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Christmas Poems That Rhyme

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

I give to you,
You give to me
What’s in the presents?  Let’s go and see!
But in the spirit of giving, I say to you
Merry Christmas to all, be they many or few!

See the lights, the heavenly sprites, the beautiful tree, the joy de vivre, open your gifts your mood will shift, embrace the wonderful memories–this is what Christmas means to me.

Snow falls to make Christmas white
Bringing the family together for no reason
We string up the lights
This holiday season
We leave cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve
And sing carols on the morning on Christmas
Then open gifts under the tree
With love, joy and happiness

Christmas is a day of giving
Christmas day is full of living
Merry Christmas to everyone
Have fun until the day is done

Decorations hang all throughout the house
It’s so quiet, you can’t even hear a mouse
Christmas is coming with out a doubt
“”Seasons Greetings!”” we shout.

Here comes the great singers of every christmas song. Wishing Merry Christmas all night long. With Christmas cheer, nothing can be wrong.

Merry Christmas to everyone.
Celebrate this day a ton.
I hope your Christmas is filled with joy.
I hope Santa brings toys for each girl and boy.

Christmas lights high and bright
reflecting the entering moonlight
Friends and family we again greet
Showing love and happiness ever so sweet

Here he comes riding in a sleigh. Ready for presents children open Christmas Day.Merry Christmas girls and boys. Remember the true meaning and enjoy the toys.

A Christmas tree shining so bright
Reflects the shine among the night
A Christmas with family shall complete
The memories we hold so close, so sweet

Christmas is a day for joy
When children get a toy
That they asked Santa for
Feel the love down to the core
Merry Christmas everyone see
Send love full of glee

Christmas is the time of the year when everybody is in good cheer. A time you wish family is near to celebrate the merriest season of the year.

Christmas comes but once a year and helps us to remember, the savior’s grace and all his love will be with us forever.

Wise men went to see the King
And found him in a stable
Jesus can be found with us
Around this very table

Christmas is here, It’s a time for cheer, Let’s gather together, and feel the love so near

It’s Christmas again, Jesus was born on this day, so that he could wash all our sins away. The tree is up and so are the lights, It’s Christmas so they can stay on all night. Spread love and hope to all those who have none, share the joy with each and everyone. May you have a wonderful time and warm a person’s heart during this wintertime. Merry Christmas!

Twas the eve of Christmas; All slept sound; Except Santa Claus; Who was no where to be found. The elves did search; High and low; The reindeer stood ready; Despite the frosty snow. Then Rudolf did see; A heart warming sight; Santa was running late; He had to make his list right. So off they chimed; Well soft bells jingling; Delivery presents; With Santa Claus a-singing.