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Congratulations for new job: New job poems

Getting a new job is one of the most monumental steps in our life. New jobs bring new relationships, new environments, and (hopefully) new spending money. Get on your friends good side before they make it to the big time by showing them just how happy your are for their latest achievements by sending them one of these orignial poems congratulating them on their new job. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, send one of these poems to not only tip your hat to their success, but also get on their good side as their income rises.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

You’ve worked hard, and you’ve earned it
You truly are a great fit.
Congrats on your job, we hope you’ll do well
We know you’ll do just swell
Just be yourself, and know,
That it’s all your show!

You’re working up the great social ladder
We know you heading for good things, and bigger
Make sure to work hard, and nothing can stop you
The skies are the limits, you know it’s true.

Congrats on your new position,
You’ve made quite something of yourself, son
Always work hard, and keep up with your work
Make sure you’re doing more than just guesswork
Do the best you know
And good things you’ll sow

You reach for the stars, chase your own dreams.
You go for the touchdown and that’s what you did.
You got a new job
And how happy we are to celebrate your latest accomplishment with you this very night.
Congratulations on your new and exciting job.

Hard work, determination, passion and luck;
These four things help a person make a buck.
We want you to know that we are so proud of you
and your accomplishment of getting this job.
Congratulations on your new job.

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The feeling you get when you know you’ve been chosen to do the thing you do best,
That’s the feeling we guess that you felt when you got this new job.
We hope that you know how happy for you we are that all of your dreams are coming true.
Congratulations on your new job.

A new chapter is beginning
Your time is now!
This is your chance to show you know how
You will shine brightly, I’m sure
So no need to worry,
You’ll be a pro at this new job in a hurry!
You’re smart and you’re capable
You’re kind and you’re warm
Your new workplace is lucky to have you
They will love you, I’m sure!
Wishing you luck on this new journey
In your life
I hope it is free of any type of strife.

I know you might be nervous
A little apprehensive
But don’t fret, dear friend
This new journey, this change, this next step will show you joy!
May your new career challenge you and
Help you to grow
May it be all you are wishing
For and more
I am sure you will shine
In this new venture, as you always do
Give your all, and enjoy the ride!

Change can be scary
Our instincts want us to keep our old way
Our old habits
But you’re doing something amazing
And stepping out into the unknown
Into new and challenging endeavors
That’s so admirable and amazing
I couldn’t be more proud of you
Or more excited for what lies ahead
In this new chapter of your life.
Congratulations and best of luck, friend!

You searched the world until you
finally got on your feet
It took a long time
But you finally landed your dream
Your intelligence and wits will serve
you well here
Congratulations on the new job,
my very good friend

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You worked up the ladder and
jumped through the fire covered
Until you were tired at the end of
the day
Your hard work showed someone
your talents
Hopefully it will work out for you
Congratulations on your new job

The sun rises on this day and your
world is about to change
You finally got a job that shows your
talents, intelligence, and you get to
use your wit
I hope everything goes your way
Congratulation on the new job

The word of your mouth is filled with
wisdom, your speech carry power,
you leader exceptionally and you
are filled with great ideas. So who
would be given a job if not you.
Enjoy the job my dear, you deserve

This is a land of opportunity and this
is your own opportunity. This firm is
lucky to have you because you
have so much invested in you.
Congratulations dear

Only people that deserve better jobs
get it. You looked for one and you
got it because you deserve it. Your
bosses will see you and marvel at
the excellence in you. Congratulations
my dear.

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Be determined, be the best,
Put your limits to the test,
Stand out above the rest,
Keep your cool, manage stress.
Be a winner, not a clown,
Wear a smile and not a frown,
And when you think that you might drown,
Just don’t let things get you down!
Be your awesome self

A new opportunity
A new chance to shine
A new call to your ambition
A new contract to sign
A new boss and colleagues
A new exciting role
A new job awaits you
A new and fulfilling goal.
Good luck in your new job!

Confidence and strength,
Are what I’ve learned from you,
And the career that you’re forging,
Is both challenging and new.
And so I write this message,
To my colleague and my friend,
May your new job be just perfect,
You are one I’d recommend.
Good luck for your future

Today you took a chance and made it
they offered you the job to take it
A brand new chapter this way springs
for exciting times these days will bring.
You are the best that they can see
Being the best that you can be
Honestly I’m not surprised
You’re always the best in my eyes!

This is the day you worked so hard for
No they have finally opened the door
to a life that you’ve always wanted
in the face of a challenge you were undaunted
Congratulations to you indeed!
From anticipation you are freed
Your dedication won in your favor
now enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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They offered you the position
for which you were on a mission
they could see your worth and value
and that you will always come through.
Now you can make another leap
into the earnings you’ll keep
because loving what you do
is coming to you right on cue!

The resumes are done!
The interviews are over!
All the rewrites, the stress,
the nervous fidgeting,
is over!
You have achieved your goal –
you have the job of your dreams!
Your hard work has paid off
and I am so proud of you.
Congratulations on your new job!

A new set of coworkers
in a new layer of floors
at a new job welcoming you
through a new set of doors.
You’ve worked so hard for this
and now it’s time to cash in;
Enjoy your new job
as you enter with a grin.

You’re moving on in the world
as you tackle more obstacles
and observe new angles;
as you work with new people
and take on new tasks.
Congratulations on your new job!

This letter is just to send you luck
I’m wishing you success, and maybe some big bucks
New jobs are always scary, but I know you can do it
I have faith in you and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it
Congratulations on a new job, I wish you the best
I know you’ll do well, and top all the rest!

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I want to make sure you know
That luck always favors
Those who go after
The things that they want
So you’ve got a step up
And don’t stop now
Just keep going and you’ll get there
You may not be sure if this job is where
You need to be, but it’s a good start!

Congratulations my friend
On your new job
I wish you the best
That you’ll get to the top
I know you well
So I know you’ll do great
Maybe this was luck
Or maybe it was fate
But take the bucks
And congrats and good luck!

A new job
A new day
A new place
To make a new pay
Best of luck
On all that you do
May you have success
In all you pursue
May this job be the first
Of many a door
That will open opportunities
Like never before

Congratulations on your new job
A new page in your story
A new twist in your fate
A new way to your glory
May this job place you on
The road to success
Where your career will be
No less than second to best

We are not defined by our jobs
But how we define our jobs
We are not given opportunities
But we make our own in the workplace
And you did not receive a job
But you earned it through your talents
So congratulations on your new job
And remember
That everything is in your control
Should you choose to control it

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A new beginning and journey awaits
Keep your intentions clear
Set your priorities straight
And let the rest fall into place
You have the world at your finger tips
And unbounded potential
This opportunity will be what you make of it
Carpe Diem

Congratulations on your new employment
A job is only fulfilling
When we work towards our greatest potential
Take advantage of this opportunity
And learn what you can along the way
This is the next step
In the journey of your life

Congratulations on your new job
May it bring you the joy and satisfaction
That fulfilling work can bestow
Give this opportunity everything that you’ve got
Work hard and work a lot
But don’t lose sight of what is truly important

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