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Good Morning Poems and Verses for Husband

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

The morning dew has fallen on our lawn
But as the sun trickles in, I’ll take a minute to fawn
Over my husband, the man I admire
A look at your face in the morning is all I require

Good morning to my dearest husband; may you live each day to its fullest and best. I love you, my darling; have a wonderful day.

Good morning dear
There is breakfast on the table
Birds whistling
Sun rising in the sky
And a lovely day
Ahead of you

Good morning my man
Good morning my love
Good morning my heart and soul
I love you!

Good morning sleepy head
Time to rise from the bed
The grass needs mowing
The car needs washing
I love you husband

My mighty protector is sleeping. I wanted to let you rest. So sleep my dear hubby. Know you are the best!

Good Morning, my special man.
Marrying you was such a great plan.
You make me happier than ever before.
Your love is what I fell for.

Wake up beautiful sweet morning
Enjoy the day the sun is shining
Relax with a book enjoy the sun
Be grateful for such a clear blue sky

I watch my husband sleeping as I get up and dressed. Going about my busy day, I pray the day finds you rest. May your day be full and adventerous in all you have planned.

Sweet girl your eyes shine like the morning sun
A beautiful day for you to enjoy
Be relaxed today and shall you be happy
With the bluest sky and greener trees

I still remember the first morning
When we were husband and wife
Our lives had changed but then I knew
Every morning that I would wake up with you
Would be the best morning of my life

Good morning! Here’s something to help you make it through the day. Know that you are loved in many ways.

Through the night you’re by my side, and now that a new day is here. I just have to tell you I’m thankful for you, and I love you so much, dear.

I saw you sleeping peacefully
It made me want to smile
I knew that I’d be sharing with
You day in a short while

Rise and greet the beautiful day, I love waking by your side, Let’s create something lovely together, Let’s complete something astounding

Have a good morning sweetheart and a wonderful day, may the best of wishes come your way.

First the dog; Then the kids; Next the jug; Put on some eggs; Grab the paper; Brew the tea; At five to; You’ll kiss me; A quick shower; Toss on jeans; Good morning babe; You’re off for meetings.