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I Like You Poems for Him

I Like You Poems For Guys Poems For A Crush

Having a crush is a very exciting moment of some one’s life; you feel butterflies in the stomach when he is so close or when he touches you, you are lost of words when he speaks to you, you forget even your name when he looks at you and all the excitement is just way so much. Everything about him makes you crazy. It’s not fair when you keep such feeling to yourself, tell him how you feel. Use this collection of poems to tell him in the sweetest way how much you love him, who knows, maybe he feels the same!

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

  • There’s something I want to tell you, something I cant express in words
    My head feels strange, like its floating in the air
    How do I start, how do I tell you
    I like you, so much
    And I know it is true.
  • My heart is racing
    My head is spinning
    Should I tell you, you I say
    Whenever I see you, my thoughts stray
    You mean so much to me than you know
    I like you and I can’t control it.
  • We’ve never really been close friends, it’s sad but true,
    But I can’t help but keep thinking of you
    I really, really like you, don’t you realize?
    I can hope that you think of me
  • I wish for your happiness, but just so you know, I am really attracted to you
    Sometimes I wish so much until it hurts, I wish for us to happen, I wish it so much
    Bad then I get sad because deep down I feel maybe, just maybe it won’t happen
    But I would be glad for you to know that I think of you, I like you a lot.
  • It’s partly the way my heart feels when
    You are near
    It’s partly the way I tend to get
    Awkward till I embarrass myself
    In front of you
    But it’s totally the way you make me feel
    Alive when I am in your company
    I honestly like you a lot.
  • From the first moment I set my eyes on you
    I fell in love with you
    I have never been able to distract my mind off you
    It’s like I have never seen
    A guy before
    You are so special
  • I have never cherished someone like
    this before, I have never even spoken
    with you in person but my heart is
    always so full of you I think
    I am in love with you
  • I may like you
    Liking someone is strange
    When you think about it
    You tell them, then expect everything to change
    So I don’t expect everything to change
    But maybe just a bit
    Maybe try on my hand,
    Maybe it’ll fit
  • I can’t recall the moment
    I can’t recall the place
    I can’t recall the day
    That I first saw your handsome face
    But somehow over time
    I’ve come to fall for you
    For everything you are
    And everything you do
    And I know that what I feel
    I’ll remember for all time
    Because you’ve stolen all my heart
    With such deftness it’s a crime
  • You must be a magician
    From all that I can tell
    Because the moment that I met you
    I fell under your spell
    Now all that I can think of
    Is when I’ll see you once again
    You’re a cut above the company
    Of all the other men
  • Roses are red
    And violets are blue
    My heart flutters when I’m close to you
    You make me smile in the simplest way
    And seeing yours always makes my day
    If only my heart could tell me head what it should say
  • College group studying and help me with this sum
    Let’s stop all this I might go bersek
    I have a confession to make
    All this was just the sake
    Of meeting you
    And spending time with you
    I hope you can see the clue
    That I like you

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I Love You Poems for Him…

You had a crush then it happened now you are a couple. Make him know how you feel being with him, let him know you still go gaga with his charm…..

  • I used to dream of someone like you
    To hold me tight and support me through
    To love my smile and love my eyes
    And when I am afraid, stay with me for a while
    But now I have you I don’t know what to do
    Its amazing, this feeling I have for you
    When you touch me my legs go weak
    Every day I love you some more
    When I am down you are always there
    A kind heart like yours is so rare
    You are my life, my universe, my star
    I would never change anything about you
    All my worries disappear
    When you hold me in your arms
    The only fear I have and this is for sure
    Is ever losing you
  • I will always be your strength
    Whenever you fall weak
    I will always be your voice
    Whenever you lost your words
  • You are my man
    The one who loves me well
    You are just the one
    Because you ring my bell
    So handsome and intelligent
    Did I mention fine?
    You are my man
    Mine, mine and mine
  • You re the star that lights up the night
    You are a sun, brightening my life
    You are my shining armor
    My one and only protector
    You are my best friend
    And my first love
    You are the reason behind my smile
    And you are the reason why I cry
    You lift my moods when I’m low
    I love you to the galaxy an beyond
    And I am always here whenever you need me
    You are a soldier, makes me feel you are always there
    And when you disappear my heart feels with fear
    I love you more and more each passing day
  • A million stars up in the sky
    One shines brightest that’s for sure
    A love so precious a love so pure
    A love that comes from me to you
    The angels sing when you are near
    In your arms I have nothing to fear
    You always know the right words to say
    Talking to you brightens my day
    I love you honey with all my heart
    Together forever and never to part

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