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Graduation Poems for Daughter

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Well now, honey, look where you are
At the end of the sidewalk, the tail end of a job done
You’ve had your ups, you have been down
But you made it all the way, take a bow!

On this graduation day, my precious daughter, your wisdom and glory are on full display for the entire world to see. Yet what the world will see today, has always been well known to me. Happy graduation day, my daughter!

We’ve watched you grow up
And change through years of school
The time goes by so quickly
With so many moments to remember
We just wanted to say congrats
To our new grad!

Congratulations my daughter
I have always known this day would come
I have dreaded it up until now, Now I see You are becoming a woman!
Congrats and Happy Graduation!

You’ve worked hard
To get to where you are
Today your wish comes true
Happy Graduation daughter!

I thought for a moment today. About your first day of school. I dropped you off and cried. But not as much as I cry today on your graduation.

We always knew you would succeed.
You loved to write, you loved to read.
Today we celebrate your big accomplishment.
We hope you like your graduation present.
When you leave for college, keep in touch.
You know we worry because we love you so much.

Congratulations you graduated successfully
A social young lady ready to take on the world
So many proud moments of you
You’ve opened so many doors now your wishes are endless giving you hugs and best wishes from very proud parents

You are the girl with the smarts.You are anxious to do your part. To step into a new time with new passion. As you graduate today you step in the world with your own ambitions and fashion.

Graduation words
For a special daughter
We stop and stare, a proud moment
Your graduating and creating a world of opportunities
We are very proud parents
We wish you all the luck we can

Baby girl I have watched you grow
From a playful little child to a beautiful young woman
Throughout school, throughout your achievements
Today is your graduation day
Congratulations beautiful girl, we are so proud of you!

Everyday you grow in strengh and beauty. Give thanks to the Almighty! Congrats, grad! You’ve come a long way!

You’ve tackled tasks and pushed on through. You’ve shined just like a star. We are so proud of all you’ve done and everything you are.

Honey as you graduate
Know that we are proud
The cheers we give from in the stands
Will be so very loud

This graduation opens up so many doors, To your future, your self esteem and beyond, Do all that you can with it, And know we are proud of you

Daughter, we are so happy that this day has finally come, you have made us so proud. I know it wasn’t easy and things got a little shaky but you stuck through it, and came out on solid ground. Keep up the good work and Happy Graduation day.

From a babe to a young lady; You’ve blossomed beautifully; So smart and polite; What a joy, a delight; Such a lovely young woman; Someone we’re so proud of; Congratulations of graduating; From mum and dad with love.