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I love you poems for ex-boyfriend

I love you for ex-boyfriend: Relationships are tricky. Showing someone your vulnerability and sharing so much of yourself with another person is really tough to do. What’s even harder, is dealing with the void you feel when that beautiful relationship ends. Still having feelings for an ex is completely normal, and something that all of us have been through at one time or another. Some might make repeated phone calls, or send ill-advised text messages to express regret and let the beloved know that they are still on your mind. Rather than those forms of communication though, a heartfelt poem is a great way to let your ex-lover know that they are on your mind and truly missed. Relive those sweet moments and tell him that you miss him and still love him with one of these poems.

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You broke my heart, you know that’s true
But I’m not sure, I’m not quite over you
You got me close, and then you burned my skin,
To say you hurt me, I couldn’t begin.

You left me to drown, you left me broken
I can’t believe that was something that you had done
I want to hate you, but it’s so hard
I still love you, I think, but you broke my heart into shards

I want to hate you so much,
But whenever I think of you, I still feel your touch
Get out of my head, I think I’m scared to tell myself what’s true,
I think I’m still in love with you

I’m sorry I gave up.
I still love you,
I know you will never look at me like that again.
But I have to say it, so you know I mean it.
I gave up on us and that was a mistake, I’m sorry I failed you so.
I love you darling, I don’t want you as my ex, and I want you to be mine.

You made me your ex,
But when I asked you why you said you couldn’t say it.
I want you to know, that I still love you so. And I hope you will love me back.

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I feel like I’ve loved you for thousand years,
But it’s only been three,
Three years I regretted our split and I finally love you back.
I don’t deserve you,
But if you take me back, I promise I won’t run away again. I love you my darling.

I know that you and I
Have had our spats
We don’t always agree
And it was a really hard road for us
But I don’t think it has to be the end of the road
I miss everything about you
I miss spending Sunday mornings in your arms
I loved that time
I loved you and I still do
You and I are not finished, I still love you more than words can say.
I am sorry for what happened, I want us to try again
The love I have for you, will carry us through

We have both said things we didn’t mean
We have both done things we wish we could take back
But one thing I know will always be true, and I will never regret was saying I love you.
You hold such a special place in my heart and I hate that we are apart.
I want you
I want all the hard times that will surely come, I want all the laughter and love
I want everything that comes with you
I still love you

I am sorry for every time you didn’t feel loved
I am sorry that I wasn’t enough
I am sorry that you and I couldn’t fight our way through this
But always remember
That although we couldn’t make it
I still love you each and every day
I think about our time together and I am eternally grateful, you gave me a love that will never die.
I just want you to know that I love you and I appreciate you always.

I was the moon to your sun
And when we together the sky was
Now that you are gone
My days seem cloudy and bleak
I miss you and I’m still in love with
I thought you should know

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It broke my heart to leave you
But I thought I needed to grow
without you near
I was wrong because you were all
I thought about when I was away
I hope for another chance because
I love you

We could have had the world
But the timing was wrong
I want you to know I still love you
Even though you could have found
Take this as my cinematic grand
My last chance to win your heart

I still love you, even more than I
used to love you. These past months without you close by has
even deepened the love. Please
give me another chance.

It is so untrue if I say I do not have
any feelings towards you. I love
you so much and I want you back.
I pray it is not too late. Hope you
also feel the same way about me.

You never get to appreciate what
you have until you lose it. This is
the same thing that happened to
me. You are the best thing that
happened to me. I love you please
give me a chance again.

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I wonder why I sit and think
About you now so much
I miss your gentle kisses
Your tender loving touch
I wish that I could move along
And not live in the past
But I don’t want any other
You were my first and last
I still love you

When I turned and walked away from you
I made a big mistake
My head was all messed up
And thought I could deal with the heartbreak
And many years have passed us by
My heart is fragmented still
I want us back together
I love you now and always will
I wish we’d never parted

If I could turn back time
And be nestled in your arms
I’d be exactly where I want to be
Safe and warm and calm
I’m sorry that I walked away
I just didn’t have a clue
Just how much I would miss out life
And how much I really loved you
Let’s get back together

I know our time had ended
and we had been made to part
but I have to let you know
I still love you with all my heart.
Your voice still echoes sweetly
in my head at night,
it tells me that it loves me
and that it will be alright.

No one has all the brilliance
that you carry with you
no one can so effect me
as you easily do.
I know that I still love you
and maybe you do too
so let’s sit down and talk about it
I think it’s overdue!

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You are the only man
who makes me feel this way.
Your presence is a blessing
that takes away the grey.
My heart is still calls to you
thought out the colder nights
ands wants to hold on to you
and forget about the fights.

Why can’t we turn back time
and mend this mess again?
I know we’d get it right this time
if we didn’t play pretend
and act as though hearts are toys
to play with til they break.
I love you still, and always will
though I know it’s a mistake.

I thought it would end once we were apart.
I thought the pining would cease
after I stopped seeing your face.
But I still see your face everywhere I go
and I hear your voice in my sleep
and sometimes wake to think I hear you laugh.
I thought it would end, but it hasn’t,
and I’m beginning to think it won’t ever end
because I still love you.

I still love you,
though it’s been so long.
And I know your heart
is no longer here
but is tended to
by another woman.
I want to hate her
but how can I?
Her only crime
is loving you
as I do.

You’re not how I pictured Prince Charming
You’re not even close
Your gaze is disarming
It isn’t something I chose
Yet I just can’t help it
That fire you make me feel
The tingles under my skin
Your touch makes me real
For once I need someone
And I don’t know why
I don’t even care where you’ve been
I just want to call you mine
It might not be a fairytale ending
But it’s what I want, I’m done pretending

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I pretended it was okay
When you took a year of my life
I pretended every day
When you kept me waiting
I pretend all the time
Not really lying, just not saying.
I pretended I was fine
When you didn’t show
I pretend I’m not hurt
Just waiting… waiting…
I don’t pretend
That I love you,
because I do

I love you and miss you
But there’s nothing to do
So where can I go from here?
I can’t even get my thoughts to your ear
Things are over but not what I want
It’s like the past is just trying to taunt

Even though we’ve broken up
And you’re now no longer mine
You still occupy my heart
And I’m looking for a sign
To know you also feel the same
That you feel that way I do
Because there’s only one man for me
And I know that man is you

When you were my boyfriend
Standing right there by my side
I always felt so free
And that I’d never have to hide
All my raw thoughts and emotions
And yet I still cannot conceal
How I still want for you to love me
You’re my one Achilles’s heel

I couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend
I couldn’t have asked for a better guy
And ever since we’ve broken up
I can’t even help but wonder why
Why I ever thought I’d stop loving you
Because you’re always on my mind
Sure, the past is the past
But my love has not been left behind

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I love you I’m sorry can you ever forgive me
It’s hard for me to know and to go on with living
That you’re not in my arms
And longer mine
For love like ours is so hard to find
Oh hope you forgive me, if only in time

Love we’ve had and love we’ve lost
A great experience, but what of the cost
The tears and the yearning for your arms so tight
Life without you just doesn’t feel right
I hope in your heart
You’ll find forgiveness
And uncover the love that’s been there from the start

The times we’ve had
The laughter and fun
It’s hard to believe
That now it’s all done
But I’ve gotta say
It’s been a good run
So now its here
The time has come
That we part from each other
As friends now, not lovers

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