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Farewell Poems for Friends

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Simple word that’s hard to say
Last time I’ll see you is today
The word clams up my heart
I’ll hold your hand until we part

On this day I say farewell to such devoted friends–and although I may not see you for a while, our hearts and spirits remain as one. There’s nothing fair about this farewell–it’s all good.

We’ve had some great moments
And many days to remember
I will miss you when you are gone
Bidding you farewell
Until I see you again

You have been with me through my downfalls
You have been with me through my strengths
Now you are going away But you will always stay with me in my heart!

So sad to see you go,
Hope your travels are safe
Don’t forget your suitcase!
See you one day again

This isn’t going to be goodbye. It’s going ot be so long. I know you will visit when you can. But keep in touch until then.

Farewell my friends – I’ll miss you in my mind, but keep you in my heart!

Sweet morning dearest wife
Sweet green grass and bluest sky
Sun shining brightest day
Love you beautiful good morning

Goodbyes are never very pleasant. No have they been very fun. However, I will say farewell. Then cry when you are gone.

Good morning to my sweet wife
Morning glory, clean blue sky
The sunshine shines like your bluest eyes
I love you my sweetheart enjoy your day

Even though miles will separate us
Our friendship will still withstand
All trials of time all trials of land
You are my friend and I want to say
Good Bye doesn’t mean forever
But forever you will be my friend

I don’t want to say goodbye but farewell. Wherever life takes you, know that you have a friend here missing you. Good luck!

Saying Goodbye is a difficult task. We have been through so much together. But whatever happens, with distance or time, we will be friends forever.

We didn’t want to say goodbye
To you our dearest friends
But though the miles pull us apart
True friendship never ends

Hasta La Vista, I bid thee farewell, make long lasting memories, and may you always be well

You have been a good friend and it hurts to see you leave, but everything happens for a reason that I believe. As you embark on your journey I wish you the best, you are a true friend and to that I can attest. Farewell.

Farewell is not the end; But just a beginning anew; I wish you the best on your journey; I’m here should you ever need me too.