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I Love You Poems and Verses for Boyfriend

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

With you, I glow like bright city lights
I sifted through life’s traffic with all my might
I am lucky and glad, to be sure
That through all the wrongs, I found a right that was pure

Why do I sign my letters to you in Xs and Os; that sometimes is a probing question you might wish to pose. The answer, my boyfriend, is simple but true; the answer, my dear, is that I love you!

You are handsome, caring and kind
You make me feel like everything is fine
I love to hold your hand
Because you are my man
I just wanted to say our love is true
And I love you

You are the wind that holds me up
You are the rain that helps me breathe
You are the sun that shines light on me
Now you know my love for you withstands all nature through!

To the sweetest boyfriend
A girl could have
Your hugs and kisses are the best
You stand out against the rest
I love you!

Not just a boy, but my boyfriend. The man that I trust. The one I wish to be with. But most of all, the one I love.

I am good at loving you.
You are good at loving me too.
You are there for me when times are rough.
You make me feel strong and tough.

Dearest I miss you
I feel so lost without you
Life is not the same without you by myside
When you return I’ll be waiting

You are my boyfriend, the other man in my life. I’m no longer that kid. I no longer need my father, I just need your love. We will go through all things together.

Since you have been gone
I’ve felt I have lost my whole self
My beautiful wife I miss you solely
Please hurry home
You’ll return I shall wait

When a man is there for you, you fall deeply
When a man becomes your boyfriend, you fall further
Now, to you my boyfriend, I care for you and just want you to know
That right now I love you and every day from here on out I will too.

Of all the boys in the world, I have fallen for you! We were made for each other. I love you!

I love you when you frown and fuss, I love you when you’re goofy. I love you when you’re right as rain. I love you absolutely.

The day you first called me your girl
Emblazoned on my heart
And it is still my fondest wish
To never be apart

I love your hands, I love your eyes, I love you when you wake up, I love you under the night sky

You make me happy and treat me like a lady, You make me feel special not just on occasion but daily. They say chivalry is dead but I know that’s a lie, for you are the most chivalrous man I know and it’s just in you, you don’t even try. Thank you for making my life a little more meaningful, I love you.

Incense fills the room; Love songs play down low; Oysters are on the menu; Velour dressed head to toe; Erotic gestures from one another; Youthful chatter flows; Open curtains let a cool breeze in; Under the sheets we go.