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Christmas Poems and Verses for Boyfriend

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Christmas is full of frosty nights
Sleighbells ringing and colored lights
I am glad that I have someone dear
To throw snowballs with and hold me near

My man, my love, you’re a gift every day, so with my dear boyfriend I’ll always stay. Merry, merry Christmas.

Santa is jealous
That you are my boyfriend
He has no gift to bring me
Because you are like a present and a friend
Have a warm and joyous holiday season
To spend time together
We need no reason

You are mine each and every day
You are with me all the time I couldn’t ask for a better man
The best gift ever is having a Merry Christmas with you

The beauty of Christmas
Reminds me of you
Merry Christmas my sweet boyfriend

You are a man I talk about. Being the boyfriend that you are. You are the man I care about. Merry Christmas, you have my heart.

Today I want to wish you a Merry Christmas,
Even though I know you’re not very religious.
I hope you enjoy this day with me,
I’m glad you’re my boyfriend and my sweet pea.

My sweet boy, you complete me
Spending christmas with you
my one and only desire to share together
Merry Christmas

I’ve always dreamed of christmas Day when I could bring a guy with me. A guy my family would love to the core. This year I share my traditions with you.

To have a special boy In my life like you
I could not ask for a more special Christmas
To have and hold on this wonderful day
Merry Christmas

My boyfriend, my love
Christmas is another time for us to share
Your time with me is time that I care for
Christmas is a special day
Another day I can spend with you

My Christmas wish is to spend everyday with you. You make everday feel like Christmas. It’s the happiest season of the year! You make a girl so happy this year!

The star is on the Christmas tree, and smoke above the chimney. Presents wrapped, but all I want is just to have you near me.

Merry Christmas to the man
That sets my heart on fire
You are the most amazing man
And one that I desire

Merry Christmas to the woman that lights up my days, Making it feel like a holiday year round, May all your wishes be granted this night

Thank you for the love, for all the gifts. Thank you for loving me with no limits. Have a Merry Christmas love.

With chestnuts roasting; With cookies in the oven; With turkey basting; With pudding a-plumming. The fire is roaring; The stockings are hung; The tree is decorated; Midnight is about to be rung. We should head off to bed; We need our eve sleep; Tomorrow the family will gather; For carols and to eat. But before we go; With one past twelve on the clock; Open this special present; Of which your girlfriend got.