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I Love You Poems for Daughter

I love you daughter: It is sometimes thought that the love between a parent and daughter is something so precious that it is unspoken and need not be reminded. This is definitely not the case, it is so important to make sure that those we love are aware of how much we love them and how appreciative that they are in our lives. This is especially important for a young girl, a daughter. So do not forget to remind your daughter that she is loved. Choose one of these poems, or create your own, filled with memories, favorite traits, and love to remind your little girl that you love her, and always will.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

I love your enthusiasm, your joy and bright smile
With you in my mind, I can go for miles and miles.
I love you so much, there’s no need to be coy
I love you so much; you’re my pride and my joy.

Like a rose, you’re firm and tall
You always obey, and follow my call
Like a rose, you’re colorful and sweet
But watch for thorns, you never retreat.
I love you!

You are full of so many colors,
It always fills me with so much wonder
Red as a rose, blue as a bird
Yellow as straw, white as the sky
So many colors make you who you are
In my eyes, you are my star.

You are my sun, my moon and stars.
You light the sky with your fabulous style;
Your smile melts my heart away,
You captivate audiences with that gleam in your eyes.
You move monsters with your gentle spirit. I love you my daughter.

If I could tell you one thing over
And over it would that I love you,
I love you so much.
You light my world up at the end of a dark day.
You give me the hope I need with your childlike faith. I love you my daughter.

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You’re growing up my darling daughter,
You’re changing from the inside out.
You aren’t little anymore but you will always be my baby girl.
From tea parties to algebra, to dates with that boy you like down the street.
You will start college soon and I want you to know that I love you.

My darling, my dear
I fear that I may have been a bit overbearing throughout the years
It is not because I want to make your life difficult
It is not because I want to embarrass you
It is because I have loved you since before I ever met you
And my job is to protect you
I love you so much, I can’t imagine a life without you
So next time I embarrass you in front of your friends, just remember it’s out of love!

I loved you before I met you
I loved you when you gave me morning sickness
I loved you when you kept me up nights screaming
I loved you when you had nightmares
I loved you when you took your first steps, when you scraped your knee, when you said you hated me
I will love you through your heartbreaks, through your hardships, through your hard headed moods, I will love you forever
And a day more

My baby, my child
I love everything about you
I love you all the time
Even when you act wild
Even when you don’t want me to
Even when you can not love yourself
I wish for you happiness, love, joy and health
I worry about you, because I cannot imagine a life without you
Do not ever forget, that no matter where this life takes you
I will be here cheering you on, ready to love you with open arms

When you were little,
You and I always talked about your
day, everyday
Years later, though it’s not everyday
We still talk about your day
And I’m glad to hear you
Just know I love you, my sweet

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For someone, who’s younger than
me that I raised,
You taught me so much about
Your intelligence and your wit
brightens up my day
For that I want to thank you my
little queen
And know that I love you darling

On the day you were born,
You were the cutest thing
In my life
And as you got older,
You were still my cutie pie
No matter what you did
I still loved you
And to this day, I feel the same

Eventhough we quarrel so such, I love you so much. I don’t live a day
without thinking of you. I am so
proud of the lady you have become
my damsel.

I have realized the reason we quarrel a lot is because we are so similar
in so many things. I love you sweet

My little girl is now a grown lady, I
am so proud of the beautiful lady
you have become. You are so
wise and with so much strength,
love you baby girl.

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My daughter is amazing
She’s bright and really smart
She’s really good at singing
And really great at art
She has a gorgeous spirit
So sweet and really kind
She really is the greatest daughter
I could ever wish to find
I love you

My daughter is my everything
She means the world to me
She’s like a little flower
And busy as a little bee
She’s always up to mischief
Or scarping hands and knees
Although I know just who to blame
‘Cause she takes after me
I love you daughter

I never thought a part of me
Could be a separated part
She has my eyes and chin
And of course she has my heart
I’m talking about my daughter
My precious little girl
She’s my little princess
My gem, my tiny pearl
I love you

My sweet and gentle daughter
you make your father proud.
You stand for what you believe in
and sing your song aloud.
I love you, oh so dearly
my amazing girl
you make your daddy teary
when you shine out in the world.

I love to hear you laughing
I hate to see you frown
you are the most incredible
girl that I’ve ever known.
My love for you is massive
it takes up all the space
so it is all I’m breathing
and its all I taste.
I Love you Daughter.

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No matter how old you are
or what you have done.
No matter what goals you’ve set
or how many things you’ve won.
You’ll always be my baby
my little cherished girl
I love you more than anything
more than all the world.

My darling girl,
I love you more than words can tell
and each day as you grow
my one desire is for you to know
that all who meet you wish you well.

I had wanted an angel
for a child
long before I knew
what having a child meant.
And now that I have you,
I have come to see
that I became a parent
to something better
than an angel –
I got you.

My sweet girl,
you are a blessing;
the most wonderful piece of my life
and the one person
I love above all others.
You are my light and my world,
my reason for being.
And as you grow,
I pray you’ll know
I love you so.

My dear daughter
I hope you know how much I love you
I hope I show it not only in the things I say
But also in the things I do
You are a marvelous person
And I am so proud
So I’ll write it down
And say it out loud

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This isn’t for a special occasion
Just to let you know
How much I love you
Just to tell you so
I’ve always been so proud
And I always will be
So I want you to have
A hug just from me

There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to tell you
Just how much it is that I love you
You are beautiful and loving and smart
And really that list is just a start
Always remember how much I care
And how much love I have to share

Daughters are the sunshine
That comes after the rain
A bright beacon of hope
When not much joy remains
Daughters are blessings
A rare coveted few
And few love their daughters
The way I love you

My daughter is truly
A spectacular girl
Whose intelligent strength
Can take on the world
And make human life better
Because she’s the best
And by being her parent
I simply am blessed

My pride for my daughter
Cannot be contained
Over mountains and hillsides
I’ll loudly proclaim
My love for my daughter
Throughout all of the land
Because she’s doing great things
And she’s got much more planned

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My dearest daughter, my favorite person
You make this life all so worth it
I love your smile and the way you are
I’ve watched you grown and you’ve come so far
I’m proud of you and all that you’ve done
Now let’s celebrate, and have some fun

Here’s to you, my little lady
Dressed in grey, and black, and navy
Hair that’s bouncy and so wavy
It’s your birthday, let’s get crazy
I’ve watched you grow and watched you blossom
I’m proud to say that my daughter is awesome

Happy birthday to my favorite girl
You are my life, my entire world
You bring me joy with all that you do
You make my day, and I love you
So happy birthday, let’s have some cake
It’s your day to enjoy, it is what you make!

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