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Birthday Poems for Son

Your son is one of the most important people in your life. The day that he was born, your life was changed forever. You no longer only had to worry about yourself, but the entire life of another human being. Your most important responsibility in your life is raising your son, take a moment to show just how important this day really is by sending your son one of these heartfelt, original, touching poems. The poems in this post are a surefire way to let your son know just how much he matters and how much you value his role in your life. Send your son one of these poems on his special day to show just how important he really is.

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Another year has gone by,
To do your best, I know you’ll try
You’re happy smile is contagious,
We know you’re destined for greatness.
Today’s your special day, I know it’s true
So have a happy birthday, from me to you.

It’s so fun to watch you grow
To see where you go, to see where you sow.
You’re getting older, you’re going to new places
Looking around, meeting new faces
No matter where you go, or where you roam
You’ll always have a place at home.

You brighten my world,
You run and you twirl
You’re the best kid around,
You’re laugh is my favorite sound
When you smile at me,
I can’t help but love you, don’t you see?

You are our gift and today is the day where you yet again see how we much love you.
Today is your birthday, on this day you were born,
We would never trade you for the world.
We love you so much, and we hope you realize how proud we are of you.
Happy Birthday dear son.

I remember your first step, your first word, and your first time throwing a ball.
I remember all your firsts
But today is the day where I see you for the first time as a young man.
You’ve grown too much too fast and now you tower over me, yes you do.
But despite all your growth you will always be my baby boy and today is your day.
Happy Birthday dear Son.

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The cake is a baking, the people are coming, your presents are wrapped;
Yes your day is here at last and we want you to know that we hold you dear,
Yes we love you so very much. We want you to know that we are so very proud of you.
Happy birthday dear son.

My son, another year has come and gone
And you’re growing faster than my eyes can bear to see
I can’t believe how much you’ve grown
It feels like just yesterday you were still a boy, yet to be
And now you’re turning into a man
Right in front of me
You’re everything and more
I ever could have wished for
I thank the heavens everyday
That I’ve been so lucky to have you with me
To call you mine
Today we celebrate you, and all you’ve become
I love you so much, my darling son.

Little boy
I’ve watched you laugh and love
Run and play
Grow and learn
It’s unreal to me
How wonderful a person you’ve come to be
I love you more with each passing year,
each passing day
You hold a special place inside of me
And to see you grow is everything I could ever hope and dream
Happy Birthday son
Don’t ever forget how much I love you

When you were born on this day, years ago
I imagined how I would love watching you grow
I thought I knew how amazing it would feel
To see you stand tall and become the amazing person now in front of me
But I had no idea how much love a mother could feel
I love you more than words can say
I can’t tell you how proud I am of you or how much you amaze me
Happy Birthday to my baby boy

Many years ago, you were born
And I remember my first memory of
you clearly
You were crying as the doctor
handed you to me
I think of that moment on the extact
minute you were born
Happy birthday son

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On this day, you entered my life
my precious son
You have grown so much over the
You went from my little boy to a
handsome man
While I can’t visit you, I want you to
have a great birthday

I remember all the parties I had
thrown on this day
All the different themes and cakes
that were there
That made your day a special one
While I don’t plan your parties
I know your birthday is still special

You are my joy, the reason for
all my sufferings. All might have gone down in this home but its all worth it. I am always happy when
I see you. You give me great
joy. Happy birthday my joy.

how would this world have been
without wonderful people like you,
how would my life have been
without you in my life.

You have grown so fast. You have
become a man. I am really proud
of the son that I have raised.
May your days be filled with good
things and may you not know
sorrow. Happy birthday son

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My son I am so proud of you,
And now, no longer a boy,
Your cheeky grin and humor,
Always brought me great joy.
Your life is now before you,
The path is there to take,
Just know I’ll be here for you,
Whatever choice you make.
Happy Birthday Son

You know you mean the world to me
You are my pride and joy
This message comes with love for you
My precious little boy
Another year has come and gone
The time goes by so fast
But here’s a birthday wish for you
I hope you have a blast!
Have A Wonderful Day

Son it’s been a pleasure,
To watch you learn and grow,
For you have been my treasure,
More precious than you know.
I used to watch you while you played,
You used to have such fun,
And though you’ve grown in to a man,
You’ll always be my son.
Happy Birthday

My son, how you have grown quickly.
My son, you seem so tall.
I used to carry you around with me
now I can’t at all.
My son you are a man now,
but my little boy you will always be.
And I will keep on dreaming
of carrying you around with me.
Happy Birthday Son!

Happy Birthday to you!
I wish you joy and fun
of cake and birthday presents
and playing in the sun!
And how that you are older,
and have grown another year
we celebrate it with you
with singing songs and cheer!
Happy Birthday Son!

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Baseball mitts and hockey pucks,
video games and little toy trucks
were all the things you used to play
and now there comes another day.
You have now become a man,
one closer to the man I am.
I have never been so proud
of the values I have endowed
that you seem to carry to easily
and reflect them back to me.
Happy Birthday Son!

This has been a hectic year –
full of change and challenge,
and there’s more to come, I fear,
but you have found a balance
between overcoming odds
and becoming yourself.
So here’s to another year
of self-discovery and progress.
Happy birthday, son.

As your parent,
I have the privilege
of seeing you grow.
I am forever in awe
of the boy you have been,
of the man you are becoming.
You are my pride and joy
and I love you with all my heart
even if I don’t say it enough.

My son, my son,
how you’ve grown
in such a short time.
My son, my son,
if I had known
how fast you’d grow,
that you would so soon
reach your prime,
I would have taken days slower.
But even now, I savor each hour
As I watch you go forth again.

My dearest Son
I can’t believe how much you’ve grown
It’s your birthday and I love you
And soon you’ll be on your own
There’s so much I want to say
But in the end all I need to say
Is an I love you
And a Happy birthday

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To my growing son
There are some things to tell you
Here is number one
Always be cheerful
And always be kind
And number two
Don’t forget to use your mind
And number three
Now don’t forget, I’ll say
How much we love you
Happy Birthday

My son I want you to know
On your birthday
How much you are loved
By your whole family
There are lots of words or wisdom
That I could give you
But because you are smart
I don’t really need to
I know you are an amazing young man
And that means I also know that you can
Do anything you put your mind to

It’s amazing to see
Hard to understand
How our once little boy
Has grown into a man
But what remains same
And will always be true
Is that we love you, son
Happy Birthday to you

Who could’ve guessed?
Who could’ve known?
The man you would be
Once you had grown
As a child you dreamed
Of what you would be
And as you’ve become older
It’s now plain to see
That you’re successful and smart
And you’re the best son
Happy Birthday for this year
And all that’s to come

Birthdays are occasions
For celebrations and gifts
But what do you give
To the son that’s
Given me everything
The gift of love
The gift of pride
The gift of heart
I give you all my love
All my pride
All my heart
Until the end of time

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To my Son
My shining sun
You are the light
In my world
Burning so so bright
The truth to hold
You’re laughter in smile brings joy to my heart
I have always loved you,
Always, from the start

Every day I watch you grow
See you learn and what you know
Making friends and changing the world
You blow me away is all I can say
You are becoming a man
If you think you can do something,
Believe me, you can

You’re growing and growing day by day
Becoming a man in every way
You’ll always be my dearest boy
Playing in mud with a brand new toy
But now you’re getting older and things are changing
But in my heart you’re always the same thing

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