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Mothers Day Mothers Day Poems That Make You Cry

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

In the month of May,
There is only one day
To celebrate mothers in every way
To me, every day is a celebration
You are my world, my joy, life’s decoration

On this Mother’s Day, dear Mom, I long to tell you that you’re so much more than a mother. You are also my friend, my inspiration, and to this day I long to rediscover the magic that is you.

You held me when I was little
Healed my wounds when I cried
Picked up the pieces when they fell
And always knew how to make me feel better
You are my healer and my friend
Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms are from God
Why is that you ask?
God grants miracles and you are mine
Happy Mother’s Day to you!

To a special mom on Mother’s Day
No matter what crazy thing I have done
Through the years
You have always encouraged me through your tears
I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day

I see others mourning their mother’s death. Wishing they spoke up. Saying things they wished to say. I love you mom before it’s too late.

You have been an inspiration to me from day one.
You have taught this family how to love a whole ton.
You bring joy and happiness to my heart.
You fill me with strength so I never fall apart.
With every day I only love you more.
You are the best mother; you are someone I adore.

Mum to see you cry breaks my heart
As I watch you try to put on a smile
your brave face gives me courage
Holding you close
For a moment your tears will fly and you will feel happiness engolf you

I want you to know that though I didn’t say it much, you were the best mother a child could have. The times I acted out, I regret. But it has made me who I am.

Mum I wish I could take away your pain
As I watch you suffer and fill with tears
I take you, mum in my arms
Holding you close
Shall take away your fears for a moment
As I wish to see you only smile

Mom, You have been my truth
You have always been there through my tears
You are my inspiration, my strength
Through each year of my life
You have been my protection, my life savior
Mother, Happy Mother’s Day, I Love You

Mom, I always need you when I was little. Now that I’ve grown and on my own. I may need you less but my love for you will never end. Happy Mother’s Day!

You were the one who would hold my hand when I wasn’t all that steady. You were the one who encouraged me when I felt that I just wasn’t ready. You were the one who would dry my tears when a heartache had torn me in two. I am steady and ready and solid and strong, and I owe all of that to you.

My mother is the finest Mom
It causes me to cry
Her laugh, her smile, her soothing touch
From days and days gone by

Mother I wish I could be there with you, knowing you are alone, I am there in spirit and will always be, I love you, You are my heart and soul

Mothers make everything better when no one else can. A mother endures the most excruciating pain to bring you into the world, yet they don’t complain. Their love is infinite even through the pain. She would walk a thousand miles to comfort her child. Sweet yet protective, harm her child and she goes wild. The things a mother endures, I don’t think anyone else can. That’s why mom, I am your number one fan. You are one of a kind and so today, we set aside time to appreciate you, Happy mother’s day.

Every day, in every way; I am thankful for you; For everything that you do; My shoulder to cry on; My confidante; A trusted friend; A close correspondant; We share everything; Joy or heartbreak; Winter or spring; Without you; I’m not sure what I’d do; You mean the world to me; Happy mother’s day mommy.