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Goodbye Poems for Friends

The hardest point of friendship is when it is has come a time that you need to part ways. We all wish to stay close to our friends forever but you know change, for a fact, is inevitable so that time will always come. It is so painful to finally say goodbye, we cry we, fuss, but deep down we smile because our friends are going to find new opportunities, meet new friends and explore the world while still remaining our silent angels who with or without communication, they are still our friends. Here are some sweet poems that will help you say goodbye in style to your dear friend(s).

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

  • I am so glad I ever met you
    Because ever since
    You have been such an inspiration in my life
    And it is because of you
    That I remain strong
  • Your friendship means everything to me
    Yes, it means the world to me
    And please always remember
    That in my heart, you are always loved
  • Now we are parting ways
    Maybe we will never meet again
    But as long as our friendship still stands
    Our connections will always hold
  • We may not have been best friends
    But your friendship was always the best.
    The love that you always showed me
    Is far much beyond titles
  • I will miss you
    I know we have promised to keep in touch
    But that is just saying, like everyone else does
    Which never comes to be the case
  • Anything could happen in the future
    And I wish you all the best
    And please always remember
    That you are truly blessed
  • So long, farewell
    My lovely angel
    I wish you the best
    With this last goodbyes
    More than you will ever know
    I will always love you
    Have fun dear
    I wish you well
    And please always remember
    How hard I fell
  • Could you not stay
    To touch my hand
    Hold me once more
    Ill try not to cry
    I still can’t get the strength
    To say goodbye
  • This is a reminder, that I once existed
    That I was born on a rainy day
    Somewhere during the mid-year
    It just started, but it seems to be ending all of a sudden
  • This is a reminder that I once existed in your life
    Just another individual
    With whom you may or may not have interacted with
    I was there, at some point, then left
  • This is a reminder that once I was
    A part of this vacuum called universe
    I was once a part of this non-empty void
    Ever growing big
    Always have been intriguing, cosmos.
  • I think that I should let you know
    That we will be miles apart
    But no matter the miles
    You will always be in my mind
    I know you will meet new people
    I hope ill stay as your ‘the one”
    And even if you’ll forget me
    Ill still remember you till my last breath
  • I will always love you
    Through the good and the bad
    You will be remembered
    Please do not be sad
  • Emotions filled my head
    I wished I could die
    All because you were leaving
    I knew I would never see you again
  • You waved goodbye
    And left me to cry alone
    I felt helpless and solo
    How could i smile again
  • Its been almost a year since you went away
    But the pain and desperation is still fresh
    I remember everything we were doing together
    It may seem a lie, but it’s true
  • You are the best friend I ever had
    Now that you left, I am beyond sad
    I love, I miss you more than you ever know
    You taught me so much, I want to say thank you.
  • Have an awesome trip
    Miss me lots while you’re away
    Send me tons of pictures
    And cool selfies ever day
    Forget all your worries
    I’m here to take care of it all
    Just enjoy each moment
    Of your trip and have a ball
    Don’t come back empty-handed
    Bring me an amazing souvenir
    I will be waiting eagerly
    Just like always, right here
  • Saying goodbye to you
    Is like taking a bitter pill
    It is like doing something
    Which is against my will
    But the show must continue
    Life must continue
    Even though your departure
    Will make me miss you
  • The city won’t be the same
    In your absence my friend
    How much I will miss you
    Of that there is no end
    As you move to a new place
    And make it your own
    You will leave me hanging
    Miserable and all alone
    At cafes, parks and malls
    I’ll miss you, each and every instance
    I wish you farewell and much
    Good luck in abundance

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Farewell Poems for a Dead Friend

Some goodbyes are forever because of death of your friend, here are some few poems to say farewell to a departed soul of a friend

  • For a second you were flying
    Like you always wanted to
    Now you’ll fly forever
    In skies of azure blue
    We’ll see your smile in every ray
    Of sunshine after rain
    And hear the echo of your laughter
    Over all the pain
    The worlds a little quieter now
    The colors have lost their hue
    The birds are singing softly
    And your hearts are missing you
    Each time we see a little cloud
    Or a rainbow soaring high
    We’ll think of you gently
    Wipe a tear from our eye.
  • I wrote your name in the sand
    The waters washed it away
    I wrote your name in the skies
    But the wind drove it away
    So I wrote your name in my heart
    And that is where it will stay, forever.
  • Today is the day you will be laid to rest
    But as they say
    God only picks the best
    Everything happens for a reason
    But if we may not agree
    Just promise to look after us
    And if you can
    Save a spot up there for me
    The thought of never seeing you again makes me cry
    And even more so
    Because it came as a surprise
    But we should never question God’s actions
    So we sit here and mourn you
    We keep hoping that we will meet you again.

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