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Forgiveness Poems

We have all had some sort of falling out with someone else, whether it be with a close family member or a close friend or even with an aquaintance. We have all made mistakes and sometimes we come at a crossroad where we either have to choose to forgive them or walk away bitterly. Forgiveness will open up the doors that lead to opportunites for restoration. You may not have the exact same type of relationship after your argument as you did beforehand, but you can try to recitfy part of the situation by finding the right words to say to them. Choose to put the past behind you and discover the calming effect that words of forgiveness can have on another person. They may even cause you to remember that our time is short and it is better spent in forgiveness than in anger and frustration. Who knows? The relationship between you and that other person may even turn out to be better after forgiveness takes place. Communication is key. The words offered on this page can help you come up with unbiased words of forgiveness that will help the both of you to move forward.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Take a deep breath, take in the day
Allow all that is bothering
To disappear
The heartache, the crying
Never let it over power you
You’re stronger than you think
You got this I promise
Don’t ever allow it to drown you
Never sink

Forgive the rain, the volcanos that erupt
Forgive those bad days
That can haunt you and such
Forgive the ghastly wind
If it tries to blow you away
Forgive those that have hurt you
When it comes to that day

Forgiveness, isn’t always easy
Yet, it is the right thing to do
Forgiving not for the other person
But forgiving for you
Others may let you down
Yet no need to worry
There will be a time they’ll understand
The need to say sorry

I would just like to say
For all the times I made you sad
For all the time I ruined your day
When I caused pain or made you mad
For all the tears I caused
For all the happy times I missed
I will do whatever it takes
To have you forgive my mistakes

I have denied it time and again
That I have done any wrong
I have caused you pain
While you were right all along
My words and actions I cannot justify
All the sorrow I put you through
All the tears I made you have cry
Words may not be enough
To say I am sorry is where I will have to start
Forgiveness is what I want

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I have lived with this heavy burden for a while
Of painful memories that made me forget to smile
I have kept this grudge for a lifetime
And my heart has grown cold as ice
It is time to set this bird free
And move on with my life
For all the things you did wrong
I forgive you

To hold a grudge against you
Is hard for me to do
I hope that we can mend this
Without you I feel blue
I miss the times we shared
Through good and bad alike
You left a great big hole
I need you in my life

I forgive you because I feel the truth
Not because you ask me to
I understand where you’re coming from
But don’t feel sad if I blame you
Take what you’ve done and own it
Say sorry and see it through
Then expect to see a difference
In the way that I treat you

If I let you in don’t hurt me again
I’ll forgive what you did
But don’t cause me more pain
To truly forgive I have to believe
That honesty lies between you and me
Actions speak louder than words I have heard
If it happens again it will be my last word

Forgive me first love,
I have never felt like this,
I got away to feel again; try to understand why,
I am not used to emptiness in my heart,
Please forgive me love,

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With a tear in my heart
And a pool in y eyes
I open the door wide
And I hope you’ll be alive
At the moment I stood still
Hoping it’s not what they told me
The nurses and doctors
The ones who tried to hold me
You on the bed
It should have been our sofa
You covered up, if it was cold I wouldn’t bother
What to do, no idea
What to say, my lungs had no air
Were you dead? or it was just a scene
Can someone just tell me this isn’t real
Broken, on my knees, I bowed to fate
I hope you’ll forgive me for coming late.

I know I hurt you but don’t in return
I know the pain I caused cos we are one
I know you so hate it when I keep knocking
I know you know I know you’re hurting
At least give me a chance to talk to you
Spare you an explanation of my love affair with your bestfriend
Please give me chance, let me in
Give me the luxury of forgiveness and let this end.

You broke my heart.
Ripped it out and took my lungs with it.
I couldn’t breathe.
For months I prayed you’d take me back.
I even faked depression for attention.
But then something changed.
God picked me up,
And showed me the way.
Without you.
I used to hate you.
I hated you for breaking me.
But now I want to thank you.
Thank you for making me stronger.

Like an abused dog,
Trust is hard to regain.
One person can really screw it up.
Then comes a new human,
Showing the pup with love,
Yet he is still fearful and unwilling.
Little by little, the dog is coaxed out from hiding,
Finally beginning again.
Then one day the bad owner shows back up,
But the dog is not afraid.
A treat is thrown.
The dog retrieves it and slowly walks back to his new house.
As if to say he forgives his old owner,
but is happy with his new life.

Baby, please!
Won’t you just look at me, please?
I’m sorry, ok?
I’m sorry!
I know!
I know, I messed up.
Will you ever be able to forgive me?
I’m begging you!
Begging you.
What do I do?
Seriously, I’ll do anything you ask!
Baby, please!

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Can one truly forgive and forget?
Is that a possible choice that one will not regret.
Forgiving is said to set one’s mind free,
of all the chaos of the memory.
It is truly a mystery of life,
One that no one believes comes without a sacrifice.

