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I miss you poems for ex-boyfriend

I miss you for ex-girlfriend: Relationships are tricky. Showing someone your vulnerability and sharing so much of yourself with another person is really tough to do. What’s even harder, is dealing with the void you feel when that beautiful relationship ends. Missing an ex is completely normal, and something that all of us have been through at one time or another. Some might make repeated phone calls, or send ill-advised text messages to express regret and let the beloved know that they are missed. Rather than those forms of communication, a heartfelt poem is a great way to let your ex-lover know that they are on your mind and truly missed. Relive those sweet moments and tell him that you miss him with one of these poems.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

I can’t believe I let you go
I really hurt you, I know
Maybe someday you’ll forgive me,
I did what I had to, some day you’ll see
Please don’t be angry,
No one hurts more than me.

It hasn’t been long, but it feels like eternity,
Since I’ve last seen you
When I let you go, I didn’t think it would hurt this much
Time crawls away while I try to hold on to the memories.

Where is the sun, where is the light?
I’m blind without you, I can’t see anything.
The light wriggles through my fingers, and I can only wait,
For the snake that used to be a dove to bite me.

I miss you so much, when I see you again I would kiss you if given the chance.
You gave me your heart and I gave you goodbye, I ran away when I should’ve stood strong.
I miss you so much it hurts me to say how I love you so, so very much.
I miss you so much I wish that I could see you again one last time.

We’ve grown apart in our separate ways, and I miss what we once were.
I love you so much, I could say it again.
I love you so much its true.
I miss your sweet smile, your kindness and wiles, I hope all is well with you.

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You’re gone I was wrong, I was so wrong to push you away.
You were my dear boyfriend but I didn’t give you the time or thought of day.
I had other priorities when I should’ve been orderly and made you first in life. I miss you darling.
I miss you.

I never imagined a life
without you in it
I do not want to have to keep living it
I want you back in my life
back in my sunday mornings and my nights out
I need you near me
with me
on my side
I long for the nights we spent talking about nothing for hours on end
I want you back, I need you back.
I hope you can give us another chance

I know that sometimes I was difficult
I know that I did not tell you enough how much you meant to me
I know that I didn’t appreciate you like I should have
I know this now, because you are gone
I know this now, because of the pit in my stomach
everytime I see a picture of your smiling face and I realize
you are gone.
I do not miss the way things were,
I miss the us we should have been
I want that chance to make it work again.

Life isn’t a fairytale
It isn’t a storybook ending
it is messy, it is unorganized, it is painful
I am sorry that you and I
went through what we did
and couldn’t find a way to come out on the other side together
but I think we could have that chance
I want to hold your hand again, through all the messiness that life gives us
I want you by my side
I miss you and everything that you made me want to be

We never crossed the bridge
between ourselves
And when we ended our affair
We never crossed paths again
Just know that I miss you dearly
And I want to see you again
Just know that I miss you my

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Our relationship was like the ebbs
and flows of the ocean
And like the waves we crashed hard
A part of me misses you
Now that your gone
I still care about you and I want to
keep in touch

We ended things before we could
break each other hearts
We said we will always still friends
But we haven’t stayed in touch
I am taking the lead
And sending you this card
By saying I miss you so much

how time heals hurt, I thought I will
never think of you again but here
am I with my whole mind filled with
the thought of you.

I know we have gone our separate
ways and we have separate lives now.
But my heart still holds on to you
and I want to know if there is still
space in your heart for me.

Saying I miss you is an under-
statement. If there was another word
to use to convey that, I would have
used it. I miss you every day and
every second

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I lie in bed and think of you,
And tears roll down my face,
I know you have a new love now,
Someone to take my place.
I wish that I could take back,
All that I’ve said and done,
I miss you still and wish that,
I could have been the one.
I love you

At night I sit by the window,
And look at the indigo sky,
I gaze out in wonderment,
And ask myself why.
How could I break your heart,
Such a long long time ago,
And still be missing you now,
In fact it’s all I know.
I’m sorry

The past is the past,
But I just can’t forget,
The feel of your soft kiss,
The first time we met.
The sweet life that we made,
And the time shared together,
I wanted us to be together
As one forever and ever.
I miss you very much

I miss you like the ocean
misses the tumbling waves.
I miss you like the mountains
miss the sheep that graze.
I miss you like blue sky
misses the warmth of the sun.
I miss you like my four fingers
would miss their only thumb.

It’s not the same without you.
The chocolate is not as sweet.
The birds have stopped their singing.
The bed has colder sheets.
I yearn for your morning smile
your arms around me snug.
I miss your presence with me
and all we shared, my love.

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I have tried to forget you,
but I just cannot.
You are a deeper part of me
that I can’t unlock.
It wants to be reunited
with it’s other half.
It wants to feel whole again.
It wants to call you back.
I miss you!

Did I ever tell you
how safe I felt in your arms?
Or how I would listen to you ramble
about whatever nonsense you wanted
just so I could hear your voice?
Did I ever mention how you filled my days with laughter?
After all this time,
I wanted you to know.

I know I said I’d stay away
and forget the warmth of your voice
and promised I’d never utter your name
But lately you’ve invaded my head
and flitted through my dreams
and I’ve come to realize
I miss you so much.

I can’t let go of the good times
but I can move past the bad
and I’ve wondered lately if there’s a chance
that we were wrong to part ways.
All I can remember is happiness,
giddiness, and bliss.
What pain, tears, anger, could compare
to how happy I was with you?
It was how we could relate.
I miss you.

I miss you, you know
Even though it’s hard to say
I wish things hadn’t ended
That’s how I feel even today
I love you and I want you back
But I’m afraid to say it out loud
I guess you could say I’ve cowed
But I love you, for now and for always

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Sometimes I think I’m close to forgetting
Just how much we meant to each other
And then I remember
How much I want to be together
Once we were forever
And then it fell apart
But I still miss you
You’re still part of my heart

I still miss you sometimes
But I’m afraid to tell you
How much I really miss you
I remember you leaving
And I want you to come back
Because things aren’t right without you
But what can I do?
Even though I miss you.

What can I say?
What can I do?
Now that I’ve lost such a great
Boyfriend in you
The fact that we broke up
Cuts me deep in my heart
And I spend every day
Always missing a part
Of who I once was
And who we once were
You’re the only man
To whom my heart
Will defer

What are things about us
That I miss?
The strut in your step?
Your passionate kiss?
Your razor-sharp wit?
Or your timeless smile?
A look that will always
Remain right in style
What I miss most of all
After all this is due
Is having a boyfriend
As special as you

I never thought that our love
Would ever end
That you would ever be
Less than my dear boyfriend
And while some things have changed
I want you now to know
That I still really miss you
And I still want you so

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I miss your touch I miss your warmth
I miss your strength and loving care
Things we’ve done and things we share
When I see you I can’t help but stare
To know you were the one who was always there

As much as it hurts, just know that I’m glad
Because I love so great is something we had
I know that it’s over, all is said and done
But deep down I know that you were the one
That showed me life and who I can be
Thank you for your love, and setting me free

The wound has healed but the cut still is bleeding
You’ve left you’re mark, but my heart is still beating
I know that you were someone special
But now you’re gone with not much left of
So now we’re here and on our own
I can’t help but feel perpetually alone

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