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Graduation Poems for Son

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Son, I couldn’t be more proud of all that you’ve done
How far you’ve come, the man you’ve become
You went the distance, I can stand tall and say
That’s my son on his graduation day

It seems like only yesterday I taught you how to walk, how to study, how to work, how to make the very best of every opportunity. Now as I see you walk across the stage, ready to accept a diploma that signifies all that work and study, my heart just swells as I watch you seize the ultimate opportunity. Happy graduation!

To our hard working son
We are so proud of you
With years of tests, homework and teachers
You made it through school
You grow up so fast
We don’t know where all the years went
Congratulations on the graduation
From your loving parents

Son you have always made me proud
Each year I have watched you grow
I have watched you master your own art
Today is yours, Happy Graduation Day!

The tests are done
The work all turned in
Time to walk the stage
In cap and gown
Congratulations on your graduation son!

I held you in my arms. Dreamed of what you’d be. Now you are graduating. I’m too anxious to see what you dream.

Congratulations, you made it through!
We are so very proud of you.
You will succeed at anything you do.
You are very talented, that is true.

Once you were my baby boy now I stare at a sweet young man you made me so very proud to watch every moment You devoted your everything to get what you wanted in which you have accomplished well done best wishes for the future

I knew there would be the day when I would watch my son step on stage. You graduated today and a chapter closes, but turn the page. You’re a new man, new dreams; a new age. Congratulations!

Memories of your childhood flash before us
As your graduate on tremendous accomplishment
A young boy, grown up so well
We cannot express how proud we are
You worked so hard, gave complete devotion
and for that you have become a young man

As your parent, son, you have always made me proud
Watching you grow from a Kindergartener
To the man you are today
The end of High School is here
Happy Graduation Day!

I’m so proud of you. I know you are a joy to have since the day you were born. Congrats, grad!

You’ve come so far and learned so much. You’ve tried so hard and won. For all you’ve done and all you are, we are so proud my son.

On your graduation day
You’ll find us oh so proud
Our son is grown into a man
He stands above the crowd

We are so proud of you son, This is a huge accomplishment you’ve made, Go forward in life knowing you’re ahead of the game

Son, I am so proud of you, all the hard work you put in has seen you through. On this day as we celebrate your achievement, know that we admire your commitment. Happy Graduation.

I wished for a son whilst pregnant; I wished he’d grow up big and strong; I wished he’d be honest and kind; I wished he’d know right from wrong. I wished he’d be handsome and brave; I wished he’d be clever too; I wished he’d go to college; My wishes all came true.