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Birthday poems for mom

Nothing is more important than making sure that the person who gave you life has a quality time on their special day. Let your mother know just how much you care with a poem expressing your true sentiment for her role in your life. Take this opportunity to be original with one of these heartfelt poems expressing your true feelings of both gratitude and excitment. Tell mom that she matters, and even though it may be her 30th twenty-eighth birthday, make sure that today counts and is special.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Mom you’re the greatest, Mom you’re the best,
You put up with all of us, we’re real pests
You feed us, help us, and always are there,
We thought we give you this “Happy Birthday” card, just to be fair

When the going gets tough,
And the days are rough
I know that you’ll always be there,
You’ll help me in every affair.
I appreciate all that you do,
I hope I can be a good mother just like you

Sisters are nice, brothers are too,
Daddies are nice, and help me pull through
But mothers are the real heroes to me,
They help me and love me,
My mother’s my friend and cheerleader, don’t you see?

A birthday is a day to celebrate you, and the life that was given. You may not always feel that your best is good enough, and you may always feel that you will never be enough. But today on your birthday we want you to know that you are enough, because you are our mother and we celebrate you.

Roses are red, Violets are blue you are my mother and today is for you. The world became brighter the day you were born, and I know my world became brighter the day I met you. Today on your birthday, I celebrate you because one thing is for sure; seasons will change, time will fly but you will always be my mother, and that is so true. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.

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Presents, cake, candles and kisses. A day full of these will be exquisite but never be enough to show the love that I have for you. Mom, for your timeless dedication I would need one thousand and one birthdays and many more to make up for all that you do; but you have to start somewhere, so today on your birthday I will start here. You mean the world to me mom and that is a fact.
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.

You taught me to tie my shoes extra tight
And How to ride a bike
You taught me to brush my teeth and my hair
And to match the clothes I wear
You taught me to read, to write, and to clean up my toys every night
You taught me to laugh and to play
You taught me how to keep the monsters away
You taught me hope, you taught me faith
You taught me to love, instead of hate
I don’t know how I will repay you, for all you have me. One day I’ll figure it out.
For now, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt…
I love you Mom, inside and out!
Happy Birthday!

When I begged for another bedtime story,
You never said no
Through fevers and colds
You held my hand and never let go
When monsters were hiding in closets and under beds
You made sure they never came back again
Through my fits and slammed doors
When you thought you could handle no more.
Through heartbreak and sorrow
You gave me hope for tomorrow
I love you forever, you make me so much better.
Happy Birthday Mom!

Another year has come and gone
And all year you’ve done what you always do,
Go to work, wash the clothes,
Clean the dishes, and pat the dog on the nose
Make dinner, pay bills,
Change the oil, and water the daffodils.
Fix our lunches, and our hair,
make sure we have nice shoes to wear.
All year long, you give and give
But not today
Today you rest
and let us tell, “You’re the best!”
Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday mom
I hope this day is as jolly
As the days where you would take
me to the park
When I was a young child
Because you deserve some fun on
this day
No matter how old you are
Because no one can be too old to
have a fun birthday

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Happy birthday mom
I hope this day is as jolly
As the days where you would take
me to the park
When I was a young child
Because you deserve some fun
on this day
No matter how old you are
Because no one can be too old to
have a fun birthday

Happy, happy birthday
To the greatest mom on Earth
Happy, happy birthday
To the nicest woman I’ve ever met
Happy, happy birthday
To one of my favorite people in the
And a happy, happy birthday
To my dear mother who I love

The word “mom” stands for “my only
motivation”. When I did not even
believe in myself, you did mom. Now
I am so proud of me and it is all
because of you. You are celebrated
everyday, but I want to use this
special day to bring out all the
smiles in you. Await my surprises.
Happy birthday mom.

You are my very first love. You taught me what love is. Now I know love is about giving. Giving your time evenwhen you do not have it, giving your strength when you are weak and giving your smile even when things are not fine with you. You are a perfect example of love, mom. I give today to your mom. It is the very least I can give.
Happy birthday mom

You taught me everything, mom.
Even how to spell the word “m-o-m”.
You are the first and the best
teacher I ever had. So if I write a
poem that is as vast as an ocean,
you are worth more than that. So like taught me how to spell “L-O-V-E”. I want to use your special day to show all my love to you. Happy
Birthday, mom.

