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Christmas Sayings Funny

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Knock, Knock- who is there? Santa- Santa Who?- Santa Claus, who stole my sleigh?

Jingle bells, I must tell, here’s my Christmas list, to go out and buy me everything I really won’t insist. I just give this to you so you’ll know the gist; merry, merry Christmas, to my most generous friend (I hope!)

Is there one thing that he shall do for mankind that will be significant to all of us? Of course!… he will turn water into wine many years from now!

Santa about those naughty girls on your list…

Christmas is a time of giving, and it’s better to give than to receive, unless of course you’re receiving a lot of chocolate!

Christmas is a time of peace on earth and love for your fellow man…unless they are in you family!

Ah, Christmas, that magical time of year when we bring nature into our homes, spend hours untangling electric cords, and stuff socks with candy.

Wishing you all the best with your expected new arrival. We are so excited for you and wishing you the best for your new baby!

I decided that if I’m doing weight watchers, then Santa needs to slim down too. That’s why I’m leaving Rudolph the cookies and Santa the carrots.

Tell grandma to watch both ways incase of crossing reindeer.

Merry Christmas! Remember to drink plenty of egg nog, but not too much!

Any other day of the year it is impossible to get the kids out of bed, but come Christmas morning they won’t let their parents sleep in!!

Santa will be going down the chimney. But, if you have none, he will just burst through your door. Have your milk and cookies ready! S

All I want for Christmas is Two Santa Clauses: One to bring the presents and one for the cleanup afterwards.

Make sure you don’t let your grandma catch you waiting under the misletoe

Santa’s Naughty List got caught in the printer. How’s that for good luck? Merry Christmas

Wrap your miseltoes and hang your presents, and ne-nem-ber, no neg-nogg til after seven

With A Family This Big Can Only Mean One Thing During Christmas… More Food, More Noise, More Messes, More Dishes To Wash. Hope You Christmas Doesn’t Suck Too Bad.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells for you; my credit card is all maxed out, my purse is empty, too.

What would Christmas be without that one relative who gets really drunk on egg nog and sings every song off-key. That’s one more thing I love about this holiday. Merry Christmas !

Just remember, ebay was created for all the gifts you wouldn’t even give to the poor.

May the Holidays light up your days like you light up my life.