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I love you poems for dad

I love you poems for Dad: It is sometimes assumed that when it comes to family, it is simply an unspoken truth that love is shared. This, unfortunately, is simply not true. Things that are unspoken aren’t always known. So when you assume to know that your father knows how much that you love him, think again. He might not always be aware that you are thankful for him, and that you appreciate all the love and sacrifice he gives. So choose one of these heartfelt poems, give the gift of words, and remind your dear old dad that he is loved, and always will be.

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I love my dad, it really is true; He’s strong smart, and good-looking, too
We love him to death, our big daddy—wouldn’t you?
When we feel upset, angry or sad,
He’s always right there, that’s our dad.

Daddy I love you,
I want you to know,
Daddy I love you, it really is so
Sometimes I pout, and sometimes I shout,
But you always are there for me, there’s never a doubt

Dad is always there for me,
He’s always there with arms open, don’t you see?
When I get lost in the night,
I know my dad will be there, to hold my light

You were the first man who I loved,
You were the hand that I held,
And the first partner I danced with.
Despite all our differences I love you much.
I love you dad to the moon and back.
You were my first hero, my first date and the first one to love me so.
I love you dad.

You watched me take my first steps,
You watched me play with my cars,
I love you dad, I am so glad that you are in my life till the end.
I wouldn’t trade you for anything, not even a car, though would nice right now. I love you dad.

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We love you dad, you are so awesome we cannot believe you are ours.
We want you to know that we hope that you’re all happy and grateful tonight.
We love you so much dad.
We are thankful for you, for hand there to guide whether we want it or not.
We love you dad and we are thankful for, you humor and laughter. We love you dad, so very much.

To the man who taught me
to never give up, to always look forward and never dwell
thank you
To the man who taught me
to tie my shoes, to ride a bike, to jump and throw
thank you
To the man who showed me
that kindness never goes unnoticed and good things come to those who are good
thank you
I love you dad, for all that you have shown me.
I can’t imagine a life without you.

For healing my bumps, my bruises, my measels and mumps,
for healing my broken heart for all the late nights chasing monsters in the dark
Thank you Dad
I love you for all that you have given me, life, love and happiness to spare
I cannot tell you how much you mean to me
It is amazing how much sacrifice you have given all for me.
I do not know how I will ever repay, I hope for now it is enough
to tell you that I love you. I appreciate everything, and I hope I can be half as good as you someday.

You showed me what love was
when you gave up your dreams to give me a better life
you showed me what love was with the seemingly endless sleepless nights
when I was sick and needed to go to the doctor
when I couldn’t sleep
when I was broken hearted
when I was confused
You always showed me the way, you took care of me, you showered me with love and caring words
You have always believed in me
For that I will always be grateful, and I will always love you.

When I was a young child
You used to teach me many things
Like the difference between
right and wrong
Now I have my own child
To teach these things to
And I want you to know,
I love you dad

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You have taught me everything
important about the world
And I am thankful for that
knowledge and wisdom
You have showed me life and love
By caring and protecting me even
in adulthood
Just know that I love you dad

You used to protect me from the
monsters underneath my bed
Even though I kept you up half the
As I grew older and had children of
my own
I realized how much you did for me
Because you loved me
Dad, I want you to know that I love
you back

Dad, you are the best father in the
universe. So filled with so much
grace and love. You have always
be a good example. I love you dad.

Father have such a wonderful impact
on their children that no one can
take away. You have made such a
great one on us. I love you so much

Men shall see you and call you
blessed because you are blessed
beyond measures. God bless
your gentle spirit and your good
heart dad.

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You are the sparkle in my eyes,
The one that leads the way,
With gentle loving guidance,
That puts a smile upon my face.
You always make things better,
For I’m you’re little girl,
You’re more to me than anything,
You are the whole wide world.
I love you daddy

A man of love and honor
A man of dignity and pride
A man with strength and power
A gentle natural guide
A man of talk and action
A man whose word was true
A man who is a father
A good man through and through
I love you Dad

Dad, you’re always there for me,
No matter what I do,
I can tell you everything,
I put my trust in you.
You always make things better,
You bring comfort when it rains,
You always have a smile for me,
And take away my pain.
I love you Dad

Dear daddy you are the most
amazing thing to me
you give me so much courage
to live authentically.
You live your life with passion
and you keep your humor too!
You are the strongest man in my life
and that’s why I love you!

You’ve encouraged me to fly
when both my wings were tattered.
You’ve listened to my fears
and all the things that mattered.
You’ve given me direction
when everything seemed lost.
And you’ve always showed affection
no matter what the cost.
I Love You Dad.

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I am proud when people say
I remind them of my father.
I couldn’t ask for a better man
to be resembled after.
You are wonderful person
and even better man.
And if I could be anything like you
I will do the best I can.
I Love You Dad!

For a father to be as devoted
and compassionate as you
I must be very fortunate.
You never held me back
or talked me down –
but you supported me
in every choice
and steered me towards
my better self.
Without you, dad,
that wouldn’t have bee possible.
I love you.

I am so proud to call you my father
and glad that you will call me your child.
I admire your compassion and your strength
and how you balance everything so readily.
You always gave me a shoulder to cry on
and a hand to support me
and an open ear to listen,
and for that I love you more than anything.

As the man who taught me
how to understand math
how to function in the home
and how to survive and thrive
in the real world
I want you to know
I love you for your teaching
and patience, and caring.

I love you so much daddy
And I want you to know
Just on an average day
That it’ll always be so
There’s just that to tell you
I love you up to the sky
I’ll put up to the sun
Just to show you how high

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Oh daddy, I want to make sure you know
That no matter how old I get
I’ll always love you so much
And I love you more than all the rest
That’s really all I wanted to say
So now you can go about your day

You’ve always been here
And you always will be
And I guess that’s why I’m writing
To make sure that you see
How much I love you
My wonderful daddy
I don’t want you to forget
How important you’ll always be

There’s a difference between
A father and a dad
Between a man that shows up
And a man that is glad
To always be there
And lend his support
Whose praise he will never
Cease to exhort
I love you, dear dad
For all that you’ve done
If there were ever a dad
Then you are the one

I love you for all
Of the things that you’ve done
From when I was a child
To when I was young
And needed advice
Or I needed a say
Because of you
I’m who I am now today
I know what is good
And I know what is bad
And I know all these things
Because you’re my dad

Being a dad is a job
That’s so rarely praised
And I think that’s a shame
Because you have raised
Me to always work hard
And to do my best
Even when I’d put
Your patient kindness to the test
For all that you’ve done
I’m eternally glad
I love you and consider you
The world’s greatest dad

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To my father, my greatest role model
Thanks for everything and going full throttle
You love so much and never hold back
And are always there incase I am attacked
I love you dad, you’re always there
Thanks for the ways that you show that you care

To my father, my biggest fan
Thank you for making me all that I am
I know that sometimes I stray from the plan
But I just want to thank you for being my number one man
I love you Dad

Too my dad, my favorite person
Thank you for making life all so worth it
You’ve taught me much and I’ve learned even more
I love your kindness, your smile I adore
Thank you for being the one to open the door

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