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Never give up poems: Don’t give up poems

Never Give Up Poems: When the going gets tough. It is so easy to quit. To pack it in, say “I tried” and walk away from something. This doesn’t always beget the greatest results though, as a matter of fact, it almost never gets the results that you were working towards. So the next time a friend, colleague, family member, or loved one is thinking of quitting on something. Give them one of these poems to encourage them to keep going, no matter how tough it may seem now, to keep their eye on the prize and push through is the only way to success. Help your loved ones get through tough times with one of these poems.

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Please keep
the whole poem
in just one cell –
like this.
One way to achieve this is to
press Ctrl+Enter, while editing
the cell, this will add a new line
inside the cell.

Please keep
the whole poem
in just one cell –
like this.
One way to achieve this is to
press Ctrl+Enter, while editing
the cell, this will add a new line
inside the cell.

Please keep
the whole poem
in just one cell –
like this.
One way to achieve this is to
press Ctrl+Enter, while editing
the cell, this will add a new line
inside the cell.

In a world full of trials where we often face defeat
and we often grow discouraged.
Let us not forget though lest we jest
That we have gone as far as we can go,
for there is always room to grow, in a world full of trials.

We all have dreams that we wish will come true
And it is important to remember that in all we do
We should make it matter, because our actions affect the people in our life. We should make it count and
shoot for the stars, chase your dreams, go live life out of the seams.
Never give up, go live life big.

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Never give up, there’s beauty in struggles, for out of ashes fire can be woken.
Never give up for people will admire the courage you have in the face of all odds.
People can see that beauty will fade, but a heart of gold will never break.
Never give up, never give up, for you only go up when down.

When the going gets tough
And you feel like there is no way to carry on
Pick your head up
And know that you,
You friend are wonderful
Stronger than you know
You’re amazing and strong
You can handle it all
So don’t think about stopping
You can get through
The world can’t stop wonderful you!

I know right now
Times are tough
And it isn’t easy
Walking away looks so appealing
But this is the time
The moment of truth
This is your chance
To show the world your grit
Your strength and power
Your passion
You know it’s in you
To get the job done
Stick with this project and don’t ever run

It’s not always easy
You know this much is true
The road is long
And arduous too
Everything worth your time
Brings a struggle along with it
And now is not the time to walk away
Your goal is your passion
And worth the blood, sweat and tears
Don’t stop know and give into your fears
You can do it, keep going!

Your bravery is something to be
Like the way you’re not afraid to tell
someone that they are wrong
I know it’s hard to the injustices of
the world
But I want you to keep fighting
and not give up

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I know life is hard
Nothing goes the way we plan it
But we should never give up at the
challenges that come our way
We need to keep fighting for our
goals and dreams, so they will
come true

There is a dark cloud over you
And I don’t know why
You are usually so happy and
Don’t give up fighting whatever it is
you’re going through
We love you and want to see you
over come it

I know you have tried so hard and
now you feel like giving up. Remember
hard times never last and nothing
good comes easy. So please
try a little harder.

Giving up is never an option because
you are much stronger than you
think. People who didn’t give up are
not stronger than you are, they are
just persistent

If I tell you its never going to be hard,
then I decieve you. Its going to be
hard sometimes and you will feel
like quitting but please don’t

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Always remember the magic inside,
That keeps you going, when you want to hide,
That picks you up when you’re feeling low,
When you lose the way you need to go.
Don’t let your fears chase your dreams away,
Keep your faith and seize the day,
Hold your head high, rely on your wit
And most important of all, never quit!

There are things you can rely on,
Like the sun up in the sky,
And the dawning of tomorrow,
And the things that make you cry.
In life we all have struggles,
We work through all the pain,
But our troubles only linger,
If we fall and fail to rise again.

Things go wrong, they often do,
It’s hard to cope, hard to break through,
Money is tight and the debtors are calling,
You feel burdened like the sky is falling.
When your spirit is low and you’re tired and weak,
When it takes all of your effort to try to speak,
But you want to scream loud enough to break glass,
Remember in time, this too shall pass.

Stay true to the path you’re on
and remember you aren’t the only one
to take a challenge at the head
and work to put your fears to bed.
So stay the course, and to yourself be true
because in the end there is only you
that becomes your biggest competitor
and gives you something to live for!

Don’t give up! You are almost there!
With all this work you take such care.
This is something that you do well
and it will soon be ready to sell!
Keep going on this road your driving
and before you know you will be arriving
and the blessed finish line
to all the work and all the time!

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I know sometimes it feels hard
to keep trying and to start
over when trying to get it right
sometimes staying up all night.
But if you keep our strength intact
and keep you diligence well in stack
you will soon come to find
that all good things come in time!

I love you
and I need you to be strong.
I need you to breathe the sweet air
and revel in the day with me.
I need you to know I cherish you
and wish you every happiness
and peace of mind.
I believe in you
and I need you to be strong.

I have faith
in you.
I believe
in you.
There is a strength
in you
that will pull you through.
In you
there is success
in whatever you
choose to do.
can do this.
I believe in you.

Don’t give up.
You have words to say
and an audience
that needs to hear them.
Your thoughts
are the inspiration of others
and your actions
the model of many.
Don’t give up,
for you are the world.


I know right now you’re hurting
And maybe it won’t stop right away
But someday things will be better
And just wait for that day
When you’ll be trying all your might
When you’ll step out of the darkness
And into the light

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Never give up.
Say it over and over in your head
Never give up
Eventually it will be automatic
Never give up
You’ll succeed and you’ll be overjoyed
Never give up
And you’ll forget that there was even a day where you had to force yourself to say
Never give up

Even when things are hard
Remember that they get better
And don’t give up
Because I promise, they will get better
I’ve been in that place,
Where things seem awful
So I know what the key is
And it’s to never give up

Every up has its downs
Every high has its lows
Everyone who’s successful
Has felt hardship and knows
What it’s like to face challenges
To stumble and to fall
But with a positive outlook
And hard work
You’ll stand tall

No nightmare will ever
Diminish a dream
Like a boulder can’t be moved
By the currents of a stream
A dream worth pursuing is
A dream worth achieving
For one who keeps working
And who keeps on believing

When times are tough
And there’s weight in your heart
Always remember
How essential a part
That hardship can be
In all life’s long journey
Whether janitor, author
Mechanic, attorney
It’s how we persevere
That defines who we are
Whether we’ll stay in one place
Or we’ll go very far

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Keep going Keep going
Don’t give up
Just keep going
Nothing can stop you but yourself
Don’t hold anything back and leave it all on the table
Look back without regret
And chase your goals fervently
Don’t ever give up

Life is unfair and life is unkind
But there’s something inside you
That stands the tests of time
You cannot be beaten
You are the master of your universe
And the world is what you make it
Focus on what’s inside of you
And don’t ever give up

Know your goals
Clearly and with precision
And pursue them
Right now, don’t wait
Don’t let anything get in your way
And when you face obstacles,
Get over them
Keep going until you reach your goals
Nothing can stop you but yourself

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