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Graduation Messages From Parents

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Congratulations from your very proud parents- May you be blessed throughout your life journey. Remember we will always be there.

On this day, our dear child, our pride is equalled only by our incredible love. Happy Graduation Day to someone amazing.

We are proud of you, our child! Now go out there and be the great person that you are! We love you and we know that you are on the road to becoming a powerful, inspirational individual. Congratulations!

Happy Graduation! May your hard work be rewarded and may you never lack for inspiration and resources to achieve your dreams.

Every day we’ve watched you grow from a little child playing with toys to a teen dating, and even into a crazy driver, but now you’re an adult, but we will always be your parents and be there for you, good luck and congratulations on your special day,

We are so proud of how hard you have worked to arrive at this moment. We have watched you struggle, but never give up on your dreams of graduation. We are so proud of your determination and are so thrilled for you. Happy graduation day!

We couldn’t be prouder of all you have accomplished and who you have become. Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment.

We are so proud of you. All of your hard work over the years has finally paid off. Congratulations!

Holding you for the first time, we thought time would go slow. Here we are watching you as you graduate and wondering which path you will take and what you will become. Congratulations!

To our child who we have watched go from elementary school to high school. Time has flown by, but we are eager to see you into your future. Congrats!

From the day you were born, we knew you were going to accomplish so much. Today is just one example of all that you will accomplish. Congratulations, sweetheart. We are so proud of you.

We cannot imagine a greater joy than celebrating your graduation. You are our heart and soul, and it is wonderful to see you receive your diploma. Congratulations!

Mom and Dad are so proud of you! Congrats, grad! When life gets tougher, we are always here for you.

We are so proud of all your hard work, your perseverance, your “I can do it” attitude. You have a school history to be proud of and the foundation for a strong and bright future ahead. We love you. And we are so very proud of you.

They’re graduating! Come watch it happen!

Congratulations Graduate. This is a proud day for you and a proud day for your parents. We love you.

Congrats to our grad, you’ve reached another milestone so celebrate tonight because tomorrow, you get the privledge to start looking for a job

Congratulations On Graduating, We Hope Your Okay With Turning Your Room Into A Walk-In Closet When You Leave For College.

All the adjustment of having you gone, the worry about how you were, the letting you fly, and, yes, even the money was worth it! We love you, Miss Graduate.

We are so proud of you. You have showed us that you are capable of achieving a lot and we hope that you will keep up with the trend. We love you, Congratulations.

We know you’ll do amazing things, because you have amazing parents. We’re glad we pushed you to graduate.

“A celebration of accomplishment” “Graduating Class of 2015”