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Goodbye poems for girlfriend

Goodbye poems for Girlfriend: Relationships can be tough, and timing is a tricky thing. Sometimes, good things must end and we must say goodbye to those that we love. Having to say this goodbye to a girlfriend can be especially tough. Remember all the great times you had together; thank her for all that you all went through, and everything that you two shared. Express your feelings of sadness and gratitude both with a poem from the heart. Choose one of these poems, or write one of your own, filled with love and compassion.

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I can’t believe it’s time, to really say good-bye,
There’s so much more I want to say and do
To feel your touch in my hair, to feel your skin on my hands
Your lips on mine

Don’t go, don’t leave me, I can’t let you go
The world is scary, and I know I need you
I can’t do this alone, and I know, if I’m out there, I will always worry—
Who will take care of you?

I try to hide my tears as I wave goodbye,
It’s so hard to keep my feelings closed, I really try
But I know that nothing will ever be the same,
Without you there, to say my name

It hurts me to say goodbye to the beautiful lady with the long brown hair.
It hurts me to say goodbye, to the one that I called “my love, and my girlfriend.”
I hurts me to say goodbye, to our wonderful relationship.
I miss you darling, I hope you could fall for me all over again.

Sometimes we have to say goodbye, because it is time to move on. Sometimes we have to say goodbye because we have nothing left to give.
But I want you to know that I love you so and I miss you to the moon and back.

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You walked away slowly I started to cry.
I couldn’t say goodbye just yet.
I hope that you know how I love you so;
And how I see you now.
We say goodbye as lovers and come back as friends.
I don’t want your friendship if I can’t have your love.
I want you or nothing that’s all. Goodbye my darling girlfriend I love you so much.

I hope you find peace, I wish you happiness and joy
Goodbye isn’t easy, especially now
You’ve given me some of the best memories of my life
And I will always be grateful for that
But now we must part ways, and as heartbroken as I am
I know that this is for the best
You will find new loves, your passion and heart will carry you to amazing places
I hope your generosity and love never change

This isn’t the storybook ending we both envisioned
But it’s enough for me to say that I was lucky enough to have spent the time that We had, with you
Your thoughtful heart and your smile
Your hands, my head on your chest, the way you look at me
I already miss it all so much
But I will never look back on us and be sad, I am just grateful for all that we had
Thank you for the memories, and never forget that you will always hold a special place in my heart no matter where this life takes me

The memories that you and I have shared
Bring a smile to my heart
I will never forget your kind eyes
And your warm generous heart
You sweet kisses sustained me when I thought I couldn’t go on
And your laugh is contagious, you always could make me smile
I will miss that
I will miss everything about you
I will miss us
But I know you must go on, and I couldn’t be more proud of you
I miss you already, I will be seeing you

I know you have to leave
Because you are following your
We will not be near each other
for awhile
But we will stay in touch
I know this is just temporary
This is just a goodbye for now

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I am leaving you today through I do
not want to
I promise you that I will keep in
And I will call you once I get there
See this card as a temporary
I love you honey

I need yo to know that I love you
But I am leaving today
You are the love of my life
And I hate not being near you
This is my goodbye for know
And I will be back again

I never planned it this way but it
seems we both need a break. A
break for each one of us to grow

it is hard to let you go but at times
you have to let go in other to make
progress in life. So I am letting
go of you because I want you to
progress. Bye

As I write this poem, my eyes are
filled with tears. But you can not
hold on to what is already gone.
I give you the go ahead to go and
I release you from my heart. Bye

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I want to say I’m sorry,
Though I doubt you really care,
I know that we are over,
But I really need to share
How much that I still love you
How much you mean to me
If you ever knew my true feelings
It would be plain to see
Goodbye, I still love you

My heart is broken
My tears flow free
How can I exist
Without you and me
I cry out your name
And call to the sky
Why did I ever
Have to say goodbye
I miss you

My heart it aches for what we had
My love is gone, I am so sad
I see the shimmer of stars above
Through teardrops I whisper of my love
I think about the years gone by
I can’t help but start to cry
The awful pain I feel inside
It might be better if I had died
Goodbye My Love

Goodbye my darling angel
Goodbye my shining star
I feel I will cry out for you
no matter where you are.
There can be no distance
no mountain and no sea
that will dampen the everlasting flame
that has brought you to me.

How could I ever prepare myself
for what is next to come.
How could I ever know that you and I would come undone.
I wish that I could change this and keep you here with me.
I wish that I could make a wish and control our destiny.

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I fear I cannot say it
I will not say the end.
I will not admit the time has come
for us to not pretend.
I only want your happiness, and for you to feel right
that’s why I must not stay here
and I have to say good-bye.

I wish you safe travels as you prepare to leave
but until you’re back, I won’t be relieved
until you have returned to me.
As you embark upon your trip
I bid you take this kiss upon your lips
to keep you warm and lighted
until we have been reunited.

I know that we will meet again
but it doesn’t ease the parting.
I count the days, and all the ways
I can see your face again.
I will listen to you laugh
and watch you smile
and long for you to be in my arms.
Goodbye for now!
Thank God for the modern age!

Must I truly say goodbye?
I think I’d die
if I had to live without a sky
full of stars and nebulae.
So to think of “goodbye”
makes the heavens cry
as I curl up and lie
alone, before I sigh
and with eyes dry
kiss you to say “goodbye”
for now.

Goodbye for now, my beautiful girlfriend
Don’t be sad, this isn’t the end
We’ll see each other soon
To see you again, I’d fly all the way to the moon
Remember how much I love you
And your return will be sweet too

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To my amazing girlfriend
While you’re gone I hope you don’t forget
My feelings for you
Because they are what will keep me
While you’re gone
And I’ll see your face in my dreams
And remember just how much I know you love me

I guess this is goodbye for now
Don’t forget how much I love you
Because we’ll see each other again
And you know what I’ll do?
I’ll whisper in your ear
And tell you just what you mean to me
And just how much I love you

I just want you to know
That before we part ways
I’m carrying with me
Your smile, your gaze
From the start of our parting
Until the very end
Because it’s hard to forget
Such a stunning girlfriend

I could wander the world
And see all things new
But all victories are smaller
When I’m not with you
So know that I love you
And I’ll see you soon
I’d return to my girlfriend
From farther than the moon

When we reunite
We’ll have so much to tell
But wherever I roam
I’m still under your spell
Because a girlfriend like you
Is just one of a kind
And no matter where I go
I know I’ll not find
Such beauty and grace
Till I’m back with you here
The short time I’m away
Will feel more like a year

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So here we are at the end of a journey
My heart still throbs
My love is yearning
But deep inside I know the truth
That I must leave and let you lose
Know that you stay always in my heart
The love I have is the same from the start

Summers come and now it’s gone
Winter’s on its way and I think it’s here to stay
I can’t believe you’re going away
But I can’t imagine it any other way
I love you and I will miss you
Is all I can say

Good times we’ve had and good times we’ve shared
It was nice to know someone who cared
Not just about me, but about the world
You truly are a special girl
But now is the time for us to say good bye
To live our lives — go on now, fly.

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