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Birthday Wishes for a Little Girl

It can be difficult to write birthday wishes for a young child. They’re at an age where everything is exciting and wonderful so use that to your advantage! There’s so much that’s changing for them and when they’re young their birthday is an extra big day. They’re growing older. They’re getting taller. They’re taking on new responsibilities. So take these ideas and turn them into a perfect card for that special little girl.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Your child

  • Every day you make me prouder. And now you’re getting older! Happy Birthday to you, have a joyous day!
  • You’ll always be my daughter. In my eyes you’ll always stay at this age. Never change. Your parents.
  • We’re so proud of our little girl! Happy Birthday!
  • Your smile lights up my day. Never stop smiling. Happy Birthday!
  • Our daughter is another year older today! You’re growing up far too quickly! But you’re growing up in exactly the right way. Have an amazing birthday.
  • You’ve made us happy since the day you were born. Thank you for lighting up our lives! Happy Birthday to our little girl.
  • My little girl isn’t little anymore! Every day you make me so proud, but today you get a card, some cake, and some toys just so that you know! Happy Birthday!

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For someone else

  • Have an amazing day on your birthday!
  • What a clever and amazing little girl! Have a day to enjoy yourself!
  • I hope you enjoy all of the cake you get! Have a great day on your birthday.
  • Don’t wear yourself out from all the party food! Happy Birthday!
  • Have a great party. I hope you dance and sing and continue to brighten the world up!
  • You shine bright and light up any room! Have a day full of dancing and fun!
  • I remember when you were smaller! That was quite a while ago now, because I see you’re growing up into a big, responsible adult. Happy birthday!

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Getting Older

  • Today you get older. Today you get wiser. Happy Birthday!
  • You’re growing old! Happy Birthday and watch out for those wrinkles!
  • Today isn’t just another day. Today is the day you grow a little bit older. Today is the day everyone can be proud of you! Happy Birthday!
  • Soon you’ll be as old as I am! Have an amazing birthday!
  • I can’t believe you’re this old! Happy Birthday!
  • I remember when you were younger and smaller. Now, I’m amazed you’re just as incredible!
  • My gosh you’re getting old! I’m impressed at the person you’re quickly becoming! Have an amazing birthday, you deserve it!

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Getting Taller

  • My how you’ve grown! Try not to catch up to me too quickly! Have a great day on your birthday.
  • You’re getting so tall! It doesn’t look like you’ll stop growing any time soon! Happy Birthday!
  • You’re growing so much! Congratulations on reaching this amazing height! Happy Birthday!
  • Every day you grow more and more into an adult. Have an incredible birthday!
  • You’re growing into a well rounded and incredible human being. I’m so proud of you! Happy Birthday!
  • You used to be half your size! What happened? Have an incredible birthday, tall little girl!

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  • I hope you get everything you want for your birthday, you deserve it!
  • Have your parents got you that toy you wanted? If not, I’ll be having words! Happy Birthday!
  • Today is filled with toys and cake. Could it be any better? Have an incredible, fun filled birthday!
  • Your presents looked amazing. So much so that even I want to play with them! Happy Birthday!
  • Toys are great. You are great. Therefore, you should have as much fun with toys as you want today on your birthday! Have a joyous day!
  • Have a day full of great toys and great people. Happy Birthday!

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  • Soon you’ll be paying taxes! Stay young and amazing. Happy Birthday!
  • You’re getting older and your responsibilities are growing. But don’t worry. There’s only two things you need in life: friends and family. Have the best birthday!
  • You’ve grown into such a responsible girl! Congratulations on your birthday!
  • I’m impressed at how responsible you’re getting. Have a day off on your birthday!
  • You’ve got so much of a life ahead of you! But now is for partying. Have an incredible birthday!
  • When you were younger everything was done for you. Now you do it all by yourself! I’m very impressed with you! Have an incredible birthday.
  • Remember when your parents used to do everything for you? Does that feel like ages ago? It probably does because you’ve grown so responsible and you’ve gotten so wise!

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  • Today you get cake. Is that as good as getting older or what? Happy Birthday!
  • Cake is good for the soul. Have an amazing birthday!
  • Cake, dancing, toys. This will be the best birthday ever!
  • Make sure you get all the cake you want today! Happy Birthday!
  • Today is not only a birthday. It’s a cake day. Don’t eat too much, though!
  • Your cake is amazing and so are you. It’s an obvious mix, really! Have an amazing cake filled birthday!

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  • Today you’re getting older. Sooner or later you’ll be a householder! But right now, be a beholder. A beholder of cake!
    One year older and wiser. You’re the party energiser, the happiness organiser. But this is just the appetiser! Have an incredible birthday today!
  • You’re getting so tall. A few years ago, you had begun to crawl. Then on your feet you had a fall. But you kept on going, without a stall. You’re the apple of my eyeball. You are wonderful, after all.
  • My gosh how you’ve grown! My little gemstone. A Princess sitting on her throne.
  • You love music and dancing. Light footed and prancing. Your future is advancing. So make sure you live life laughing!
  • Today is a day of cake. So forgive the early wake. Because you also get milkshake!
  • Happy birthday! Today is your day, so slay. Get out there and play the good play. Because the future, it’s on its way!

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