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Birthday Poems for Boss

Sending your boss one of the poems in this post is one of the best ways to get on his good side, earning brownie points while avoiding kissing ass. Birthdays are important to everyone, so even if your boss isn’t the nicest guy in the world keep in mind that wishing him well on his special day can go a long way. Choose one of the poems in the following boss to show your boss that you appreciate him, and hope that he enjoys himself today on his birthday. Who knows, maybe this is the next step towards your corner office. Don’t let this opportunity pass with out acting on it

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

You work us real hard, but you aren’t a slacker
When it’s time to work hard, you’re a hard worker
We thought it was time to give you a rest,
And wish you a very birthday best.

You’ve shared your wisdom and you’re only getting more.
Working with you in never a bore
Have a happy birthday from us to you,
We always enjoy working with you, and that’s the truth.

When the lights go out and the workers leave,
You’re always here, never on reprieve
You always work hard; you don’t slack off,
You hate slowing down, even for a nasty cough.
You’re the best one around, it’s the truth,
So have a happy birthday, from us to you.

Hip! Hip! Hooray! Today is your day, I hope you have an exciting fun day.
You are the best boss in the world.
I want you to know that working for you is a pleasure and a privilege,
And I hope you enjoy your birthday! Happy Birthday boss!

You work hard, you sweat, and you give it your best.
Today is your birthday I hope you get rest;
Enjoy yourself and remember that life is all good,
It’s not about what you’re celebrating but who you celebrate with.
Enjoy your day! Happy Birthday.

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Of all the bosses in the world you are the greatest of them all.
Today is your birthday I wish you good cheer, with lots of love and a glass of root beer;
Today is your birthday it comes once a year, so give it your all and celebrate you.
Happy birthday boss

To our fearless leader
And really great friend
Best wishes today
You’ve turned a year older again
You’re older and wiser
And ready to go
Come into the office and share with us all that you know
But save that for tomorrow, today is for celebration
To celebrate you and all that you are
Leading this office, shining bright like a star!

Happy Birthday big cheese
I hope it’s a great one
You deserve all the best
You always work harder than all the rest
Come early, stay late,
your effort is great
But today you can rest easy
And have an extra piece of cake
Your day is for celebration!
So happy birthday to you
And here’s to many more to come!

You’re more than a boss
You’re a great friend
A great person
You’re kind and warm hearted
You give your all
In everything you do
You deserve the best, and I hope that’s what we all give to you
Today we’re so grateful to have you around
Here’s to another year of you!

You hired me to do a job
I never thought we would become
so close
You became my mentor and my
And today is your birthday
And I wish you a great day
I hope all your birthday wishes
come true

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It’s a great day for you today, boss
It’s your birthday and the office
wants it to be your best one yet
We have a cake ready for you
Here’s to you an we hope you have
another great year

Another day at work
And even you, the boss cannot take
the day off
I know you do not want to be here
But today is the day
You get free cake and a bunch of
Filled with well wishes because it’s
your day,
Happy birthday

Bosses are bossy but you are not.
You are like a friend one can talk
to when down. You have comforting
words that are soothing in the
midst of troubles. Happy birthday boss.

May you have reasons always to
say thank you to God. May the
things that give you joy never come
to an end. May you continue to have
promotions in every aspect of your life. Happy birthday boss

You are such a sweet boss, always
ready to impact your knowledge to
your colleagues and junior staff.
You are an expect worthy of emulation.
Happy birthday boss.

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A very special wish
For a boss such as you
To celebrate your birthday
And have some good times too
Let’s raise our glasses
To a great leader and friend
You’re one in a million
One on whom we depend
Happy Birthday Boss

Let’s forget about the targets
And reports of the day
Let’s celebrate and relax
For the boss’ birthday
Let’s forget about the performance indicators
And the documents that need signed
For today’s the day we can forget
About the daily grind
Have A Great Birthday Boss

Having a boss like you
Makes me understand
Just how lucky I am
To have you close at hand
You are a person I respect
You have my admiration
For your leadership is fantastic
You are an inspiration
Happy Birthday!

Maybe we can make a day
when instead of work we all can play
at celebrating your day of birth
and telling you how much you’re worth.
Put down the pens, roll down you sleeves
shut off our screens and cancel meetings
lets take the time to gather around
to sing a song to the best boss in town!

To us you devote so much time
to make sure we meet all out deadlines.
You work hard and you stay late
to guarantee that things run great!
We want to share these gifts with you
and sing you Happy Birthday too!
We brought the streamers and the treats!
Lets all sit down and have a feast!

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We are blessed to work for such a man
that can get things done like you can.
You teach us well and give us hours
to take the lead and to empower.
But now is the time to give praise
to our boss ’cause it’s his day!
So let us eat, and let us sing
to our beloved birthday king!

Word at the water cooler
is that you declined a celebration
to commemorate your birth.
They said you didn’t want to cause trouble,
that it’s just another day.
So while we’ll mostly respect your wish
I hope you will accept this card
as my way of hoping
your day is wonderful
and that you know we appreciate you
every single day.

Happy birthday, Boss!
Someone as hardworking as you
deserves a day to celebrate,
and though I may be a little late,
I hope your day was wonderful.
But why stop there?
One day of celebration is nice,
but someone who works as much as you
deserves at least a week.

We can say “happy birthday”
all we’d like
but it doesn’t quite describe
how much we hope
your birthday is suitable
for a manager like yourself.
You are a pillar in this business
and without you
we would all fall.
So thank you for everything you do
and I hope your birthday is spectacular.

The best boss I’ve ever had
Deserves only the best of celebrations
I want to thank you for your support
Wish you a very happy birthday
And a wonderful year of great things
From a thankful employee
To an amazing boss
Happy Birthday

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Most bosses don’t care as much as you do
Most bosses manage, but you mentor
Most bosses aren’t so wonderful, like you
That’s why we all care so much about you
And are happy to wish you
Another wonderful year
Happy Birthday

Bosses are important people in a persons life
They can be horrible and make their life miserable
Or they can be like you, and a good friend
A mentor and someone who deserves and earns respect
So Happy Birthday
To our favorite boss!

Happy Birthday to the boss
The one who’s in charge
May your wishes be warm
And celebrations be large
May your day be a party
Full of joy, full of cheer
For all you’ve done and
Will do in the upcoming year

A birthday is like a performance review
Of all the things you’ve done
How you started from the last year
And just how far you’ve come
But numbers don’t do you justice
Age won’t measure your success
Because it’s hard to quantify
A boss who is the best

Happy Happy Birthday
To a boss I can attest
Is nothing short of special
And a cut above the rest
I hope your special day
Is full of mirth and full of cheer
Celebrating the addition
Of another great great year

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Happy birthday to the big guy in charge
Living life and living large
I hope today is all that it can be
Hopefully tomorrow you won’t have to buy Plan B
Live it up because you’re the boss
Happy Birthday, don’t chalk this up as a loss

Happy birthday to the man who calls the shots
May your evening be filled with… shots
So tomorrow at work when you’re hungover
Just know that I’m at my desk if you’re in need of some clover
Happy Birthday

I hope that this day is all that it can be
A day of joy and stress relief
So tomorrow you may not give me so much grief
When I come in late
And give you the report that is not first rate
Happy Birthday

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