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I Like You Poems for Guys: Poems for a Crush

I like you poems for your crush (him): Having a crush is one of the most exhilarating times. Everything this person says melts you, their smile is devastating, and you can’t seem to stop thinking of him. Everything reminds you of him and you just can’t get enough. Butterflies flutter around in your stomach every time you see him. There’s no use in keeping these feelings to yourself, tell that special someone how you feel with a poem. Give him one of these poems and tell him how he makes you feel, who knows, he might feel the same way!

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

There’s something I wish I could tell you, something I can’t say in words,
My head feel so strange, like it’s covered in blizzard
How do I say this, how do I tell you?
I really, really like you, and I know that’s true

My head is spinning,
My heart is racing
Should I tell you, do I say?
Whenever I see you, my thoughts begin to stray
You’re more to me than you know
I just hope that my love for you will show.

We’ve never really known each other, it’s sad but true,
But I can’t help but keep thinking of you
I really, really like you, don’t you see?
I can hope you think that of me

I want you to be happy, but before you go I want you to know how I really feel about you.
Sometimes I think about you so much it hurts, I want us to happen, I want this so bad.
But then I get sad because I doubt the fact that we could be together, I want this so bad
I would be glad for you to know what I think of you. I like you.

I look into your eyes, I see a dream from before.
A dream of a boy with eyes of cornflower blue and hair as yellow as the sun.
Your smile lights up my world, your laugh is the music of my heart.
You make me laugh like a funny home video.
But my dream turns to nightmare, one of guilt and shame
As I suddenly remember the deafening truth from before. Just to let you know before you go,
I like you. I like you a lot.

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The sun shines brightly, I look at your face. I’m fighting the tears, trying to earn your grace;
You sing a song, a song that is dear, since the day that you sang it I knew I was gone.
I was wrong to let you go, yet kind to let you be happy.
I want you to know how I felt all along. I like you.
I’ve watched you’ve grown over so much time yet if I could do it again I would watch you grow again,
But I watch you grow at my side. I like you.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard or noticed lately
This may not be new news
But I sort of like you
I like it when you laugh, and you scrunch up your nose
I like when you sleep, how you wiggle your toes
I like your eyes, they seem always to sparkle
I like your lips too
I like listening to you talk
I just like being around you
You’re warm and kind
And you make my heart smile
I hope that you’ll stick around for a really long while

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Today’s headline in my brain reads
“I really like you”
It’s out there, it’s done
I just can’t mistake it
I tried really hard, but I can’t seem to fake it
So instead I’ll scream,
From rooftops and bridges
I like you so much I just have to admit it
I think of your face at all hours of the day
And really and truly
If I had it my way
You and I would run away forever together
Life would be simple and I’d feel light as a feather

I like the way you hold my hand
I like when you kiss my forehead
I like it when you smile
I like your passion
I like your laugh
I like your face looks when you’re concerned or upset
I like how much you care
I like your independence
I like your curiosity
Hell, I like your hair
I’m hard up for reasons
Not to like you
You’re my favorite place to be
There’s no other like you

Every time we are near each other
I feel a humming bird in my chest
moving rapidly
I know we are very good friends
And I don’t want to ruin anything
This my heart out on a silver platter
I have a crush on you

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It’s not the way my heart feels when
your near
It’s not the way I tend to get
awkward and embarrass myself in
front of you
But it’s the way you make me feel
alive when we are together
I really like you a lot

I am never one to wear my heart on
my sleeve
While it seems I may hate you,
That is farther from the truth.
The truth is I really do like you
Like in films, I am scared to tell
you this

From the first day I set my eyes on
you, I feel in love with you. I have
never been able to take my mind
off you, it’s like I have never seen
a lady before. You are so special.

It is like I have never seen an angel
so wonderful like you before. You
shine so bright even in the
brightest light. You are my dazzling

I have never cherished someone like
this before. I have not even spoken
with you in person but my heart is
always with you. I think I am in
love with you.

