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Kindness poems: Poems about being kind to others

Kindness poems: It is easy to go through life complacent with the people around you and not acknowledging the extra touches that others show to say a kind word, or to give those compliments yourself. However, you never know when someone could use a kind work or a pick me up. So if you think someone did a great job on that report at work, or you really love how much your friend listens to your problems, or you want to remind a loved one that they are important to you, give them the gift of kindness with a poem. Choose one of these kindness poems and tell the people important in your life, that they mean a lot to you!

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Some people are cute, some people smart,
But to be kind, that takes real heart.
Kindness is the true measure of one’s character
To be slow to judge, and slow to anger.
Kindness is what the world needs
Kindness will bring truly great seeds.

Kindness is more than just a word or letters
It’s more than a paragraph, spun about by author
When people are in need and truly need a step up
Kindness can be better than a lily or tulip

When you are kind, people respect you,
When you are kind, people will want to be with you
When you are kind, no one can stop you,
When you are kind, you will be proud of you

Kindness is a gem in the treasure box of life, a treasure beyond compare.
The time that it takes to pay someone mind, is worth all the time in the world.
I hope you will grow and show other the kindness you want for you.

I once was kind to my friends, they paid me no mind.
I gave them time as if I didn’t mind but they did mind a lot.
They didn’t care so I stopped sharing the time that I had with them.
They must’ve treated me the way they want to be treated, so I paid them no mind myself.
And all of a sudden they started too groan so I frowned and paid them no mind.

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In life we often see, how kindness tends to be a very good thing to do.
It gets us far in the things we do with people places and things. Kindness really is the best in thing in life; Be kind.

You always greet with a smile
Never rushed nor abrupt
You always have time
Around you, I never feel like a nag
You make people feel worth the while
Your warmth and your charm
Your humble effect
You make the world feel like it’s taking a deep breath
For that I, and everyone around you
Will always do everything we can
To try to repay how you’ve made us all such big fans
If you and your smiley and happy demeanor
Thank you for showing, nice guys don’t always finish last

When it’s late and you’re tired
You feel as though the world has spent its entire day trying to beat you down into the ground
I can count on you to smile
To see me walking past, and not knowing the kind of day I’ve had, you’ll smile and wave
Act oh so brave
I appreciate that, I thank you so much
It really does mean a whole bunch
That you have so much to give
And so little to take
More people like you, would make tomorrow really great.

Never forget the favors you were once given
More over repay them in, 10 fold even.
Smile at the man who has no food in his hand, but him a lunch or give a dollar if you can.
Say hello to the old woman at the bus stop, you never know how that might keep her heart from taking a drop.
Hold open doors, and don’t turn up your nose
Tons of people truly appreciate gestures like those
Keep doing these things and you will get far
For people love people who care, that’s for sure.

The world can be a sad and dark
People treat each other poorly on
a daily basis
You are the brightness that the
world needs
You’re kind ways are an
inspiration to us all
And I want to thank you for
all your kindness

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An illuminated light from the
That gives without asking or
Who treats everyone with the same
And I want to thank you friend for
being that light from the shadow
Your kind ways always brings a
smile to my face

A kindness usually radiates around
you and it is infectious
But now that it’s gone, a deep void
is there
To repay you for all that you’ve
I will follow in your footsteps and
be more kind
You’ll get through this my friend

Kindness is a medicine to the soul.
You have shown me what kindness
means. You are kind in your words,
your action and you are kind at

The hand that has shown kindness
will receive it in multiple folds. May
you always find favor and kindness
in all you do.

Little drops of kindness is a medicine
to the soul, it heals hurts and brings
joy to the soul. The kindness shown
can never be forgotten, it creates
wonderful memories.

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Your words of kindness
Wrapped up in gold
Were special to me
They spoke to my soul
They made a great difference
When I felt so low
And helped me so much
Much more than you know
Thank you for your kindness!

Your kindness was needed
To brighten my day
Your kindness was welcomed
To show me the way
Your kindness is precious
You are my true friend
Your kindness will see me
Right through to the end
Thank you for all you do

Spread a little kindness
Everywhere you go
Let that little kindness
From your heart, gently flow
Reach out with kindness
To all those in need
Smile at others with kindness
Spread the kindness seed
Be Kind Today

It is only with kindness
that our hearts can mend
the fracture that has caused our
world to take the bend.
Your good will can be heard
with the gentle ears
of the less fortunate
through the raining tears.

A tender heart is a lustrous light
that illuminates the way
to human kinds benevolence
and philanthropy.
It’s such a simple doing
to give a word or grace
to someone who is hurting
or feeling out of place.

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I may not recall your boasting
your jeering or your face
but I will not forget your tenderness
your good will or your grace.
It speaks so many volumes
of your humanity
when you can talk with others
so compassionately.

Have you ever made someone smile
so widely their eyes squinted
and wrinkles danced on their face
and their lips pulled back so far
it encompassed their entire being?
Do you know that you’ve made people smile?
I do. You make me smile every day.

A thankful smile
pours pleasant butterflies
into a warm jar,
which lights the body
for hours to come.
Giggling and glancing away
to hide the blushing
fuels the light
in me.
It takes so little
to catch those butterflies,
to light yourself
and warm another soul
at the same time.

Those who think kindness is weakness
cannot accept a helping hand
and do not wish to return favors;
they keep to themselves and go about their day
just to avoid interaction,
perhaps to avoid feeling.
But kindness is a delicate thing
that wraps around like a blanket
and secures you safely,
building a barrier
for the remainder of the day.

All it takes is just one person
To start something, a chain reaction
Just one act of kindness is enough
To push everyone else into action
Help someone with groceries
Or just the door
And maybe they’ll do the same for you
Help you across the floor

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The more you give, the more you’ll get
You see that’s how kindness works
You pass it on, don’t worry,
You’ll see the perks
Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow
But someday, someone will help you
And that’s just what they’ll do

Kindness is something that is easily given
Like a little girl sitting with an old woman, just to listen
It only takes a second, or maybe a minute
To just be kind, to give a little spirit
And it’ll go on and on, just a little bit

It’s not just what you say
But it’s about what you do
To care about others
That defines the real you
A small act of kindness
Can go a long way
So be your best self
Make someone smile today

It doesn’t matter if you’re there
It doesn’t matter if you’re here
Kindness is a language
That’s universally clear
We may be different in our culture
Our religion, or our race
But the kindness of a human
Is something never out of place


Be kind to your family
Be kind to your friends
Be kind to your enemies
Be kind to the end
Because kindness is contagious
And one thing’s for sure
This is one germ for which
You don’t want a cure

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You change the world in every step of your day
With your smile of warmth
And kind words you say
It’s truly a gift to know one like you
Who shines bright love in to all that you do

Your kindness radiates bright from your heart
People know that you are true
Right from the start
It blows my mind to watch how you love
You’re a living saint, sent from above
So continue on, spreading your joy
Changing the world with the thoughts you deploy

You spread warmth even when it is cold
Too the poor and the rich
The young and the old
You bring light
Shining bright
To all that you see
You’re positive energy is enough for me
You’re kindness is all it can be

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