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I Love You Poems for Boyfriend

Many people think that relationships fall apart because of the boyfriend giving less attention to his girlfriend. I don’t understand why it should only come from one side. Girlfriends too, you should show your attention towards your man in every way you can and “I love you” poems work best. In sweet but sincere words, tell him how your world revolves around him. You might not know the exact words to use but here is the secret, sincerity, plus I have combined you a list of beautiful “I love you poems to your boyfriend.” I hope you rekindle the flames of love!

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

  • You are the sun that brightens my days
    The joy that fills my heart in all ways
    You are the moon that shines through my dark night
    My star shining so bright
    You are my oxygen you keep me alive
    Even in storms, you love makes me survive
  • You are my everything
    My one and only
    With you I am never lonely
    The measure of my love for you I can’t really tell
    But I know ours is a fairytale
    I see a happy ever after love
    Because my love…
    I love you to the moon and beyond
  • In my dreams, I could feel the tight hugs
    In my dreams, I could feel the warm kiss
    In my dreams, I could feel the warmth of a kind kiss
    Now, I want to stay awake all day
    Because I met you, though I don’t know what to do
    But I’ll let love lead me through
    I don’t wanna lose you
    Not even for a single second
    It’s amazing this feeling I have towards you
    I love you more and more every passing day
    I thank my guardian angels for bringing you my way
    I just can’t wait to be called your wife!
  • I am hoping for the day that we will tell each other ‘I do’
    Making love to you all night long
    Letting love flow through our souls
    The sweetness of your tender lips
    I never want to miss
    I feel so safe in your arms
    Everything seems all right
    I am so lucky you came my way
    You make me smile amidst tears
    You make me laugh even without a sound
    Every day that passes you teach me something new
    How you make it to be so perfect, I don’t know
    Thank you honey
    I love you to the moon and beyond.
    You will always be a part of me
    I can’t bear the emptiness when we part
    No one is as special as you are in my world
    I hope you can now see
    How much I care
    Although I can’t find the right words to express
    How much I love you from deep down
    When you need me I’ll always be there
    To cry with you if I can’t help out
    But I will always strive to make you happy
    For you I can do anything to see you happy
    And always remember, you are always on my mind
  • I never knew about feeling whole
    I didn’t imagine that dreams come true
    I never believed in love
    And love at first sight
    Until you came my way

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Cute Love Poems for Your Boyfriend

You haven’t found the best one yet, don’t worry I have much much more in store for you that will be sure to melt his heart. Read on…

  • I am so excited that you are my man
    I love you more than anything else
    I am you fan number one
    You make so happy
    I am overwhelmed with delight
    Stay by my side forever
    And I will hold you tight
    Never to let you go
  • Your eyes are so sunny and warm
    Your hands are as soft as wool
    Your heart is full of care
    Your shoulders are mine to cry on
    Your torso, it’s the very best
    The one thing I can’t put in words is your cute face
    It draws me to a calming daze
    Wondering why all the compliments
    Because I want you to know I’m crazy for you
  • You become hotter each day
    You are the magnet that pulls me so close
    Im not just attracted, but its true love
    What a bond I have towards you
    Let’s drown in it
    Let’s get lost, in each other
    In the love we share, my valentine.
  • I couldn’t help get through my bitter memories
    Those made my heart ache
    And tears flowing
    But I had to forget the bitter memories
    And give love another chance
    So here I am
    I have fallen in love with you
    And I don’t ever want to lose you
    You made me pick up my pieces with hope and courage
    Because I feel no regerets when I gaze in your eyes
    They assure me of a love so true
    Your arms
    They assure me of a care so secure
    Just know
    That I will always love you
    And this love is true

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I Will Always Love You Poems for Ex-Boyfriend

Whatever mystery is usually behind the break ups and heartache that follows a very beautiful love, no one knows. But we know that a break up hurts as hell. Parting with the guy you really loved is the worst feeling ever. But sometimes, even with so much pain, your heart still wants to go back, tell him, send him a nice poem as a private text message or DM on Facebook or Whatsaap. Maybe his heart still wants you back too.

  • I am not angered
    Neither am I upset
    Because to me we are not over
    I ain’t wild at all
    Neither am I stressed
    Its just that the breakup
    Has put me in a total mess
    I am in a strane place
    My heart is seeing nothing else
    But you
    I still love you
  • My attempts to forget you
    Never seem to bear any fruits
    With this pain
    I am going insane
    I try to stop thinking about you
    But you still cross my mind
    Maybe I am already insane
    Because I still believe I belong to you
    And you to me
    Or maybe it’s true
    I don’t know
    I love you
  • I believe we weren’t made to be
    Let’s enjoy our memories together
    And hope for a better partners
    Let’s take our misunderstanding
    To be the key to more beautiful love
    I miss being your girlfriend
  • I hate myself, for loving you
    I am devastated, for expecting a new love
    I am frustrated, for thinking it’s my fault
    I am still hurting
    From the horrors of our break up
    I love you, I still do

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