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I Love You Poems for Husband: Love Poems for Him

I love you poems for Husband: Many times marriage can become mundane. The once fiery and loving, passionate relationship can become quite complacent over time. A reminder of love for your husband is of the utmost importance to keep your relationship alive and make sure your partner knows that he is loved, and that his love for you is appreciated. We often think that it goes without saying that a husband is loved, but this is untrue. Relationships, no matter how strong, must be nourished to stay that way. If it goes unsaid, that means that this person may not know that you still feel that way. It feels good to know that you are appreciated and loved, so tell your hubby you love him with one of these beautiful poems.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Thank you Dad, for all that you do,
You’re always there, to help me get through
Some days are good, and some days are bad,
But you’re always there for me, and for that I am glad.

My dad is great, my dad is tough
When I have a problem, he really knows his stuff
He’s the best dad; he’s the best to be found
I’ll always know, he’s the best dad around.

Thank you Dad, for the being the best dad around.
When I’m in trouble I know, you’re the man to be found
Sometimes I’m disgraceful, and for that I am shameful.
But at the end of the day, I love you to death; I want to be with you, for every last breath

I want you to know, why I sit here and glow when someone gives praises to you.
I want you to see why I work so hard to stay next to you even in the storms. I love you.
I give you my all to help you stand tall and you give your best to it all in this world. I love you.

You are my dear husband, this is true.
I just want you to know about something between me and you.
I love you.
You are my dear husband, this is true, and I love you more than the moon is in the sky.
Our love climbs way to high.
I love you baby.

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You’re amazing, you’re successful and you’re mine.
Your kind and gentle, tender and sweet.
You fight for your family, your warrior and a worker; I want you to know how I love you so.
I love you so much, it’s true.

My life
My heart
I ache when we are apart
I love you more with each passing day
I feel like I lose a piece of myself when you are away
You’re my better half
And my very best friend
I know I say it a lot, but I’ll tell you again
I love you, I love you
More than words could ever show
I’m so lucky I’m yours
I couldn’t have picked anyone better
To spend my life with, for the rest of forever

I love you on my worst days
I love you on your best
I love you when you annoy me
I love you when I’m tired and cranky
I love you when you steal the covers
I love you when you pick me over your mother
I love you when it’s rainy
I love you when it’s cold
I love you when I feel like the world is crashing down around us
I love you everyday and everyday
And that love will only grow
Until forever comes
And even then, I’ll find a way to love you again

You are the apple of my eye
The only one I want
You are the love I always dreamed of
You’re everything and more
You make me laugh when I don’t want to even smile
You know how to love me, like no one else can
You are so special to me
You have always been my number one fan
Your love and our life
Fills my heart with joy and love
I can’t tell you enough
You are my heart
My true love

If our lives were like a fairy tale
I would be the queen to your king
We are not in a story
Although you still treat me like a
Even if you were a servant, I will
love you
Like the king you are

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My heart is mind and I, alone, can
give it away
You had my heart for a very long
Even though we have been through
many obstacles and challenges
My heart still beats for you and I
love you dear

The stars were aligned on the day
we met
Because only fate could bring two
wonderful souls, like ours, together
You are the salt to my pepper
Without you, I am incomplete
You are my other half and I love

My own husband, the love of my
heart. You promised me heaven
on earth and you have never failed
in bringing that to pass. I promise
I will always love you.

I love you with all heart my dear
husband. I have always loved you
and will always love you. I have
all cherished every moment with
you and will always cherish you.

I will like to use this medium to tell you
how much I love you. The love of
my life, the father of my children,
my confidant and my solace. I
love you so much

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You love to me is like a fire,
That softly kindles my desire,
And warms my senses like a flame,
A roaring need only you can tame.
I’m so happy that I am your wife
I’ll love you till the end of my life
My love for you it knows no end
You are my love and my best friend
I love you

I love you for the man you are
And all the things you do
Sometimes I wish there were many ways
To say that I love you
Words never seem just quite enough
To show the depth of love I have for you
So in action, thought and deed I’ll prove
My love for you is true
I love you

I never quite believed in love
Until I believed in you
I never quite believed in trust
Until I trusted you
I never quite believed in bliss
Until the day that I kissed you
I never believed I’d find the one
Until I looked at you
I love you

You take the time to tell me
exactly how you feel
even when times are difficult
and life can feel too real.
I love how you support me
in all I do and say.
You tell me that you believe in me
and show me everyday.
I love you!

You are a wonderful man!
I am so happy to live a life with you.
We find success and happiness
in all the things we do.
I wake up in the morning
so happy and content
because the man I call my friend
is also my husband!
I love you!

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My knight in shining amour
rides his noble mare
to defend my honor
and tangle up my hair
with him curling fingers
and with his deeply hum
tapping on my heart strings
singing out our love.
I love you Husband!

Since the night I first realized
you were the one I loved
with all my heart,
I have found
that love
grows more each day,
fills my waking moments
and makes dreaming peaceful
to know that you are here with me.

Each time I find myself aggravated
I remember your dorky grin
and the way you tap my nose
like we are children playing games
and the laughter bubbles up from me
and sets my midn at ease.
For all the silly little ways
that you light up my days
I love you.

I know I tell you every day
but it doesn’t seem often enough
or true enough
each time I utter it.
So let me reassure you
I love you, I love you,
I love you to the edge of the galaxy
and back, with every fiber of my being,
for as long as time stretches into eternity,
I will love you.

Dear husband
I love you for giving me your heart
I love you for everything you say
For letting me take part
In the rest of your life
And for all the things you’ve done
For your love
And for letting me be the one

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My loving husband
I hope that you know
Just how much I love you
But in case you don’t
I hope now you do
I love you for your hair
I love you for you smile
I love you for everything
And for all the while
That you’ve loved me

Saying I love you doesn’t seem to be enough
But explaining my feelings, now that’s tough
Because how do I explain the feelings in my heart?
How do I explain how I feel that you’ve let me be a part
Of your life, for the rest of forever?
Just know that I’m so very glad we’re together

The word “love” just seems too simple
Too overused and far too trite
To describe the things I feel for you
How our bond just feels so right
The word “husband” seems too plain
Too insufficient and incomplete
To describe the devotion inside my heart
That flows with every single beat

My love for you is infinite
My love for you is pure
And I feel my heart would burst
If I loved you anymore
Yet every day you prove me wrong
And every day it shows
No matter what you say or do
My love for you just grows

When I took you as my groom
Many years before
I pledged to you in vows
That I could never love you more
But since then you’ve proved me wrong
In so many different ways
Because I love you less than I will tomorrow
But far more than yesterday

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You’ve been by my side since you took my hand
My one true love, my loving man
Every day with you is truly a gift
Just seeing your smile gives me a lift
You’re all I need to make it through the day
And “I love you” is all you have to say

My love, my man, my loving husband
Anything you dream, I believe you can
I hold the world when you hold my hand
As tough as wood but smooth as sand
I love you my husband, my loving man

The person I can count on is the person I love
My husband, my gift
My angle from above
You’ve given me life
And you’ve given me love
You’re my world and my light
All I want is for you to hold me tight

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