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I Miss You Poems for Wife: Missing You Poems for Her

I miss you poems for Wife: When you love someone, you want to spend all your time with them, tell them you love them everyday, and make sure that they know that you’re thinking of them. Your wife is the love of your life, your everything; so when you are away and can’t be together –make sure she knows that she is on your mind and in your heart. Choose one of these poems to let her know that she’s your everything.

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It’s been so long, I can’t wait to see you
I’ll wait for you, but I don’t how much longer, I can pull through
Come back soon, I really miss you,
Come back soon, so my waiting will be through.

My heart is aching, I can wait no more
Come back soon, I can’t wait anymore
I want to feel your hands, feel your skin
Just thinking of your smile, makes me grin.
Come back soon!

It feels like years, since I’ve last seen you,
I think I’m going crazy, and that’s very true
Come back, I’ve been waiting forever
When you come back, I’ll never say never.

Roses are red violets are blue I am so bummed because you are gone.
You’ve left me alone here at home.
And I feel so sad
Because you’re mad and I miss you so much.

I feel so far from myself, yet I am right here in the room. Darling you are my other half and I can never be complete until you come home to be with me. I miss you

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I miss my other half, the one I love. I how I wish you would come home to me. Your smile is like the sunshine over a field of flowers.

My love
My only
I never thought I could be so lonely
I miss the scent of your hair,
I miss your laugh
I miss the way your arms feel around me
I miss waking up next to you
And falling asleep to the sound of your breath
I miss kissing you and holding you
I miss you every second of the day
The thought of being together again, I cannot escape
So hurry home love, I can no longer wait.

Even though right now we can’t be together
Even though it hurts me to realize I can’t kiss your beautiful lips
Or hold your gentle hands
I’m comforted and calm at the thought of being together again
I will hold you close to me
As long as I can
I’ll tell you “I love you” over and over again
I will wake up, look over at you, and smile
Because no matter how hard a day I have had, how bad of a mood I am in, or how angry with you I am
I always want more
I always need more
I long for the day when you are back home again

If you are just waking up and reading this, good morning beautiful. I missed you all night.
If it is midday and you’re reading this, I love you and need you. I’m thinking of you dear.
If it is nighttime, and you are laying down to sleep
My love, I wish I was with you. You can be sure I am thinking of you now, I miss you all day, but it’s worst right now
I long to hold you in my arms and kiss you goodnight
There I feel safe and warm
So sleep well and dream sweet my dear,
I pray soon you come back to me

Since I’ve been gone, you appeared
a ghost in my dreams
I still smell your fragrance,
See your smile,
And her your laugh
All of these things remind me how
much I miss you
As you linger near, I’ll think of you

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It has been awhile since I’ve seen
your face
And while we stayed in touch, I
rather see your face in person
Than on a screen because it
doesn’t feel the same
Just know while I cannot see you in
I miss you so

I wish you can see this pretty sunset
in person
But I know you can’t and I wish you
were near
I wish I can show you how much I
miss and love you
So this will have to do instead

I miss your person so much and I
miss all your efforts. I miss your
cookings, your kind words, your
advice, your warm hugs and
every single thing about you.

Some say “out of sight is out of
mind” but eventhough I am
presently not with you, you are
always on my mind. I think about
you all the time. I miss you so
much dear wife

The mother of my children, my
first love, I have been missing
you since you stepped out of
the house. Make sure you come
back on time before I run crazy
because I miss you so much.

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You made my life complete
And now that you are gone
My days I just can’t function
My nights I’m all alone
I miss you every moment
I feel lost and wish that I
Could hold and kiss you one last time
Before you had to die
I miss you so much

Like the water that I drink
And the food that I eat
The air that I breathe
The friends that I meet
My life has no meaning
If you’re not by my side
I miss you intensely
My heart aches inside
I need you

When I miss you intensely
I look at the moon
And imagine that you
Loot at it too
And I know that you
Will be coming home soon
I love you and miss you
And that is the truth
I can’t wait to see you

For my beautiful lady
I yearn another night
her presence is so distant
it makes my chest feel tight.
For you I’d wait forever
preparing for the chance
to hold you in my arms again
and kiss your lovely face.

The house feels so vacant
without your laughing face.
It feels like rooms are colder
without your warm embrace.
I miss my wife beside me,
my lover and my friend
without her I am withered
and only half a man.

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You are always on my mind.
You occupy a room.
It’s decorated with pictures
and it smells like you.
It keeps my heart a flutter
when you can’t be near.
I watch that room inside my head
knowing that you’re there.

This trip will not last much longer.
I have been dreaming of return
since the moment of deptarture
I miss resting my chin on your head
and you nestling in my arms.
I will cook a triumphant meal upon the return.

I miss the rhythm of your voice
and your footfalls in the hall.
I miss your laugh and smile
and the way you snore.
I ache to be away from you;
I can’t wait to hold you again.

I miss the way you wake me
in the early morning
and how you kiss me every night.
I grow lonely without your conversation
and irritable without your smile
and joking manner.
I miss you, love,
and cannot wait to see you again.

They say that distance
Makes the heart grown fonder
But I don’t see how that’s possible
I guess I’ll have to ponder
On that while you’re gone
And then before we know it
You’ll be back in my arms
Where you perfectly fit

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I know we’ll be apart
But it’s just for a while
All I have to do to feel better
Is to picture your smile
We’ll be together again soon
And I just can’t wait
To be in your arms
And love you to the moon

The distance between us will hurt and I know it
But soon you’ll be back in my arms, a perfect fit
And I love you so much, so don’t you forget it
You’ll be back soon and I’ll make sure to show it

I miss you like the night sky
Misses the sun
For without my sweet wife
I cannot spend just one
Single second alone
Not thinking of you
Because when you’re gone
My heart is in two

How does a heart keep beating
When half of it is astray?
How can I keep on dreaming
When my wife is away?
I’ll only close my eyes
So I can picture you with me
Until the day we’re reunited
And dream becomes reality

This temporary separation
It tests me every day
Because I’m missing you like crazy
In every single way
If I could have my choice
On how to live the perfect life
I would spend the rest of time
Beside my lovely wife

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My wife, my love
My laughter, my life
I miss you so
I hope you know
That day by day without you is heavy on my heart
I could have told you that back from the start
But our love is strong
So we’re never truly apart

Every night that you’re not here
My heart grows anxious as your arrival nears
I miss you so I hope you know
I can’t wait to hold you back in my embrace
To stroke your hair
And kiss your sweet face

My dearest wife, my heart is heavy
And anxiously awaiting my angle’s return
Without you in my arms our bed feels so empty
Until your back I’m not sure I’ll get any sleep
Hurry home my love
I miss you so

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