I want to forgive.
I truly do,
but no matter what it is just hard to go through.
Mind racing up and down,
hands shaking all around.
The forgiveness is more for me than you,
but sometimes I just do not believe that to be true.

I felt the pain when I realized
Your lies.
I was hurt heart deep.
I can’t keep a bitterness in my
I give my forgiveness without
You having to ask.
It’s healing for me to let it go.
And forgive I will, but forget I
Will not.
You hurt me too deep.
But forgive you, I have.

We have had our good days,
We’ve had bad ones too.
Throughout it all, this much is true.
I don’t want the bad to erase the good.
So please, forgive me,
If you could.
Allow this rough patch to fade away
We’ll start as if it’s a brand new day.

Please forgive the things I have done
I didn’t mean to hurt.
Sometimes I do forget
To speak before I blurt.
But please know,
That this much is true
Even though I have messed up
I still do, think about you.

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Forgiveness is an action of the heart,
It can easily be seen.
You can remember if you wish,
But make sure you have let go.
This will provide healing for your body,
And open up doors that only few know of.

Grown like weeds, mistakes.
Might I ask for forgiveness in what I have done?
Forget that I have fallen short,
simply see that I am here waiting in the clear.
Can you see the sky above full of stars
shining bright as my love?


I admit the fault is mine,
time is running short.
Sharing how I feel is hard,
but I don’t want us to part.
May I offer you my heart?
Hear the words I have said
to keep us forever still.

I offer you my hand, my soul raw
from wrongs I have said.
That you would take this offering,
can we start anew?
Agonizing day and night on how to make this right,
these words are my forgiveness gift for you.

I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you, for causing so much pain; I hope that you’ll forgive me, so we’ll be friends again; My heart is filled with much regret, I hope that you can see; And I hope you won’t forget, how much you mean to me.

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I didn’t mean to cause you grief; To injure and offend; I hope these words bring some relief; This gesture I extend; What’s past is past, let’s move ahead; No more animosity; Let’s be better friends instead; And show love and generosity

I know how much I’ve wounded you; I know how much you hurt; I’ve said some awful things, it’s true; So you should treat me like dirt; But please don’t hold this grudge forever; Please cast that hate aside; I want to be your friend again; In you I must confide

After all that we have been through
And all the pain you have caused
I could just say goodbye
But I couldn’t forgive myself
If I didn’t let myself see our love through
I forgive myself for all the mistakes I’ve made
But most importantly
I forgive you, too

Forgiveness is letting go of pain
Brushing away hurt feelings
Willingness to talk things over
Admitting fault takes bravery
Only the strongest can find it in themselves
To give someone who hurt them
Another chance to be in their lives
Thank you for forgiving me

A love like our deserves a second chance
Or at least, one last dance
Loving you has been a dream
And although I may not be what I seem
I hope you will forgive me
I hope you will open your eyes and see
All that I have to offer you
I could show you are more beautiful view
Of myself and all I that I am
We could make a perfect plan
For our new future together
Please forgive me

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sorry comes in all
kinds of forms
a hug a word
sometimes a tear
it can hurt
and even anger some
but once said
forgiveness can come
a heart can open
a tear can fall
but for some or for all
forgiveness can come

i heard the words
i read the books
i saw the letters
and received the looks
i saw the tear run down your cheek
the i sorrys you said
i heard them all
no worries my dear
no worries at all
i forgive you my dear
no tears at all

forgive you i must
forgive you i’ll try
a sorry was said
a sorry was heard
forgive you i can
forgive you i will
no more tears
or yelling spells
take a seat
and clear your head
forgive you i do
hug you i will

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I trust some time or another soon
My heart will stop
Inquiring as to yourself
For my eyes to see you
In the essences of outsiders
Furthermore, my appendages to unwind
From the apparition of yours
That left a long, long time prior
I trust my heart will one day
Have the capacity to pardon me
For giving it away to somebody
So careless and delightful
Also, that my body quits throbbing
For the scars you left
Are consistent updates
Of every one of that was lost
Once upon a first love

Forgive me
When I ask with enthusiasm yet thank with nothing
Pardon me
When I acclaim the activity yet overlook the idea
Excuse me
When I shout out for help yet not for happiness
Excuse me
When I use words to tear down and to devastate
Excuse me
When I recollect the hardship however overlook my reward
Pardon me
When I supplicate sovereign of harmony however live by the sword
Pardon me
When I shrivel from death yet neglect to live
Pardon me
When I’m speedy to outrage however ease back to excuse
Pardon me God”

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A Friend Like You
A companion so cherishing and minding like you,
Is so elusive, ‘coz individuals like you are not many.
You showed me how to pursue everything I could ever hope for,
What’s more, that my life is surprisingly wonderful.
I owe whatever I am today to you my dear companion,
I will never at any point let go of you till the very end.