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First Anniversary Poems for Husband

First Anniversary Poems for Him

Sprinkle your first anniversary celebration with love and romance by writing heart-warming poems that come from the bottom of your heart. Share some sweet poems that will spark the love to grow red hot, not only for the first anniversary but for the long journey that is waiting ahead of you. These poems will help you think of how much you love him, how much he means to you and how much you want to stick with him for the rest of your lives. Think of the happy moments you spent and write it in words to keep the day special just like your man and your marriage is. Here are some few first anniversary poems for him.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

  • 365 days in marriage is just digits
    Our love means much more
    More that can’t be measured
    In numbers, in grams nor in tones
    We are far much beyond
    So I put the numbers aside
    And make a toast to us
    Just you and me
    Happy first anniversary
  • I was wondering why
    The past year has been too short
    But then I thought
    Why exactly has time flown
    Then the answer made itself known
    It is because when we are together
    In each other’s arms
    Waking up each morning
    Besides each other
    Makes time fly
    Many more years
    Will still fly just like this
    We will grow old
    Wrapping each other in marital bliss
    Happy ever after
    Happy anniversary my love.
  • we have just started the journey
    We still have many miles to cover
    And in this wonderful voyage
    I want you to always remember
    That no matter comes our way
    In whatever circumstance
    I will always be at your side
    Full of love and romance for you
    So let’s journey on
    I got your back
    Happy first anniversary sweetheart
  • They say things do change
    That after a year
    Couples show their true colors
    And behave differently
    They say
    That only the beginnings are sweet
    But later, couples stray away
    But we can render this wrong and misleading
    And stick together
    Letting love and respect for each other guide us
    Through it all
    Happy first anniversary
  • Resolving issues
    After every fight
    Saying sorry
    Until everything is back to being right
    Kissing each other
    After every night
    And compromising sometimes
    When it seems to be right
    If these little but golden things
    Are what we will be practicing each day
    Things will be so perfect
    Between us
    Happy anniversary!
  • The time that has elapsed
    One year or more
    Doesn’t really matter to me
    What really matters
    Is that being with you
    Makes my life so sweet and fulfilled
    I never want this to ever change
    So I will stick by you
    Forever and ever
    We have us
    Happy anniversary
  • just like the passing year
    I will always live my life
    Like we are still in our honeymoon
    For time does not really matter
    What matters is the crazy love I have for you
    The joy that you bring to my heart
    The smile that you stamp on my face
    What else should I ask for
    I love you
    Happy anniversary
  • Our first kiss was special
    Our first date was wonderful
    Our first adventure stood out
    Our first vacation, memorable
    Our first everything was sweet
    Sweet beyond expectations
    And now our first anniversary
    Will follow suit
    It will be a hell of a bash
    Happy 1st anniversary.

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First Wedding Anniversary poems for Husband

  • Once upon a time
    I became yours
    And you became mine
    We will be together
    Until the end of time
  • One me… one you
    One love… very true
    Not only today… but in so many ways
    Yesterday, today and forever
    I will love you and always will
    Happy anniversary my love
  • I love you today…
    As I always have from the start
    And I will love you forever
    For the rest of my heart
    Till death do us part
    Happy anniversary love
  • You have always been the star shining in my dreams
    Day after day you become brighter it seems
    You are the magnet that pulls me closer
    Not just attraction, but with a love so true
    Today I toast for our beautiful bond
    Like ever, let us just cuddle
    Let us get lost in the love we share
    Happy anniversary
  • Today marks the day
    When we both said I do
    And we became one
    A marriage new and bright
    Now a year has passed
    And we have passed the test of time
    Our love grows stronger and more beautiful
    I guess ours is the best marriage ever
    Happy anniversary
  • You have always ensured
    That my priorities are yours too
    You have been the one to handle
    My emotional outbursts
    You have taken my dreams and wishes
    And made them yours
    You have ensured
    That my face is covered with a smile
    And my heart beats with peace
    To you, I owe my life
    Without you, my life has no meaning
    And that is for sure
    Happy anniversary
  • Do you recall the love we felt at first sight
    That drew us powerfully together
    It feeds the unbreakable bond
    That makes us live as one
    Remember the qualities about you
    That I fell for
    They are still there
    And new ones still surprise me
    Making me love you more and more
    Do you recall, how we wished for this love to last forever
    Our love has grown
    Stronger and much sweeter as days go by
    Years from now, we will look back
    At this first anniversary
    And realize how much, we love each other
    More than ever.
  • On this day, so beautiful
    There is only one place I want to be
    In the warmth of your arms
    Lying there thinking of the charm that you have on me
    Fantasizing of our love’s wonderful memories
    Those when we both said I do
    Baby there is nothing I hate about you
    I hope that you will forever love me as I do
    Happy anniversary
  • May we be each other’s best friend
    May our love grow stronger
    May our love continue to strive
    May our love flourish, bloom, prosper and grow
    Happy anniversary

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