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Birthday Messages for Sister

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Happy birthday to the best sister anyone could ever asked for. May your wishes comes true, and so much more.

Hey Sis, let’s celebrate! Today I honor and express my greatest admiration for my best friend since childhood. Happy birthday, sweet sister.

You have always been there for me ever since I can remember and I am glad for this day, now, more than ever. Happy Birthday.

Another year has come and gone and yet family remains one of the few constants in life. Happy Birthday to a wonderful sister.

I always remember your birthday because it’s the day my life became a little more annoying, love you sis, Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sister and my dear friend. Each year on your birthday, I give thanks for the gift of you. You have been a wonderful sister and an even better friend. Have a great day!

The day you were born changed my life forever and for the better. Happy birthday!

To a daughter we love so much, may your Christmas and holiday season be beautiful, magical and joyous. We hope it snows for you.

You are my sister the one I tell things to. Did I ever tell you how much I look up to you? Enjoy this day and party hard because you deserve it for all you do. Happy birthday wonderful girl!

Best friends might come and go, but this birthday girl is the only friend I need. Happy birthday to a wonderful sister.

Thank you for being the best sister. I know I can always count on you, even when times are tough. You deserve nothing but happiness on this special day. Happy Birthday.

I was going to give you a birthday spanking, but mom said I would get one too. SMACK … Totally worth it! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my first friend and roommate. Have a wonderful Birthday, Sister!

Enjoy your day. Take some time out for just you. And if you’d like some company, I’ll be right there for you.

Happy Birthday, sis. I don’t know if you really needed any more shoes, but I knew you’d want them anyway.

Happy birthday Sis. I hope this is a day of great joy and great gifts! (Share some cake later, will ya’?)

To a sister who was always there for me when I was down, with an insult to bring me lower so the happy would be that much happier. Happy birthday, you’re getting old

I’m The Luckiest To Have You As A Sister, Too Bad There Is Nothing Mother Can Do About It.

Happy Birthday ,Sis! Guess what? You’ll always be older than me.

Through the years not only have you been the best sister around, but also my best friend. As you celebrate this day, may all your wishes come true and may you enjoy it to the fullest. I’ll make sure of that! Happy Birthday, I love you.

To my favourite female sibling, happy birthday. Now, where’s the cake? I’m having a sugar low.

Happy Birthday to a brother who deserves the best.