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Good Morning Poems and Verses for Boyfriend

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Every morning is made a little brighter
By the fact that the man near me makes me feel lighter
Good morning, dear one, open your eyes and see
I’m holding a tray with muffins and tea

Good morning, my dear man, let’s make a plan, to make every morning together a good one–now and forever.

Wake up darling
I am here beside you
Have a beautiful day
With lots of sunshine
Peace and happiness

Boy oh boy have I got a thought for you
What if we were to wake eye to eye
With all our dreams come true!
If this were the case I could say
Good Morning my man, I love you!

Goodbye to the night
Hello to the new day
Jump out of bed!
It’s time to go play!
Good morning to my boyfriend

There’s a long list of things I have to do. A man’s work is never done. I just wanted to say good morning. To the girlfriend I cherish. That is number one.

You are so adventurous and wild.
You make me feel like a little child.
I hope you spend this day with me,
Because I love you and everything we can be.

My loving wife of many years
Married together can not say enough
I love you very much
As much as when I first laid eyes on you
To your loving heart
Here is mine

The sun is up and the birds are out. And I can’t stop thinking of you. The best boyfriend a girl has ever known. I dreamed of you and woke up to you. That’s all I think about.

My beautiful wife
A long time marriage
Never can I say enough
How much im devoted
To your loving heart
I love you very much

The sun is shining on the windowsill
The sun is shining through our lives
The morning is here once again
The morning is here my love so
Good morning once again

Good morning! You are my knight in shining armor, ready to rescue this damsel in distress, it seems.

It’s morning and I have your arms around me, I couldn’t feel any more loved. Let’s stay in bed till it’s dark again, cuz I just can’t get enough.

I thought about you all last night
I couldn’t wait for day
I’ll show you just how much you’re loved
A very special way

When you rise, Come to find me, Adventure awaits us, Just wait ’til you see

Wishing you good morning love and I pray, that blessings and success fill your day.

As the sun rays kiss the sky of blue; As the blades of grass kiss the morning dew; As the birds sing their songs and coo; As I softly wake you.