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Christmas Poems for Preschoolers

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

The littlest tree is the greenest of all
Like you, it will grow strong and tall
He’s part of a family, and ‘though he’s smallest of height
The little tree is special on this holy night

Look right at the Christmas lights, see how bright they shine, feel the magic, enjoy the toys, for you and all the other girls and boys. Enjoy your Christmas little one, this day is just for you!

The elves work at the factory
Santa Claus says “Ho ho ho”
Snowflakes fall
To make it snow
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Helps Santa deliver gifts
Be nice, not naughty
To get what you wish!

Little children, little children
Toys are coming once again
Get some sleep and rest on up
Christmas morning you will be having a ton of fun

Santa soon will be on his way
So leave him so cookies, don’t delay
Time for dreams of sugar plums
Merry Christmas little ones

Do you hear what I hear? Santa’s on his way. Go to bed and dream sweet dreams. You might hear him call out to Rudolph from his sleigh.

Jesus is my savior,
Jesus sees my behavior.
I will be good because I love Jesus.
He makes me feel safe, he is who I trust.
Merry Christmas to all the people.
Celebrate this day under the steeple.

One bright christmas tree
Underneath are presents with bows
Santa checks his list twice
While reindeers prepare to fly
Fly high across the sky

Just a few days until Santa comes. Away in his sleigh to all the boys and girls. Merry Christmas one and all.

The Christmas lights shine
and the presents wrapped tight
The secret elves help load the sleigh
While Santa feeds the reindeers cake
Watch out for those little crumbs

Little children are full of play and full of laughter
Christmas rolls around and they are full of energy
Little children deserve the best
So here is to Christmas day, little one
I hope you have the best!

Santa’s giving gifts. Are you good all year? Be good not just this Christmas but all the days of the year. Do you hear? Santa’s elves are near!

Merry Christmas little one. You are a shining star. And every little dream you dream, is sure to take you far.

The Baby Jesus came today
For little girls and boys
He loves you each and every one
And gives out Christmas joy

Merry Christmas, Santa’s coming, Toys are in his sleigh Hooray!

Christmas is here, Let’s spread the cheer. Santa is coming, so do not fear. Plenty of presents to go around, under the Christmas tree is where they can be found. Enjoy the day and share the love, Know that all the blessings you receive come from up above. Merry Christmas!

There’s something in a box downstairs; There’s something moving with short hairs; There’s something licking at the air; There’s something whacking its tail there. That box has holes, maybe so it can breathe; That box has holes and I think I see teeth; That box is too big, too big for a cat; That box is big, with a dog inside of it.