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Graduation Poems for Friends

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Breathe, you guys and girls, we finally made it
Through pools of blood, sweat, and tears we’ve waded
The journey was tough, but now it’s all been worth it
To know we’re here today through our own true grit

Hey my friend let’s celebrate, all the wonderful ways you demonstrate, just what it means to graduate. Hugs and high fives, my friend!!

To my special friends
We made it
Together through years
With lots of good and bad times
It’s our turn to be on top
This is our time to shine
As we graduate

We have spent school years climbing up the ladder
We have done schoolwork together
We have had our own secret code
Today this is my code for you, Congratulations to You!

May your dreams come true
On your graduation day
The hard work was worth it
Congratulations on graduation my dear friend!

We never thought this day would come. The time when this chapter of life is done. But here it is. Congratulations are you ready for what is to come?

Congratulations, my dear friends.
We finally made it, we reached the end.
We graduated and school is done.
Memories were made and we all had fun.
I’ll miss each and every one of you.
Good luck on your future and everything you will do.

My special friend now graduated
Standing up there with pride and honour
Many opportunites just opened up
Take them as they come and best wishes

We thought this day could never come. When with books and teachers we are done. And here we are. Graduating today. I’m so proud of you even if we part ways.

The graduation of a special friend
Has now my filled my heart with honour
A proud moment to see your certificate
The opportunities are endless for you now, enjoy

Throughout the years of school
Our friendship has really grown
Since the beginning we have learned more
About the truth of friendships
Now is the end of High School
But our friendship is just moving to another step.

We have gone through school life together. We may not spend more time with each other, know that we are friends forever. Congrats, grad! We made it!

The difference between then and now, from now and what comes next, is big for sure but through it all what matters is we’re FRIENDS.

Our friend will march across the stage
Today his work completed
We’ll cheer and stomp and carry on
Our joy will not be cheated

Congratulations on making it through the arduous task of college, Now to embark on the future that’s beckoning, ready to call us!

It is a great achievement we are celebrating today and we hope to see many more come your way. Happy Graduation day!

You did your best; To pass that test; And with the rest; You may now dress; To graduate; And celebrate; Your leaving of the nest.