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Serene as the pale moon,
Bright as the shining sun,
Always a happy smile,
And always tons of fun.
Today is your birthday,
We’ll dance, play and sing,
For you are my precious mother,
You are my everything.
Happy Birthday Mom

My happy childhood days,
Of glitter sparkles bright,
Sharing bedtime stories
A tender kiss goodnight.
Soft words of comfort,
A touch to wipe the tears,
A gentle guide and mentor,
And friend throughout the years.
Happy Birthday Mom

M agnolia for your generous spirit,
O rchids for your beauty and charm,
T ulips for your caring smile,
H eather keeps you safe from harm,
E delweiss for your courage,
R oses for your loving way.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday,
With your very own bouquet!
Birthday Greetings Mom

Please keep
the whole poem
in just one cell –
like this.
One way to achieve this is to
press Ctrl+Enter, while editing
the cell, this will add a new line
inside the cell.

As you celebrate your birth today
Keep one thing in mind
A mother as enchanting as you
Is impossible to find.
Your words are sweet.
Your arms are warm.
Your laughter brings the day.
You brought to us
your motherly love
in a most wondrous way.
Happy Birthday Mom

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With party hats and streamers
we sing our praise to you
as we celebrate your birthday
and the things you do
The early morning car rides
and late night talks
hot food on the table
and chatting as we walk
Thank you mother
for always being this way
I wish you all the happiness
On this your birthday
Happy Birthday Mother

I am here because of you –
after all I have been through
you have been there every step
with open arms and mind and heart,
you’ve been by my side from the very start.
To the woman who always gives
and encourages me to live
life to its fullest,
I wish for you to celebrate
(and to enjoy this cake I baked).

Time to celebrate another year
of your lovely life
and remember your crazy doings
and loving smiles
and unending patience.
Time to thank God for every moment
you’re in my life.
Time to remember how much I love you
and to celebrate another year of you.

Happy birthday to the woman
who means the most to me;
who taught me how to love and learn
and that determination’s key.
Happy, happy birthday
to the strongest lady I know;
who’s unafraid and strives and wins;
I love you more than you’ll ever know.

You’ve always stood by me
No matter where I’ve gone
Through the good and the bad
From dusk till dawn
I want you to know you can count on me
And I just want to say
I love you lots,
Happy Birthday

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Today’s the day to celebrate
The best mother out there
I could tell you with cake and presents
That no one else could compare
When times got tough I knew
You would be there
And here’s to you, Mom
The best mom anywhere!
Happy Birthday

To the best of mothers
Look how far you’ve come
I’ve always been glad
That you’re where I come from
I wish you the best
Today and all days
As my mother and friend I wish you
A Happy Birthday

As these birthday candles
Light the light in your eyes
I thank you for being
The light of my life
The one who held my hand
And granted my wishes
Who showered me with praise
And my boo-boos with kisses
So as you make your wish
I’ll make my own wish too
That your birthday will be
At least half as lovely as you

Today is a celebration
Of the life you have lived
One of kindness
One of laughter
One of joy
One of heart
And as you grow
One year older
May it be filled
With 365 more days
Of kindness
Of laughter
Of joy
Of heart
And of love

Some things are classic
Always in their prime
With a glow that won’t fade
Despite troubles or time
Like fine wine or cheese
No matter what stage
Mom, you only get sharper
And get better with age

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Another year has passed into time
Without reason and without rhyme
But you carry it with grace
Shining beauty through the light on your face
I hope that today is the best of days
Along this journey that we embrace

Thank you for all that you have given me
I will never be able to repay you
But I just want to say to you:
Thank you.
Today’s your day
Most special of all
So I hope you end up shopping at the mall
Happy Birthday

Another year, another day
This one’s yours
Spend it away
Do as you please
And not what you need
Because it’s time for us to celebrate
So let’s cut the cake
And my,
How great you look for twenty eight

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