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I Like You Poems for Her

I Like You Poems For Girls Poems For A Crush

You have a crush and you want to win her heart, here is a little secret… women like poems, they like hearing sweet words, so find a nice poem to make her say, I like you too. That is the first step of love and who knows, she might be your life time partner. Just from a simple but lovely poem you wrote to her, comes a partner you will grow old with, maybe. Here are some lovely poems you can choose from to make that bold step.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

  • The day I hugged you
    I felt time stopped for a while
    And everything felt perfectly right
    I hope you feel the same way for me too
  • When I see your face
    I see a sun brighten my day
    When you smile
    You make my world feel like paradise
    Everything stops when you speak
    A sound so melodious
    I am simply crazy over you
  • You may think I don’t care
    But how I wish you were aware
    That I always wish we were a pair
    I will always love you, and treat you fare.
  • I like all your Facebook pics
    I retweet your tweets
    I repin your Pinterest pins
    All because you are so sweet
    I share your Instagram posts
    I am a regular visitor to your Tumblr
    I…I… I have a crush on you
  • I see you in my dreams
    I think about you every morning
    The girl who dominated my dreams
    Hoping that you also dream about me
    I think about you all day
    Hoping that I will bump into you
    To see your ever smiling face
    I keep thinking about you
    You cross my minds every time
    I just hope that one day
    You will like me too
  • I someone once questioned me
    why I like like you this much
    I will remain silent
    Because I don’t really know why
    I cant point out why
    I have a nad crush on you
    All I know
    Is I like you very much
  • When I see
    A golden sunrise
    When I see
    Starfull night skies
    When I see
    A beautifully colored rainbow
    When I see
    Blooming flowers
    I feel so glad
    That you are the one my heart my heart chose
  • The temperature changes
    It becomes more warmer
    When you walk by
    Or when I bump into you
    Then everything stops
    That’s the magic
    Your presence has to me
    And this dream of being your parter
    I want to turn it to a reality
    I like you
  • There is a lot about
    You that I like a lot
    To describe this feeling
    The right words I can’t find
    It is too much to handle
    This love all by myself
    I want you to be mine
    So I can pour out
    This love I have for you
    It is enough
    To last for infinity
  • I want to tell you something
    That I hope will make you smile
    It has taken long
    For me to gather the courage
    To let it out
    I know we are friends, thank you
    But I want us to be something more
    I want to call you my girl
    That my heart will adore
    I like you
  • What you make me feel
    I have never felt before
    The things I see in you
    I have totally fallen for
    What I wish for right now
    Is to have you by my side
    I promise it will be
    One of life’s best moments
    Which I wish will
    Last forever
  • I feel overwhelmed
    and honestly I am nervous
    I am acting very weird
    Because I am filled with anxiety
    My heart has compelled me
    To do something
    Which is to confess
    The crush I have on you

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I Love You Messages for Her

Once you win her heart, don’t let the romance stop. Love needs to be nartured on a daily basis. Remind her that she is still amazing, and that your world still spins around her. Here are more poems to reming your girl of how much you love her.

  • You came into my life like a star
    And filled my life with joy
    You took my pains, like they were yours
    You took my dreams, and made them yours too
    You were my pillar, when I was falling
    You are my strength when I am low
    With your smile, you make my lifw
  • Love me in spring, when all is green and new
    Love me in summer, when the sky it so blue
    Love me in Autumn, when the leaves are going brown,
    Love me in Winter, when its falling snow
    Love me when I am happy, and when I am sad
    Love me when I am good, and when I am bad
    Love me when I am healthy, and when I am in a sick bed
    Love me always darling, for I’ll always be loving you
  • You are the pretiest
    You are the most beautiful
    You are the charmiest
    You are the most intelligent
    I have never seen anyone
    With so perfect elegance
    You are the girl
    That every guy desires
    I am glad you are mine
    For you, my heart is on fire
  • I love your laugh, I love your smile
    While your voice is so angelic
    It makes me so happy to hear
    Simply, you are everything I adore
    There is nothing about you I would change
    You are just perfect
    No flaws at all
    I love you, just the way you are.
  • Why are you such a beauty?
    Why do you take my breath away?
    How did I get this lucky?
    How are you perfect in all ways?
    Your smile should be illegal because it is so sweet
    I never want to be apart from you
    The way you kiss me makes my heart skip beats
    Seeing you makes my day so special
    Because you are so special
    I am glad because you are mine
    With you I feel like a super human
    All the time.

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