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I wish it was your birthday,
Every single day,
Because I’d get to tell you,
How you take my breath away.
How I cherish every moment,
Of each day I spend with you,
So happy birthday darling,
I hope all your dreams come true.
Happy Birthday

If I could paint a picture
To show you what I see
How beautiful and smart you are
And How precious you are to me
I’d hang it in the hallway
And leave it on display
To remind you that I love you
Today and every day.
Happy Birthday Beautiful

If all the stars were silver,
And the grains of sand were gold,
Nothing could make me richer,
Than the woman that I hold.
And so on this your birthday
I give all my love to you
My heart and deep devotion
Myself forever true
Happy Birthday Darling

Your face it seems to haunt me
with all its pleasing features
life a Michelangelo
or some heavenly creature.
Your body like Apollo,
your mind of Divinci
I beckon to you sweetly
for you to come to me.

Maybe you have noticed
my shy and wayward glance,
hoping you would notice
And I would get the chance
to meet you for a coffee, a dinner
or a drink,
to finally get to know you
to find out how you think.
We’ll get lost conversation
and fly away the hours
with laughing and with dancing
if I could have the honor.

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I think that you’re a cutie.
I think that you’ve got style.
You like to keep me laughing
and chatting for a while.
I would like to get to know you
and spend a little time
getting a little closer
to someday make you mine.

I plot and plan
and carefully choose all my words.
But I realize now
all this side-stepping is absurd.
Yes, I like you.
There, I said it, it’s true.
Yeah, I like you.

I’ve found myself watching from afar
and I’ve seen the way you drive your car
and I know how you like your classes
and what I’ve seen surpassess
everything I had expected so far.
So I will wish upon a star
and hope that someday we will talk for real
so that I can tell you how I feel.

Friends have told me this feeling will pass,
but I don’t believe they understand
how you draw me like a moth to flame
and so far, all I can do is flit about the edges
of your light, casting shadow puppets
I hope you’ll see.
But I’m done casting aimless shadows,
and will step fully into your light
with a simple invitation to lunch.

If you want to know the truth, I’ll tell you
I may, just a little, like you, I do
I was afraid to say it, yes afraid to be hurt
But I’ll just give it a shot, maybe just flirt

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Maybe I like you
Maybe just a little
Or maybe more than a little
There’s not much to risk now,
Just by telling you
So maybe I’ll say it again
What do you think?
I like you
Maybe just a little
Or maybe a lot

I may like you
Liking someone is strange
When you think about it
You tell them, then expect everything to change
So I don’t expect everything to change
But maybe just a bit
Maybe try on my hand,
Maybe it’ll fit

Do you know how my heart
Races whenever I see you?
Or how I see your face
In everything I do?
How your smile warms my face
Brighter than the sun’s ray
How a single glance between us
Will keep me up for days?

I can’t recall the moment
I can’t recall the place
I can’t recall the day
That I first saw your handsome face
But somehow over time
I’ve come to fall for you
For everything you are
And everything you do
And I know that what I feel
I’ll remember for all time
Because you’ve stolen all my heart
With such deftness it’s a crime

You must be a magician
From all that I can tell
Because the moment that I met you
I fell under your spell
Now all that I can think of
Is when I’ll see you once again
You’re a cut above the company
Of all the other men

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Roses are red
And violets are blue
My heart flutters when I’m close to you
You make me smile in the simplest way
And seeing yours always makes my day
If only my heart could tell me head what it should say

Candy painted posters covering the walls
Standing by your locker after sprinting through the halls
All just to say hello and see your smile
Even though I just saw you I’ll say “it’s been a while”
And in those brief moments my heart goes wild

You’re bright blue eyes
And smooth fair skin
Trailing along like porcelain
As clean and serene as a fresh covered snow
If only there was a way to let you know
How crazy I am about you, which is truly so

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