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What to Write in a Get Well Soon Card - Get Well Soon Messages

Get Well Soon Messages: Examples of What You Can Write in the Card

Have you ever been stuck on what to write in a Get Well Soon card? Maybe your best friend or family member is feeling under the weather with a common cold. Or maybe your friend just received a discouraging diagnosis from his or her doctor. Maybe you have that one silly cousin who insists on acting out crazy stunts and, as a result, he’s always ending up in the hospital.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Whatever the cause of their malady, you want to send them a Get Well Soon card because you know it will brighten their day and, at the very least, they will know you were thinking of them. Recognizing that someone else cares for your well-being? That alone can make anyone feel better.

Sentimental Get Well Soon Card Message Examples

The problem with a blank card is that it’s so overwhelming when you first open it. There’s only a limited amount of space, but there’s so much that you want to say. And there’s always the pressure of trying to figure out the perfect words to say. The most important thing to remember is to be as honest as possible.

Remind your friend of that happy moment you shared together that you know will make him or her smile. Or, if the card is being sent to a parent or family member, add a note about that cute little anecdote from your past that, at the time, made them so angry but now has become a go-to story that makes the entire family chuckle at the memory.

A smile can go a long way, especially if a person is not feeling well. See below for some examples of sentimental Get Well Soon messages that may just sum up how you are feeling. Or, at the very least, maybe these can get you started on the right path to finding the correct words. Don’t feel like you need to copy these as is. You can always add your own flair and style to these messages to make them more personalized.

  • (Uplifting) “Sending a bit of sunshine your way in the hopes that tomorrow you will wake up to a better day. Hope you feel better soon.”
  • (Another uplifting) “I miss that pretty smile of yours. Hurry up and get better, and show the world what it has been missing!”
  • (Over long distance) “I’m sorry I can’t be there to make you a cup of hot soup and wrap you up in a nice cozy blanket. But I hope this card makes you comfy and warm just the same. Feel better soon!”
  • (For the more serious illness) “You and I have gone through tough times before, and we can do it again. I’m here for you. We’ll beat this thing together. I love you.”
  • (For car accidents) “A car is just a car, but you are irreplaceable. I am so glad you are okay, and I look forward to the day when you are feeling 100% again.”
  • (For a child) “This card is good for one full day of relaxing on the couch with your favorite stuffed animal, your favorite cup of juice, and your favorite movies. That should have you feeling better in no time! Can’t wait to see that happy smile of yours again! Feel better!”
  • “When you feel down, I feel down as well. Get well soon, so we can both feel better again.”
  • “Don’t fret about your daily tasks. Let me carry your load. You just focus on getting better.”
  • (For the depressed) “Run a hot bath, grab a good book, pour a glass of wine, and forget your troubles. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of an uninterrupted moment. Nothing feels better than spoiling yourself.”
  • (For the athlete) “Hope you feel better soon. I can’t wait to go on our next run together!”
  • (For the gym buddy) “Hope you are right as rain in no time. I miss my work-out buddy. I can’t do it without you!”
  • (For boss) “Hope you are back on your feet soon. We miss your expert leadership.”
  • (Religious) “Are my prayers working? ‘Cause God sure must be busy with all the get well soon messages I’ve been sending him for you. Hope you feel better soon.”

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Humorous Get Well Soon Card Message Examples

Of course it has become a cliche, but it’s the truth: Laughter truly is the best medicine. When we laugh, we tend to forget our troubles, even if it’s only for a little while. The best thing about a card is that you can keep going back to it and opening it, allowing it to make you laugh time and time again for months or even years from now. Here are some ideas for humorous card messages that are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

  • (If the person is sick around the holidays, [one of the worst times of the year to be sick]) “There’s only room for one red nose in this town, and that’s Rudolph’s! Hope you feel better soon!”
  • (Another holiday-themed message) “When Santa was checking his list of what to bring you, I don’t think this was what he had in mind! Get well soon!”
  • (For broken bones) “I could make a Humpty Dumpty joke here, but I’ll spare you. Just hurry up and get better, would ya?”
  • (For silly accidents) “I’d say ‘I told you so,’ but I think that’s the last thing you need to hear right now. Just get better soon, and don’t ever do that again!”
  • “Enjoy your forced vacation from work!”
  • “When you told me your husband makes you sick, I didn’t think you meant literally! Feel better soon.”
  • (For the nerd) “I hereby order that virus out of you this instant! You are prohibited from being sick on my watch! But seriously, feel better soon.”
  • “Oh sure, all of those healthy people in the world, and I get stuck with a sick person. Get better soon, would ya? You’re making me look bad.”
  • “Every time you blow your nose, a baby cries.”
  • “Get well soon. Medicine’s expensive.”
  • (For him/her) “Get well soon. I can’t have nookie with a sick person.”
  • (For employee) “Hurry up and get better soon. This work isn’t going to do itself – and I’m sure not going to do it!”

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