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Mothers Day Poems and Verses Funny

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Roses are red,
But bleach is better
Add some water, and everything’s better
And they say you celebrate mom once a year
Here is a mop, mother dear!

Ya see, Ma, I was all set to buy ya a diamond necklace and a shiny new sports car for Mother’s Day–but I remember you always told me, it’s really the thought that counts. So I got you this sweet card instead.:) Happy Mother’s Day!!!

You set the rules
But we still got detention in school
You let us know your wishes
But we still left dirty dishes
You told us not to be naughty
But you still caught us at that party
Hope your Mother’s Day is not so chaotic
Happy Mother’s Day!

Mommy, mommy dearest
I have always wondered how you handled it
Handled the crazy in each and every one of us
Now I know the answer It is because you were from crazy yourself!
Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, kick back and relax
I’ll do the cleaning for you…
JUST KIDDING! It was a nice thought though
Happy Mother’s Day

Every child complained they had the worst mother. I tried to say I did. But then all my friends laughed. Well they sorta thought you were cool.

Today is another day of relaxation for you.
It’s not like that is anything knew.
Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing woman.
You sure know how to work a frying pan!

Mothers day wishes especially for you
To tell you that my bed is unmade
And I really need my laundry cleaned
So if saying happy mothers day puts you in a good mood
then I’ll tell you I broke your vase

I wasn’t the best child. I wasn’t meek and mild. I might have caused some gray hairs. And even some pretty bad nightmares, but Happy mother’s day. You survived!

A special mother’s day wish
To tell you that I have dirty laundry
and I really need to borrow some money
Just kidding, happy mother’s day,
But If your in a good mood today
Perhaps you could lend me that money

Mothers allow you to play in the dirt
Mothers make jokes with you as a child
Mothers are there for you to call old
Mothers are there through the mistakes you make
That they try to fix for you
Happy Mother’s Day Mom
Thanks for allowing me to laugh at you

You frown when you see toys on the floors. You frown when you see marks on the doors. But, you smile when you see my face full of colors. Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

If you found the cat in the dishwasher and the laundry in the fridge. If dinner’s cooking on the lawn and the electric bill’s feeding the fish. If the fire department has been on call to our house all day long, you would see just how crazy and upside down we would be without you as our mom.

Mom on this your Mother’s Day
I offer you best wishes
And my forgiveness too as well
For making me do dishes

Mom take a break from the dishes, Let the laundry sit, This is your special day to let the house be dirty for a bit!

For all the tantrums I caused through the years, I promise I’ll but you a pair of shoes every year. But I am broke right now so not today, so for now I’ll just say Happy mother’s day!

There once was a chick; Who didn’t take schtick; She’d smack my butt; If I made her tut; But I still think she’s schmick.