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Good Night Poems for Friends

There’s nothing more important in life than your friends.

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It’s easy for people to not realise how much they mean to you or how great you really think they are.

If you want your friends to go to sleep with a smile on they’re face then there’s no better way than writing them a good night poem, but what to write?

Write something that makes them realise how special they are, how there’s no one else in the world like them and no friendship quite like yours.

If you’re still stuck for ideas though don’t worry, here’s a few examples to spark those creative juices inside you.

Friendship good night poems 

  • When people see us they always say we’re a good pair,
    And whenever you need me,
    You know I’ll always be there,
    They’ll never be a time when we’re not good friends,
    Even if we fight now and again,
    There’s nothing we can’t mend,
    As this day ends I’m so appreciative of everything you do for me,
    Let’s rock the rest of life together,
    Living life so happily.
  • It’s so nice to have a best friend forever,
    So great to know that we’ll always be together,
    No matter what the world throws at us, I’m there for you,
    And I know you’ve got my back, that you’ll be there for me too,
    Working together on this planet we can achieve anything that we please,
    Working together life’s going to be a complete and utter breeze.
    So as this new day comes around and begins,
    There’s going to be no more losses for us,
    Only wins.
  • The moon has risen up in the sky,
    And the sun has already gone to bed,
    There’s no one greater than you my guy,
    You’re not one that’s easily misled,
    But we still get up to our share of mischief,
    We still have lots of fun and games,
    So let’s look forward to tomorrow and what’s to come,
    I’m sure we’ll meet every one of our aims.
  • Not everyone has a friend like I do,
    Not everyone is as lucky as me,
    The amount of friends I have may only be a few,
    But I don’t need many when each one is such quality,
    So thank you for being one of those special souls,
    I know are friendship will last and grow old,
    So sleep now and look forward to what the future has in store,
    All the great memories we have of being together,
    Let’s create some more!

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Best friend good night poems 

  • You really are my number one best friend,
    There really is no one that can contend,
    We always have so much fun together,
    Always good times when we’re with each other,
    So thanks buddy, for being so great,
    I look forward to the future, with my best mate,
    Another days over and the future is closer,
    Get ready for tomorrow,
    It’s going to be another smoker!
  • Goodnight my friend, it’s time to close those eyes,
    What tomorrow brings, well that will be a surprise,
    But I can tell it’s going to be good,
    I can tell it’s going to be fun,
    But this fun days over,
    This day is done.
  • Some people say they don’t have a best friend,
    Well I most certainly do,
    You want to know who my best friend is?
    Easy, it’s you!
    Every day together is a day of fun,
    Every day together is a fun one,
    So now this days over,
    A new one will begin,
    I’m so glad I’ve found you my friend,
    It’s like having my own twin!
  • It’s sleepy times, my favourite times of all,
    Time to get in a warm snuggly bed and forget about it all,
    So while I forget about my troubles,
    I’ll be thinking about you,
    As my troubles fade away,
    I’ll be thinking of all you do.
    Good night bestie!

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Short friendship good night poems

  • I guess it’s time we went to sleep mate,
    It’s time our souls rest,
    You really are a great mate,
    You really are the best.
  • Now it’s time to go and have fun in a dream,
    Hopefully we’re together and can have fun as a team.
  • It’s time we get all comfy bud,
    That we snug up in bed all tight,
    It’s time we go off into dreamland bud,
    Knowing tomorrow will be bright.
  • People say a friendship is like a field of flowers,
    The field is filled with them, but each one is unique,
    If anything our friendship is unique due to its power,
    And maybe due to us both being geeks!
    Sleep well buddy.
  • Good night to you my BFF,
    Whatever you ask,
    I’ll always say yes.

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Good night messages 

  • May your prayers be heard and answered, you deserve everything you want in this life. Goodnight buddy.
  • As this day comes to a close remember that tomorrow is a new and different day. The possibilities that it holds are endless. Tommorow is the start of the rest of your life. Night night bud.

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Good night quotes 

  • There’s no one on this planet who’s quite like you. You really are a unique and awesome person and I’m so happy to call you my friend. Good night friend.
  • Today is over and you will never have to relive it. Tomorrow is a different day and will present new experiences and possibilities. So sleep now, forget about what’s behind you and look forward to the future!

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 Good night texts 

  • Night night buddy. I just want to let you know how much our friendship means to me, you really are such a great person and it’s so nice having such a great friend. Keep being you and never let anyone change you. Sleep well.
  • I’ve known you a long time and I can promise you all your dreams will come true. You’re such a special soul and have such good energy you can only attract positivity. So rest your head and sleep, it’s your dreams tonight and the beginning of the dream tomorrow.

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