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I am sorry poems for dad

I am sorry for Mom: We are all human, imperfect creatures who, more often than we like –make mistakes. When these blunders occur, an effective and heartfelt apology is in order. This is especially important when apologizing to the man who gave you life; your father. When an incident occurs where you have hurt, offended, or otherwise ticked-off your dad, a real apology is necessary. This man brought you into the world, and no doubt, sacrificed an unthinkable amount of himself for you, so to have a good relationship and express regret forever hurting him is so important. Use real heartfelt words to express that regret, tell him you love him, and show that you never meant to cause him any hurt.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

I‘m sorry I did that, I wasn’t quite thinking,
I should’ve been able to see that you were sinking
When you were in need of me most, that’s when I failed,
I promise I’ll never leave to at sea to flail.

I’m sorry that I forgot
You’re trouble and worries are not what I sought
I hope I can help you, I truly do,
I never meant to be mean towards you.
Can you ever forgive me?

What happened? I can’t believe I was ever so stupid.
I’m sorry that I acted like a baby like Cupid.
I might not be an angel from heaven
But I hope I can help you, 24/7
What can I change, what can I do?
Is there any way, I can make it up to you?

The words I could say, have no meaning here.
They could not help me hold you near, I love you daddy dear.
Today I made a big mistake, and
for that I shall apologize and make things right with you again.
I’m sorry Father dear, I have let you down again;
Maybe this time I will get it right and be close to you once more.

Mistakes are often by people that you love,
Though they often try to make it right and be close with you again.
I made a mistake this very night and I would like to make it right.
If only to hug you close again and see your face once more.
You are my loving father, and I love you so.
But I was wrong to do this deed I did, and now I feel so small. I’m sorry Dad

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I am so foolish you can see, by how I have acted here.
But I would like a second chance to be with you again;
You are my darling father, this is so true. I hope I can do the right thing this time, so we can be be together again.
I am so sorry you can see, I’ll make it right this time, I just wanted you to know, I’m sorry.
But I hope you can see, that I was only being human.
I hope you know just how much I love you. I’m sorry dad.

”When you are bit by a snake
It is said that you are meant to suck the poison out
And rid the bitten of all the toxins inside of them
This is me sucking that poison out
I cannot tell you how sorry I am
Or express in words the regret that I feel
It pains me to know that I could hurt you
This was never my intention, and I pray that one day I will be able to make it up to you “

”You’ve given me food, shelter, a comfortable bed, a roof over my head, and the gift of life
I cannot believe I have disappointed you and taken those things for granted
It is never my intention to hurt you
And I have no excuse for what I did
The only thing I can offer now
Is my deepest deepest apology and a plea
A plea for you to forgive me
I love you Dad and I never want to hurt you
Or have you disappointed in me
I apologize for everything, I hope that one day I will be able to make it up to you “

”Disappointing you is the last thing I would ever want to do
It makes me sick to think that you have given me the most precious gift of life, and I have repaid you with anger and hurt
I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I am truly sorry
I hope that you can believe me when I say that I never meant to hurt you, I do not ever want to see you in pain
From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry Dad Let’s have a fresh start.”

I’m sorry that I haven’t called in
some time
Life has been too hectic
But I will make more time for you
and the rest of the family
Do not worry about me
I will visit soon
But for now, this card will do
Again I am sorry dad

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As life pass us by
Things and people enter and take
their exits
While it is sad that this happens
It is nature’s way of moving life
In order for us to grow as people
I send this to say sorry dad
I hope you get through this lost

For all the pain I caused you over
the years
I would like to apologize for it now
I am sorry for not listening to you
Even though now I realize that you
were trying to protect me
From all the monsters in the world
Again I am sorry dad

You held me in such a high exteme
but it seems like I crashed it again. I
am sorry for letting you down
again dad.

