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Good Morning Poems and Verses for Girlfriend

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Pancakes sizzling on the pan,
Hair on your pillow, its’ locks on your hand
Fresh fruit glistening bright with juices,
Wake up dear one, muse of my muses

Good morning, my love, bon matin, to the woman I love, who turns me on, I love you.

To my dearest and beautiful
Good morning
There is a breakfast and a bowl
And a sun outside burning
Hope you have a very happy day!

To you my baby, a Good Morning I wish
I wish you a morning that brings you happiness
A morning that I get to spend with you
Good morning my princess, let me be the knight for you!

A new day is here
So let’s give it a cheer
So much to see and do
Good morning to my girlfriend

Good morning my sweet angel. I wish I could wake up next to you. Until then, this will do. Good morning my girlfriend.

You are my one and only, sweet pea.
You make me feel happy and so free.
I love everything about you.
You are so special to me, I hope you know.

I love you sweetness
Here is a card full of love and kisses
Relax on this day of sunshine
And wait for the afternoon breeze

Good morning my angel; my girlfriend. I shall see you soon. Today is a new day to create memories. Memories I make with you.

My loving partner
Here is a kiss im sending you
Wishing you well on this lovely morning
Be courageous and follow the day as it comes

Your face in the morning makes me smile
Your smile in the morning makes my day
My day waking up next to you is so great
So I just want to say Good Morning to you

Good morning! You brighten my days. You cheer me up. Sending love your way.

Morning breath and morning hair could be a problem for some. But you are so lovely when you wake up that I can’t wait to give you some love.

I dreamed a dream of love last night
Starring me and you
I woke and was so pleased to see
The loving dream was true

Your beauty is the reason the sun rises each day, Let’s wake up and greet it in the most beautiful way

As your day begins always remember, that I love you now and forever. Have a good morning honey.

At noon I eat the lunch you pack; At evening I return to our home; At night I kiss you sleep well; At morning it’s your coffee addiction I quell.