it.

Here’s hoping your retirement is sweet!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement. You will be missed more than you miss this place. Have a great retirement!

Retirement- Latin for “Don’t bother me I’m on the couch”. Enjoy yours

It Was Such An Honor Working With You For These Last Couple Of Years, I Hope You Enjoyed Them As Much As I Did. Best Of Luck On Your Retirement And Enjoy It

Catch some fish, get a motorcycle, travel to Belize, but have a good time. You deserve it!

Wishing you nothing but good times as you retire. May you do all you have wanted to do and more. All the best.

Best wishes for future endeavours.

“Time To Enjoy What You’ve Worked So Hard For”