Your silence speaks a lot more than
a thousand words. Please do not
be mad wih me dad. I am very sorry

I can not say you did not warn me
because you did. You said this
was my last chance and I messed
it up. Please don’t give up on me dad.
I am very sorry

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I know that I have made mistakes
And caused you so much worry
I wish that I could make things right
And tell you I am sorry
I know that it will take some time
Before you can forgive me
I love you and I hope that you
Never will forget me.
I’m sorry

I always try the best I can,
I make mistakes, I’m just a man,
I sometimes think that I should quit,
That I’m not worthy, that I’m not fit.
But the days and nights they linger on,
And all I do just turns out wrong,
I hope in time that you will see,
Just how sorry I can be.
Please forgive me

I’m sorry dad, for doing wrong,
I’m sorry dad, I’m not that strong,
I’m sorry dad, for making a mess,
I’m sorry dad, for causing you stress.
I’m sorry dad, that I told lies,
And kept the truth hidden inside,
I’m sorry dad, you’re not to blame,
It’s me that is the one with shame.
Please forgive me

I’m sorry that I left my
better judgement on the wayside.
I really wasn’t thinking
when my attitude was stinking.
I want to take my turn
to own the things I spurn.
I want to say I’m sorry
I hope that you’ll forgive me.
Sorry Dad!

Please forgive my actions.
I wish I had been patient,
to know that good things
come to those who’ve waited.
I’m sorry that I made things
a bit more difficult.
And if there is time
I want to make it right
so everything is resolved
Sorry Dad!

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You taught me to be honest
and true to what I say.
Now I fear I’ve failed you
by not doing that today.
I’m sorry that I hurt you
I’m sorry that your mad.
I’m hoping you will forgive me.
I love you so much Dad.

For the times that I ignored you
and all the times you tried
to tell me what I needed to hear
and for all the times I lied,
for all the times I yelled
and said to go away
for when I said I didn’t need you,
I must have lost my way.
So thank you for your patience,
and your understanding smile
I am sorry for my actions –
I would like nothing more
than to sit and talk with you awhile.

You have always been so strong
and taught me how to use my strength
to better myself.
You are so strong,
now let me be the one to comfort you
as you go through this hard time.
Dad, I love you
I am so sorry.

I did not mean to hurt you
but that means nothing now,
for I hurt you,
perhaps more than I can know.
Please forgive me, dad.
I am truly sorry for the pain
that I have caused.

I’m sorry for the hurt you’re feeling
I hope that in some way I can help
I’ll be here even if I can’t
If just for comfort
I love you daddy, and I hope you heal
From the pain that I know you feel
I’m sorry.

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I’m sorry daddy
I never meant to hurt you
I hope you forgive me
As I try to make it up to you
You’ll always be my daddy
And I’ll always be your little one
I hope you never forget that
And how much I love you

I’m sorry Dad
I know this must be a hard time
I’m here if you need me
To talk or just be here
Time heals all wounds,
Even the hardest ones
And I know you can get through this
Even if it takes a while


Dad, I’m truly sorry
For making you mad
Because your disappointment
It makes me so sad
From the time I was a child
And still now today
All I ever wanted
Was to do things in a way
That made you feel happy
And feel proud of me
So I humbly give you
My apology

Fathers and children
Don’t always get along
But I know when I’m right
And I know when I’m wrong
And lately I’ve been running
Those events in my head
And I want to apologize
For all that I said

Dad let me begin
And tell you right now
If I could take back my words
I would do it somehow
But I don’t have the privilege
So the truth still remains
That I said some things
We will always retain
But I hope you’ll forgive me
And put it in the past
Because our bond is special
And one I want to last

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I’m sorry to you for all that I have done
I want you to know that hurting you was not my intention
I will do anything for a chance at redemption
Please know that I am truly sorry
From the depths of my heart, know that I’m sorry

You’ve always had my back
Every time I’m in trouble
Through every attack,
You picked me from rubble
And now I feel I have made my greatest mistake
I know how hard of a truth this is to take
So please know that I am sorry for the choices I make

Life is hard, but you’ve taught me well
Not always directly, but in ways I can tell
You’ve set me down on the right path
But I have made a mistake here and now, yet at last
So please understand that I truly apologize
Please find forgiveness, I love you forever

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